Thursday, September 5, 2013

35 by 35! #15: The Final Countdown!

So, this is it! I'm heading it to the final week of my challenge! Will my last week of "34" be a calorie-crushing, fat-burning fest?  I sure hope so!  Before I start treating each day like it's my "LAST CHANCE WORKOUT!" I'll give ya a quick update...

This week (healthy choices, plenty of sweat and heart-pumping exercise) has brought me another three pounds closer to my goal!  I've lost a total of 28 pounds so far, which honestly feels like about 102!  I'm feeling fantastic ...but will this extra energy be enough to help me burn the pound a day needed to hit my goal? Hmm. You'll have to stop by next week for my final weigh in report!  Lord willing, I'll be as close as is physically possible! :)

I also hope to prepare a special post sharing all that I've learned during this journey towards a healthier lifestyle if I can fit it between homeschooling, Little One's taekwondo and some other fun things we have on the schedule this week (like an early Birthday Date Night with my Lovey! YAY!)  

Hope you're doing fabulously, friends!! I'd love to hear all about how your journey is going too, so please leave a comment! (They totally make my day!!)  

Til next weigh in, sing it with me, "It's the final countdown!"  ;)

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