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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Owning It! 20 {Possibly Unpopular} Truths

My sweet friend Elise shared a two-part "Owning It" series last week, complete with a link up!  I'm getting in on it at the last minute, but better to join in on the fun late than not at all though, right? ;)

Ready for some transparency and {possibly unpopular} truth???

*  Without hesitation I would give up my smartphone, tv, internet, new outfits for a year, you name it, if necessary to afford my life as a homemaker and full-time mommy!

*  I can NOT get enough of Disney!  At the end of our longest trip to WDW {17 days} I was still so sad to leave!

*  I say too much.  Compliment my top and I'll tell you where I bought it, what a bargain I got on it, what other colors were available, and how you can score a discount too!

*  I talk too fast. Even after 15 years together, my hubby still has to tell me to  s l o w  d o w n  sometimes.

*  As chatty as I am, I really don't like talking on the phone.

*  I tend to be a lit'l {okay, maybe a LOT} on the loud side, and my volume is directly linked to my passion over the topic at hand.  If the story is a good one I'll try to tone it down, but I'll likely be sharing it at the top of my lungs and laughing as happy tears stream down my face!

*  I talk to strangers.  If you're next to me in produce I'll likely mention what a great deal we're both getting.  That'd be because I look for sales on anything I need and will go to three stores if necessary to save money.  ...and I plan out those drives to hit up the sales when nearby for something else so I don't waste a drop of gas.

*  I find great joy in serving my family in little ways.  Every weeknight I choose and set out work clothes for my hubby.  I pop out of bed the moment his alarm goes off to make him breakfast and pack him a lunch. He'd love me no less if I stayed in our cozy bed, but he works so hard for our family that any way I can show extra care, love, and support to him (and make his life a teensy bit easier) I think its so worth the effort.  I love spending that time with him before he heads off to work hard for our family!  

*  I believe every day is sprinkle worthy!

*  I don't make my kids play sports.  Little One requested to do taekwondo.  I love that she desires to do it and wasn't among the majority who quit after earning a black belt.

*  Our home is small (by american standards), yet I'd be perfectly content living out the rest of my life here.  Our girls share a bedroom and we all share one bathroom.  Things I love about it:   We're always close.  I don't have to clean rooms we'd rarely use.  I only have one toilet to scrub.  The best part, I don't have to work outside of the home to enjoy living in my home!

*  I sing around the house a lot.  Whatever I'm doing, I'm probably changing the lyrics to a song to fit that activity.  Music makes my heart light. :)

*  I'm not a natural blonde ...and have been covering gray hairs with those fabulous faux bottles of hair dying goodness since my late 20s.

*  I LOVE to travel but driving outside of my own city makes me {sweaty palms} nervous!!!

*  I'm an all or nothing kinda girl.  This has led to multiple weight gains and losses during my adult life.  I'm either exercising a lot and watching every little bite I eat OR full out enjoying delicious eats like it's my job.  I'm still working on a healthy balance between the two.

*  I can remember every word to every song I loved as a kid in the 80's, yet I'll walk in a room without a clue what I entered it for.

*  I rush to the door when Jason returns home, clapping and cheering all the way there!  Every. Single. Day.  This isn't a habit as much as it's a natural response at the joy of welcoming home my love!

*  I'm the wretch the song talks about.  For years I called myself a Christian, but was living for myself and my own desires.  I fooled many, I even fooled myself for a time, but I never fooled God.  When I took a serious look at myself in the mirror of God's Law (the 10 Commandments) I saw how FAR I fall short!  Yet, God, being rich in mercy, made a way for sinners like me to be made right with Him!  When I repented and turned from my sins, and placed my trust in Him alone, the pure and spotless blood of Jesus paid the debt of my sin in full!  

Out of sincere care for you, dear friends, I'd like to echo the wisdom of 2 Corinthians 13:5, "Examine yourselves, to see whether you are in the faith.  Test yourselves." 


...& another excellent resource:
{Includes a thought provoking message, True and False Conversion.}

*  I overthink everything.  ...Did I share too much? ;)

Thanks for taking time out of your day to visit my lit'l corner of the blogosphere!  
PS:  I said that way too loud & too fast ...hope you didn't mind! ;)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Five Loves on Friday!

Happy Friday, friends!  This week has been filled with family, friends, and fun!  Here's a lit'l summary of the sweetness (in chronological order :))...

1.  Our neighbors threw a super fun birthday party last weekend.  As you can probably guess from the ginormous bouncy castle, my girlies had an amazing time celebrating with friends which made my heart oh so happy!

2.  What's better than watching a beautifully done adaptation of a Jane Austen book?  Enjoying it with your daughter!  Princess and I loved watching BBC's 4 part mini-series of Emma together this week!!  You can check out their fabulous version on Hulu or via (my Amazon affiliate link) HERE .

3.  My mother-in-law (with my adorable lit'l nephew in tow) picked up the girls this week for a sleepover that included play time with cousins, watching an old home video of their daddy acting in a play, and a shopping spree at Justice!  How fun is that?!  I wasn't there though, so why'd this make the list?  Two reasons: When my girls are happy their mommy's heart is full & their time with Grandma and Grandpa led to...

4.  Two dinner dates with my man in one week!!  Tuesday night Jason and I had a fiesta for two!  Getting out of the house and working our way through loaded nachos and great conversation was wonderful!  Wednesday evening we took some Firehouse Subs (YUM!) to the lake.  A beautiful view, mouthwatering sammies, and even better company, made for one of my favorite hours of the week!  

5.  Last night my oldest nephew came to stay with us.  The kids had such a great time!  They swam, had a pizza/movie party, played some air hockey and games of all they created some new memories that will be cherished always!  Hooray for family fun!

Thanks for visiting today, friends!  Have a terrific weekend!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Five Loves on Friday!

Happy Friday, friends!  I hope you're enjoying a gorgeous week!  It has been unseasonably cool here in the Midwest.  I couldn't be more giddy about the glorious breeze and spectacular sunshine that I'm currently welcoming into the window beside me!  

On to those fab 5 loves!  We spent last weekend enjoying an annual event in our area called Railroad Days.  This was our sixth summer attending.  It has become such a fun tradition for us!  A family pass grants us entrance to 5 local attractions, among those are a few historical homes (including one of a Civil War General and friend of Abraham Lincoln), multiple museums, a restored train depot, and a breathtaking botanical center.  Normally a one day admission ticket to each of these attractions would total $94 for our family of four, but during Railroad Days we can pick up a 2-day family pass to all five for just $15!  It's such a bargain!  They also offer free transportation from one venue to the next via Ollie the Trolleys and buses.  It truly feels like we've enjoyed a fun (& frugal) vacation right here at home!  Over the weekend I took 576 pics.  (I'm a lit'l snap happy! :))  So, I had to break the fun down into categories to share in my loves today! ;)

1.  Botanical Garden Goodness
Saturday morning's stroll through the gardens was too gorgeous for words, so I'll let the photos speak for themselves...
The photo of Little One stopping to smell the roses is a candid, not a posed photo. :)

2.  Terrific Trains!
It's what the event is about after all. ;) 
We sat next to the Conductor while dining at a museum's soda fountain on Saturday.  Little One requested her photo be taken with him.  He handed her his lantern and commented that it's not every day that he has such a cute helper! :) 

New to the event this year, Union Pacific brought the actual simulator that they train their employees in.  Jason and the girls became certified (Jr.) Engineers by completing a train ride in the Union Pacific mobile simulator.  We have a new appreciation and understanding of what it takes to operate this terrific vehicles!

3.  Crafty Cuties
They always offer such fun activities at Railroad Days!  A couple that the girls really enjoyed this year were thumbprint train art and spray painting their own lit'l masterpieces.
Little One spray painted a railroad worker ringing a train bell.  Princess had fun painting her initials.

4.    Family Fun!
The BEST part of the 2-day event was by far the FUN we had enjoying it all together!  What a sweet blessing family truly is!
Photos, Left to Right, Top to Bottom:  1. A trolley all to ourselves.  2.  Jason and girls on the staircase of the 100+ year old library turned railroad museum.  We have a fantastic new public library in our city, but every time we visit this beautiful old building I recall climbing these stairs to check out books as a child.  Sweet memories!  3. Little One and I sharing a rocking chair in front of a home exhibit.  4. Lunch at the Soda Fountain.  5. If you've watched my husband's Eat, Sleep, Dis, Repeat vids, you know that Princess and I LOVE a good rock and talk break!  6. Jason and Princess being silly on a train.  7. ...and again at lunch. :)  8. Sisters enjoying a swing in the botanical gardens.

5.  A Special Lunch Guest
My dad had a vacation day to use this week and with my mom still working, had no plans for the day.  The girls and I snatched up the opportunity to invite him over for lunch.  We enjoyed a nice time together, eating, chatting, and laughing over BLTs and root beer floats.  It was a treat of a day!

I so appreciate you taking the time to visit today, friends!  Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Five Loves on Friday!

Happy Friday, friends!  I hope you're all enjoying a fabulous July!!  We sure have been and I'm so excited to take a moment to share a bit of it with you now!

1.  A Zoorific Day!
(This one is actually from last week as I didn't post on the 4th of July.  It was such a fantastic day that its memory carries over as a "love" this week.  Such fun must be documented! ;))

My parents purchased a "Grandparents Zoo Pass" this year.  During their vacation week from their jobs they sweetly treated the girls and I to wild time at our incredible local zoo! 
Little One wore a lovely live butterfly as a gorgeous accessory, we giggled while passing over rhinos and monkeys on the skyfari, and many beautiful memories were created!  Thanks again for the fun day together, Mom & Dad!

I marvel at the creativity and awesomeness of our Creator!

2.  Independence Day 2014
Jason surprised us taking a 4-day weekend for the 4th of July!  We soaked up every lit'l bit of that spectacular family time!!!  Here are a few snapshots of the fun and festive Independence Day that kicked off our fab long weekend together ... 

We began the day with homemade patriotic pancakes and ended it with sparklers and s'more covered smiles!  Every detail of the day made my heart smile! 

3.  {Post} Independence Day Fun & Hydrant Party!
Tuesday my mom hosted an Independence Day party for her daycare.  She also extended invites to my niece and nephew, the girls and I, and a few kiddos she babysat in previous years.  We all enjoyed catching up over a yummy lunch and festive desserts, then headed to a hydrant party that local firefighters hosted in our area.  It was a fun day for all!

4.   Game Time!
This week I broke out my ATARI to share some old school gaming goodness with my lit'l gamer girls!! SO. Much. FUN!

Each Sunday afternoon my family gathers around our Mac to check out how Jason has creatively put together more of our favorite Disney memories to share on his YouTube channel.  I especially enjoyed this week's vid!!  I hope you have/will too!

 It's hard to believe that after a few more videos he'll have completely documented our September/October trip.  Be sure to subscribe to see what he'll share next! ;)

Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to visit!  Have a beautiful weekend!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Five Loves on Friday!

Happy Friday, friends!  I'm looking forward to sharing my favorite bits of these past seven undeserved days God has blessed me with! So let's get right to it! ...

1.  Little One's Night

My parents had Princess spend the night last weekend so that she can join them early the next morning for an out of town swap meet.  This gave Jason and I an opportunity to give Little One our undivided attention. :)  We started the night grabbing dinner at one of her favorite restaurants Chick-Fil-A (SO GOOD!) and headed to one of our favorite Summer spots, the lake!  Afterward we surprised her with a stop at Culver's for some frozen custard. (I have always have a stash of the free scoop tickets that the girls have gotten from kids' meals there over the years.  Makes for a fun surprise now and then!)  Next we made the drive to Trader Joe's.  We had never been and were very excited to finally check it out!  What a fantastic store!  We grabbed some eats we'd never tried and anticipated taking our tastebuds on an adventure later that night.  As soon as we arrived back home we suited up for a splashin' good time in the pool.  We concluded the evening trying those new nibbles.  First new to us eat - falafels.  Not a fan, I'll leave it at that! Ha.  The second new thing to nosh was shrimp gyoza.  While I usually steer clear of shrimp, I did enjoy these.  Best for last, a new (to me) delight, Trader Joe's dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds.  I'd been wanting to try these for a long time after hearing missglamorazzi rave about them continually.  They were super yummy! (Yes, I used the word "were" because they did not last here for long! ;))


2.  Belated Father's Day Picnic
My parents invited us over on Wednesday night for a cookout in {belated} celebration of Father's Day.  We enjoyed a fantastic evening together filled with delicious eats, fun conversation, much laughter, and the giving of gifts created with love for my two best guys!!  The girls decorated some new apparel for Grandpa Bob.  Little one created a hat for him, and Princess decked out a tee in his honor.  My parents gifted Jason a t-shirt as well, along with a big batch of his favorite sweet from my mom's kitchen, her homemade chocolate chip cookies split between a Disney tin and a retro Mickey Mouse cup (so fun!), and a box of his favorite candies for good measure!  It was a sweet night all around!

A beautiful summer evening with family!

3.  These are the moments that make my heart smile...
Little One requested a "cannon ball" from daddy.  This snapshot makes my heart happy!  I adore my family and I'm so thankful for every moment we enjoy together!  (:

4.  Girls Day Out
The girls and I had such a fun girls day out and about this week!  Princess and I got in about 3 miles of walking (& plenty of talking :)) during Little One's morning taekwondo class, then we headed out for some shopping goodness!  We started at Hobby Lobby picking up supplies for the gifts in #2.  The girls also spotted some {budget friendly} treasures.  Princess' eyes lit up when she saw this painting and at around 70% off I was able to get it for her bedroom.  That made both of our hearts happy! (Smiley, her parakeet, seems to like it too! ;))  Little One found a cute lit'l fur ball (marked down to $2) so she left with a fluffy new friend. :)  

Here's a look at some of the other fun had in those fabulous aisles...  

Anyone get the "Don't Blink" reference? (See two snapshots in the bottom right.)  That was the girls' idea! Ahaha! They are so much fun!!

More Girls Day Snapshots...

Loving the DEALS:  For the first time ever I made money off a trip to Target! (I went there to return some things and resisted buying anything! Still in shock over that one! ;))  We enjoyed donuts marked down because they were at the "best buy" date at the store = half a dozen donuts/just over a dollar! (...and they tasted fabulously fresh!)  We lunched during Taco Bell's Happier Hour and all eat for just over $6!  (Sadly their machine for $1 freezes was defrosting ...but my non-soda drinking girls were happy with ice cold water on that hot day = freebie!)  All in all it was a day filled with fun, laughter, and bargains with my favorite girlies!!!

5.  Beauty and Rest
Check out this breathtaking sight from my front yard last night, a double rainbow!! Rainbows always fill my heart with such gladness and thanksgiving as they remind me of the faithfulness, patience, and lovingkindness of God!  

Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth {Genesis 9:16}

"I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.  Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind.  Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life." -  Genesis 9:13-15

During clear days and stormy nights alike, my soul finds such rest in Him as I know His Word is faithful and true!  Do you have such a hope?  It is rooted in the unshakable foundation of Christ alone.  Ultimately it comes from the peace of knowing that I have been made right with Him, not by any work I have done, but through what He has done on my behalf.  The grace He offers truly is amazing!!!  To learn more visit

Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to visit!  Have a beautiful weekend!