Thursday, June 6, 2013

35 by 35! #3

Welcome, friends!  Hope you're all doing well!  I'm seeing improvements, feeling better, and heading into week 3 of the challenge more motivated than ever!  Can't wait to share about this week with you all and hopefully pass along a dose of encouragement while I'm at it! ;)
I've waved goodbye to 3 more pounds this week!! 

It's finally getting easier!  My foodie temptations are getting less tempting the harder I work towards my goal! For example, my husband mentioned that he'd be passing a Chick-fil-A on his drive home from work this week and I resisted the urge to beg him bring some home!  This may not sound like a big accomplishment, but believe me it is! Ha!  I could basically drink their Chick-fil-A sauce...soooo yummy! Yet, I didn't undo my hard work that day!  Woohoo! My willpower is strengthening and I'm pretty thrilled about it! 

Speaking of eating out, I want to urge you again, friends (who are joining me in this challenge),  to ALWAYS check nutritional facts before ordering anything!  We eat at Qdoba for my hubby's birthday.  I normally get the Craft 2 and choose 2 soft tacos and the smallish nachos.  Before we headed out I hopped on their website to take a look at the nutritional calculator. I was shocked to find that just the little nachos on the Craft 2 menu (even with ALL meat and toppings removed except the queso) had MORE calories and fat than three steak soft tacos with lettuce, cheese, pico, and sour cream!  I avoided the pitfall of those tasty, but less than filling little nachos, and enjoyed every last scrumptious bite of the trio of tastiness that was my steak taco platter! YUM!!

Best of all I woke the next morning to find that I'd actually lost a pound that day too!  Talk about satisfaction!!

My food find this week is actually a beverage, and a delicious one at that!  I had tried the Cherry Limeade from Walmart before and enjoyed it in a big ol' glass of crushed ice.  This week I picked up their Sparkling Lemonade and I can't even tell you how much I LOVED it!  Lemonade just screams Summer to me and the fizz of the sparklingness of it all made it that much better! This calorie free drink will find it's way into my poolside glass often in the coming months!  At 84 cents a 2-Liter it's a bargain all around! CHEERS to that! ;)

*Disclaimer:  Yes, I do KNOW this isn't the healthiest food find as it's SODA, but I enjoy a sweet sip-able treat now and then ...and calorie free is great by me! :)

Tip of the Week:  
Trick yourself into not minding exercise!  This week I dusted off our old exercise bike and started riding while watching tv shows that I enjoy on Netflix/Hulu.  Whether there's a sitcom you enjoy, or you always tune in for the nightly news, use that time to squeeze in a little exercise!   

TODAY is the perfect day to use that treadmill or exercise bike that may or may not normally be serving other purposes. ;)

If you don't have any "exercise equipment", no worries,  even something as simple as sit-ups during commercial breaks would be a fabulous way to sneak some fitness into your day! 

Until next Thursday, remember . . .

REMINDER: My comments section is officially a CHEERING SECTION on Thursdays!  Let's cheer each other on, friends!  I'd love to hear how you're doing too!  Struggles, triumphs, things you've found helpful...feel free to share! A BIG THANKS to each of you who have left encouraging comments, or have joined in on this challenge yourself!  The interactions I've had with each of you have served as an incredible inspiration and encouragement! Bring on week 3!

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  1. Great post, Brenda! It's those small victories that add up to greatness! I'm still tracking my calories and exercise on My Fitness Pal and loving it. I've been doing it now for 5 weeks and I am down 6 lbs. in my 30 in 30 challenge to myself. It's very slow going, but I've learned to get excited about the little things too, like seeing some definition beginning in my arms. Keep up the good work, girl! I like how you have a recipe or product tip each week. Have a great weekend!

  2. GO BREN!!!!!
    I still can't get my booty up to go take a walk or ride my bike. I think about it during the day and think "today's the day" and then I get home and get so distracted with other things or am just too tired. Somehow I need to figure this out. lol Your posts are very inspiring, though. :) Keep up the good work! You can do it!!! (is that good for a cheering section? LOL)


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