Nice to meet you! I'm Brenda ...

I'm a sinner saved by the astounding grace of my incredible Savior {Need}. Adorer of my husband. Mother of princesses. List maker. Brownie baker. Hidden Mickey finder. Pinterest addict. Speaker of too many words. My favorite things are smooching my hubby, impromptu dance parties with my daughters, planning our next trip to Disney World {this starts the day we get home from WDW}, laughing til I cry happy tears, running farther than I did the last time my shoes hit the pavement, crafting, theme parties, bows, ruffles, anything pink + sparkly! :*) . . . My struggles are between delicious eats and fitting into the cute clothes in my closet. Wanting my house to look like a magazine, while living a fun life inside of it (fun usually wins, clean houses are overrated anyway, right? ;)) ... and more seriously, against my self-seeking flesh and my greatest desire - glorifying God in all things! Thanks for stopping by for a visit! Please be sure to say, "Hello!" while you're here! ;)

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  1. Hi Brenda,
    I realized I somehow missed responding to a comment you left me last month and came by to say hi and finally got to see how precious you are! I enjoyed getting to know more about you and perusing some of your posts. I am your newest GFC follower!

  2. Great to discover another dedicated list maker :-) Alice @ Mums Make Lists

  3. Hi Brenda! I love your blog - it is for of life fun and helpful things!! I too enjoy chocolate (in every way and can't wait to try your brownie recipe) and am a mum who too has impromptu dance parties with my little princess!

    A new follower here :)

    Blessings always

  4. Thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my brownie recipe- I see you like to bake them! I feel like I have the same struggles as you- perfect house or happy kids, eat chocolate or look good in clothes etc. I am excited to see more posts from you and I would love to visit Disney World one day! I am from New Zealand though so it is a bit of a way to travel.

  5. Newest follower Brenda! Love your blog and your family is just beautiful!

    PS – My May giveaway will be for a new blog design by my personal designer! Stay tuned if you're interested! Our Journey

  6. We love your cute blog. And what a darling family! -The Six Sisters

  7. Hi Brenda! Get ready to get your chocolate covered hands into the Sunshine Award! Congratulations! If you want to play along, check the rules out at my blog later today! Hugs, Lizy

  8. Hi Brenda!! Wanted to say Hi and that I am a new follower! Love your blog and what a beautiful family. Thank you for visiting my blog recently!

  9. Love your blog title! I love a tidy house, but it rarely happens. I have a sign that I love that says "please excuse the mess, we are busy making memories".


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