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Five Loves on Friday // Little One's Birthday Week Edition!

Happy Friday, friends!  It has been quite a week at the Platt Household!  I'm looking forward to sharing all the memorable deets with you this morning!

*Note:  This week's loves are listed in chronological order. ;)

One  //  Annual Birthday Sleepover

Years ago when my parents asked what their youngest granddaughter would like for her birthday she requested a sleepover at their house along with a trip to Build-A-Bear.  They happily met this request and had so much fun doing so that this has become a beloved annual tradition for the three of them!  

These are some of the sweet pictures I received from my mom that night.  Following their fun shopping trip they went to Chick-Fil-A (one of their mutual favorites) for dinner.  Afterward they returned to my parents' home for a candle topped homemade dessert and an evening of relaxation, more gifts and munchies, and best of all, quality time!

While they were off celebrating, Jason and I enjoyed quality time of our own with our oldest daughter.  She chose Raising Cane's to go and for us to watch Thor Ragnarok which was perfect as the three of us love Marvel movies and Little One isn't really into them.  We'd been wanting to see this fun flick since its release and were glad to finally have the perfect evening to do so.  Later that night "Princess" and I spent a few fantastic hours of mom/daughter time which was thoroughly enjoyed!  It was a great night for all!

Two  //  Date Night at the Lake

Saturday my nephew was visiting my parents and requested some cousin time.  So sweet!  While the girls were off enjoying their evening with him and my folks, Jason and I spent our evening at our local happy place, the lake.  We grabbed our beloved Qdoba burrito bowls and soaked up the sweet time and wonderful weather together!  

Three  //  First Snow Day of the Season

Speaking of weather, it changed drastically on Sunday and while it may not have been a popular opinion, I LOVED it!  Don't get me wrong, fall is my favorite season.  I love the perfectly cool temps, the brilliant colors, really everything that fall has to offer.  Yet, when big beautiful snowflakes begin falling for the first time I can't help but smile!  I adore this time of year - everything from the start of fall to the drop of that New Years ball, I enjoy it ALL!  We knew this wintery wonderland would be very short lived (which was also great by me), so we made the most of it getting super cozy indoors while enjoying the loveliness of the snowy scene right outside our window.

Little One couldn't resist gathering up that first snow and building some cuteness!

Snow days require comfort food.  Am I right?  This Keto Low Carb (5 Ingredient) Pizza Casserole hit the spot.

I spent much of the afternoon lounging in my comfiest clothes, wrapped in my coziest blanket, watching Hallmark channel and flipping through fall issues.  I also indulged in a simple low carb splurge - cinnamon sugar Chips Ahoy Thins topped with a fun find, Reese's whipped topping.  It was National Dessert Day after all, how could I resist celebrating that in some small and scrumptious way? ;)

It was a sweet day indeed!  The snow melted within 24 hours and our high for today is actually 72 degrees.  It has been a week of all sorts of weather, all of which I continue to enjoy!

Four  //  Honeymoon Memories

For any of my readers who are fellow Disney fans and may not know, my family has a Disney YouTube channel Eat, Sleep, Dis, Repeat.  I have a lot of fun sharing photos on our Disney dedicated Instagram account of the same name,  @eatsleepdisrepeat.  

This month I have had a ball taking part in Disney Style's #fallintodisneystyle photo challenge.  On the 14th the prompt was "Disney Wedding".  This was such fun timing as the next time the calendar reads the 14th of the month Jason and I will be celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary right back where we began our life as husband and wife, Walt Disney World!  For that prompt I shared these honeymoon photos.

We were each just a few months into our 20s here.  It has been the greatest joy of my life to grow up with and grow older alongside this incredible man who I've been blessed to call my better half for nearly half of my life now!  

Check out our Mickey Groom and Minnie Bride hats!

If you look closely you'll see that our sweet server taped a "Just Married" sign on the back of our car (table) when we dined at the Sci-Fi Dine-In (a drive-in themed restaurant at Disney's Hollywood Studios).  Magical memories like these are why we love Disney!  I'm beyond excited for a week long Disney date with him next month!

Now, we've saved the BEST for last...

Five  //  Little One's Birthday!

I can not believe that my littlest love has grown yet another year older!  Where does the time go?!  I could not be more proud of the sweet, caring, creative, talented, driven, compassionate, and unique young lady she is growing to become.  She adds endless laughter and love to my days and being her mom is one of the greatest gifts God has given me.

The morning began with the Birthday Girl's older sister up extra early, super eager to celebrate this special day!  As soon our our "Little One" awoke she was greeted with a birthday card letting her know that she was giving her the gift of an online game they'd been anticipating playing through together and some of their favorite bakery cookies to enjoy while gaming.

As soon as Jason arrived home from work it was officially time to open gifts from the whole family.  As you can see in the photos below there was no shortage of enthusiasm over the presents we carefully picked for our girly!

Adding to her Rilakumma, Disney pin, and POP! collections, and her favorite - Purrito!

Declared her favorite gift, this "Purrito" had her name written all over it!  Plush and pastel, this soft 'n' sweet kitty was wrapped up like a burrito!  I randomly came across this looking for (Japanese) kawaii cat gifting possibilities.  She thought it was the purrfect gift!

After her choice of dinner, Olive Garden "to go", we gathered around her (and her dad's) all-time favorite, carrot cake!

We found these really fun candles at Walmart called "Party Color Flames".  Each candle glowed with the flame in its likeness.  Very cool!  Pay no attention to the number of candles, when she asked if we could get these the other day, I said, "Sure!" and had her toss it into our cart, not paying any attention to how many come in a box.  I told her it'd be just fine with me if she was only turning 10 though - ha!

The Birthday Girl's slice, because when it's your Special Day you can request all the cream cheese carrots you'd like!  After all, birthdays come just once a year!

We spent the evening playing games, laughing, and enjoying family time.  After the Birthday Girl's sister and dad called it a night Little One and I enjoyed some special time just the two of us!  We gathered some favorite snacks and cozied up for some chatting and binge watching the series we're currently watching together.  It was like the cherry on top of a super special and memorable day!  In the end she called it her "best birthday ever"!  It seems like she says that each year, but looking back over past birthdays and all the fun that we've had over the years my heart is full thinking that we continue to top the best each birthday!  Being a mom is the best job I could ever dream of and I couldn't be more grateful to have it!

Thanks so much for visiting today!  Wishing you a fantastic fall weekend ahead!

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Trip Report Tuesday - WDW Day 16 | Final Day in the Parks // Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Last Night at Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Day 16 - Saturday, December 8, 2017

We kicked off our final day in the parks before the sun rose.  We made our way to the dock to board the resort's boat to Magic Kingdom for an extra magic hour morning.

I adore water reflection and when you pair it with a Disney glow my heart sighs with joy!

As I looked out I felt like I was living a dream!  So lovely!

Little One was sporting her Yoda Santa hat.  Of course this brought requests from me to capture the cuteness.  She took advantage of the opportunity to sweetly cheese it up! 

"We're walking right down the middle of Main Street U.S.A.!"

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train before daylight...

Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin and Winnie the Pooh were both on our morning ride line up.

The classic, Peter Pan's Flight, and its incredibly magical queue never disappoints!

From Neverland to the "wildest ride in the wilderness" this was one magical morning!  

Look at that wait time!  5 minutes!  I love extra magic hours!

One final fun and festive float on the Jingle Cruise (aka: the Christmas-ified version of Jungle Cruise)...

From one boat to the next, it was time for one of our all-time family faves, Pirates of the Caribbean!

Synchronized family photos are the best!  (You'll spy us in the second to the last row.)

A Disney Souvenir Dream Come True
Little One mentioned earlier in the trip that she'd always wanted a fancy umbrella from Disney World.  This morning she'd order one of her very own hand painted just for her!

I was so tempted to buy this white Christmas themed umbrella!  It was just so cute!

Little One chose a red umbrella with designs you'll see later in this post.  Once you place your order, you pay and can then return for your umbrella in an hour.

Meanwhile, we grabbed some popcorn and then made our way to Tomorrowland.

The Peoplemover with my silly and sleepy sweeties!

Castle selfie

Finding this on my phone was good for a laugh!  I adore this man of mine!

More last day at the parks snapshots

Once the hour hand had made its way all the way around the clock we returned to pick up Little One's umbrella!

She adored it and looked adorable carrying it!  Upon picking up this pretty souvenir we were told to keep it dry for the next 24 hours.  It looked like rain could fall anytime so we decided we needed to take it back to the resort after a bite to eat!

We headed to Sleepy Hollow where Little One requested an ice cream sandwich and I checked off an item from my must-eat list, a fresh fruit waffle sandwich served with nutella!

Very happy tastebuds for my littlest girly and I!

We made our way to the exit, but couldn't possibly say goodbye to Magic Kingdom this trip without a couple sweet snapshots with souvenir and all!

While we awaited the boat back to Wilderness Lodge we decided we would try to snap a photo with each member of our family along with a monorail in their favorite color.  This little challenge created and completed right then and there made for the best time passer of the trip!

Before long we were on the boat and waving farewell to Magic Kingdom for this trip.

Back to the resort to put Little One's souvenir (and its freshly hand painted details) in the room to dry safe and sound.

When we arrived back at the resort we got word that we had a package at the front desk.  Earlier in our trip Princess was contacted by someone from her Youth Group requesting our resort information.  The girls in her Youth Group had bought a BIG beautiful birthday card and all wrote sweet messages to her in celebration of her Sweet 16!  This absolutely made her day!  

Ready for Epcot!  

My dear friend Chrissy bought me this adorable tee for my birthday a few months before our trip.  The phrase "A dozen reasons to believe in magic" sit atop one of my sweet weaknesses, donuts, in a Hidden Mickey formation!  She gave me the gold Lillian and Co. bracelet with the Wishes quote "Do As Dreamers Do" for Christmas.  The Christmas buttons I was sporting on my purse were also gifts she sent to my family.  I emailed her this pic while awaiting the Disney bus and told her I called this look, "Styled by Chrissy!" So fun!  Thanks again for ALL this cuteness, Chrissy!  

We ended our trip with an evening at Epcot!

Mommy/Daughter U.K. date!
Each trip Little One and I make a point to have a meal for two at our favorite Epcot quick service restaurant, Yorkshire County Fish Shop in the U.K. pavilion of World Showcase.  It's so delicious and has become a really special tradition for us over the years!

We scored a table in a beautiful waterside spot!

We made our way out of U.K. and were Japan bound for a trip to the museum and some shopping.

Here's the bear Little One bought earlier in the trip.  She also bought one of its friends beginning a sweet new Japanese plush collection!

Another Delightful YouTuber Meeting!
I've been subscribed to Ellie Steadman's channel for years.  When her dream of living and working at Walt Disney World in their international program came true I was truly hoping to meet her during our next trip.  When I heard her job placement was at Rose and Crown Pub I figured it wasn't likely as we didn't have reservations there this vacation.  However, the table Little One and I scored at Yorkshire County Fish Shop was right beside Rose and Crown's outdoor seating area.  During our meal the thought did cross my mind that perhaps she'd be serving outside there.  While that wouldn't likely allow me the opportunity to say, "Hello", I did still somewhat keep an eye out for this sweet YouTuber whose content I've enjoyed for years.  When we left our table I figured I had missed the chance.  

Fast forward about a half an hour and who should we see walking through the door into the museum in Japan?  Ellie Steadman!  I was tickled pink to see her!  It turned out that she was visiting on her day off with along with a friend (who was also incredibly kind)!  They were both a true delight to chat with.  It allowed me the chance to thank her for the videos she's shared over the years, and she was so lovely taking the time out of her day off to visit with us, inquiring about our trip and thanking us for saying "Hello".  It was truly a treat!

While in Japan we enjoyed the music, some more kakigori for the girls, and stocked up on our favorite candy from our favorite shop in World Showcase, Mitsukoshi!

We picked up enough Hi-Chew to get us through until our next trip. ;)

Jason hit the Epcot Festival of the Holidays Tuscany Holiday Kitchen booth for some yumminess.

Meanwhile I popped into a shop in Germany to grab some chocolates!  Imagine that. ;)

Frozen Ever After time...

Our final foodie fix of Epcot's Festival of the Holidays was the Mongolian Beef Bar Bun from Shanghai Holiday Kitchen.  I sampled this and it was delicious!

This Photopass shot we got on our way out of the park is one of my favorites from the trip!

Goodnight, Epcot!  I can hardly wait to see you real soon!

Even though I'd taken plenty I couldn't resist a few more pics back at Wilderness Lodge while Jason and I wandered the lobby and grounds of this stunning resort on our final evening.

We sat and chatted while rocking in the rocking chairs in front of the grand fireplace.

Then we headed outside to admire the spring that flows throughout the resort.

Taking the time to see some of the artifacts on display

We decided we should attempt to take a Christmas tree selfie from the floor we were staying on.  This wasn't as easy as it initially sounded!  Ha!  Whenever we got close to each other we blocked the tree.  This led to several silly pics of me trying to show that there was indeed a tree there!

We finally got it (a normal pic, tree and all)!

After I packed us up I headed out onto our private patio.  Who needs sleep when you're heading home the next day after all?  It began to rain and it was just so lovely and peaceful.  I soaked up the beauty of my surroundings, taking in the terrific moment.

What a full and fantastic trip this truly was!  Honestly, I'm teary eyed just recalling it.  I've so enjoyed sharing it with you, friends!  Please return next week for the finale of this installment of my Trip Report Tuesday series!

Also, don't forget to check out the video footage from this day at my family's YouTube Channel, 
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