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Friday, March 27, 2015

Five Loves on Friday!

Happy FRIDAY!!!  How's your week been?  I'm excited to share five loves from mine with you all  right  about  NOW!...

1.  Phoebe the Painted Fox

Little One's BFF celebrated her birthday with a painting party!  The birthday girl's mom (a sweet friend from our church family) is an extremely talented artist who teaches classes in her own home studio.  She taught the party goers how to paint a fox...

 How adorable is this lit'l masterpiece?!  She named her Phoebe. :)

2.  Cousin Time!

My sister invited my girlies out for the day on Saturday and had all sorts of fun planned for them!  Even though I wasn't there, this had to make my five!  Receiving these sweet snaps via text throughout the day was definitely a highlight of this past week!  These cute kiddos melt my heart!

4.  DISNEY WORLD Wardrobe

We joke that since we homeschool we don't buy our girls "school clothes" each August, instead get them "Disney clothes" before each vacation! ;)  Last week I paired coupon codes for 25% off and free shipping with already discounted Disney cuteness.  When these additions to the girls' next Disney wardrobe arrived on our doorstep it felt like Christmas!

This wearable Disney magic gets me giddy for our next trip to WDW later this year!  (To see the FUN we enjoyed during our last trip click here! :))  Princess' fave is the "I stay current" Ariel tank.  Little One can hardly wait to wear the Minnie dress with the red collar!  I just wish I could fit into that Cinderella blue "the right shoes can change your life" tee! :)

Links to the Pixie Dusted Pretties:

I purchased all items shared in this post.  I am in no way affiliated with JCPenney.  

4.   Little One Styling Herself

She immediately fell in love with this dress when it arrived in our mailbox on Wednesday.  She went into her room, and came out with a stylish scarf, a pop of color on her wrist, and four bottles of nail polish to get all dolled up before heading to church.  This outfit was spring perfection and the fact that she threw it together herself made this mama smile great big!

Psst... this striped tee shirt dress is currently on sale for $6.99 at!  Have I mentioned I love a great deal?! ;)   I also got her the Woodblock Floral Cami Dress in Cream/Pink ($10) and the Ribbon Belt Polka Dot Dress in Grey/Navy ($7.99)  At the time I purchased these dresses there was a coupon code available for an additional 10% off and free shipping.  Coupon codes are constantly changing as they're available for a limited time.  Before making any online purchases I highly recommend checking out for current coupon codes!  Who doesn't love additional savings? :)

5.  POPSUGAR Goodies!

I've been thoroughly enjoying the contents of this month's POPSUGAR Must Have box!  If you missed it, you can check out my detailed reveal post here. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by today, sweet friends!!!

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

POPSUGAR Must Have March 2015 Box Reveal

Last week I received my first POPSUGAR Must Have Box, and it seriously felt like my birthday came very early!  I'm so excited to share its contents with ya today, lovelies!

For anyone unfamiliar with POPSUGAR Must Have, it is a monthly surprise subscription box.  It runs $39.99/month, however I spotted a discount code to receive $5 off my first box, paying $34.99 for the one featured in this post.  The suggested retail value of the items within this box comes to $121.68 + a deluxe sampler box from Benefit cosmetics.  In other words, I definitely got more than my money's worth!  Take a look!...

You all know my obsession with the Wet Brush so when I saw that cheery yellow cuteness, right away I was thrilled!  Seeing the mystery package all wrapped up in giant bubble wrap, and a hint of BRIGHT hot pink underneath got me giddy to dig right in!

This was the product leaked in the March box's spoiler so I was already anticipating this goody!  I had high hopes for it as it had oodles of 5-star reviews on both Ulta & Sephora's sites.  I tried it last night and it did not disappoint.  It made my face feel amazing!  For best results they recommend using it once to twice weekly.  At the retail price of $48, I will be using once a week and savoring the wonders of this spa in a tube!

I'll admit I've never used a diffuser before.  I typically have glowing candles, scentsy wax warming, and a Bath & Body Works Wallflower plugged in most hours of the day.  I've never thrown a diffuser into the scent mix though.  I doubted you'd smell anything unless standing a few feet away.  I was definitely critical before tossing those reeds in the bottle.  That quickly changed!  I knew I was a diffuser convert when my husband returned home and the first words out of his mouth were asking what smelled so good!  He picked up on it from an entirely different room!  This lemon + cucumber combo is springtime perfection and I couldn't be happier about having this in my living room!  I also received a 20% coupon from Green Market Purveying Co..  We'll see if I can resist putting that one to use! ;)

If you're a reed and oil kinda girl, please share your fave in the comments below!  I'd love to know where you get your home sweet smelling home fix! 

Samudra | POPSUGAR Exclusive Pink Pina Zip Pouch

First off I'll say that I would never pay the suggested retail price of $40 for this pouch.  If I saw it in Target's dollar spot for $3, it'd find its way into my cart.  If it were much more than that I'd probably keep walking.  That being said, I do LOVE this pouch!  I'm a fan of all things pink (and this bright hot pink is so fun), add my favorite fruit and I'm instantly smiling!  I couldn't resist tossing some things inside to see how much I could fit into this baby.  It easily held a book, bottle of sunblock, a bag of snacks, a lit'l brush, and hair ribbon.  It's likely to be my go-to poolside bag, and find its way into my suitcase many o' trips to come!

As an avid list maker, I totally appreciated this pad.  It definitely doesn't include everything I pack, but it does have some blank spaces to add more items.  I'll likely use this for weekend getaways.  Now if we're prepping for one of our longer vacations, this wouldn't cut it for me.  I need much more detailed (we're talking multiple pages) lists for a week or two of soaking up Disney magic!  Perhaps I should take the tip underneath that header, "bring half of what you think you need".  Personally, I tend to be a "more is more" kinda packer!  :)  In any case, these 60 sheets of hand-drawn cuteness will be doodled on and checked off in prep for our next weekend trip, wherever that may be to!

As previously mentioned, this is an item that immediately got me excited!  I love our (tear avoiding, extreme tangle taming) wet brushes! Having a small "squirt" size brush to toss in my bag for touch ups on the go will be super handy for this mom of 2 girls!  L-O-V-E!

I'm a big fan of anything spicy so this flavor was the perfect fit for my taste buds!  The bag contained two servings at 130 calories each.  Honestly I opened, snacked, and packed it away probably four or five times!  It didn't take many flavor packed half popped kernels for a lit'l snack fix.  I think I'd actually purchase these, but they aren't sold in a single grocery store in my city.  I enjoyed them while they lasted though!  If I find them in an aisle nearer to me, I'd love to try aged white cheddar. Yum! 

I was over the moon when I saw the Roller Lash mascara as I've heard such great things about it!  I've used it a few times and am loving it so far!  Hooray for a sample to test out before purchasing! 

I've yet to try the POREfessional.  It's not a product I'd typically purchase, but that's one of the reasons these surprise boxes are fun!  Sometimes you come across gems you never knew you needed in life!  We'll see if that's the case with this.  With 400+ reviews it scores a 4.5 star average rating, from people who actually paid retail price for it.  So it's worth checking out (for free ;)).

The Verdict

Overall, I was very pleased with this box.  One of the best things about it was having the opportunity to try some products that I normally wouldn't splurge on, or just wouldn't have considered using (like the diffuser)!  It feels like the week after Christmas here, using fun new finds,  while anticipating enjoying others in the months to come! 

April POPSUGAR Must Have boxes are already sold out, but if you're interested in getting in on the fun, you can order the May box HERE.  Use coupon code REFER5 to save $5 off your first box too! :)

Subscription boxes are so much fun!  What's your favorite?  I'm loving POPSUGAR!  It's a bit on the pricey side, but the value is fabulous!  Glad I splurged to try it this month! 

Thanks  for stopping by today!  It makes my heart happy to have you here!  

Join me in the adventures to come!
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Friday, March 20, 2015

Five Loves on Friday!

Happy Friday & HAPPY SPRING, friends!!!

 Hope you've all enjoyed a fantastic week!  So much has gone on here that I decided this week's loves will be listed chronologically, as I could never order them by which I loved most!  Let's get right to it!

1. Loving ALL things CINDERELLA!

We absolutely  L-O-V-E-D  Cinderella!!!  It was so beautifully done and well cast!  (That's all I'll say as I don't want to give any spoilers!)  This week I got the Spotify app, and we've been listening to the Cinderella soundtrack on a loop.  It's all so lovely!  My only complaint is that "Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly)" isn't on the album!  I sang that song for days after the movie.  

Our Spring (Disney Vacation Club) Disney Files magazine arrived this week with an article about the making of Cinderella.  "What if we made a movie where kindness was a superpower?" was a question posed by the director as they set out to make this movie.  I'd take courage and kindness over any marvel superhero powers! ;)

2.  Celebrate Good Times, C'mon!

Saturday afternoon my parents threw a birthday party for my Aunt Ednah.  We enjoyed a yummy lunch, lots of chatting and laughter, and I may have taken pictures of everyone at the party and turned them into pirates, villains, and Star Wars characters courtesy of the Show Your Disney Side app.  So fun & totally hilarious! :)

my girlies and nephew posing with their Great Aunt Ednah // sweet celebratory yummies // Little One giving the Birthday Girl a cute craft she made in honor of this fun occasion


My mom always hosts the cutest themed parties for her daycare families, and sweetly invites us over to get in on the festive fun!  Here are some snapshots from her St. Patrick's Day party this week...

the girls & my mom {aka: the hostess with the mostess}  // sweet treats from Grandma Kathy's kitchen // How cute is the jello with candy rainbows that one of the parents prepped for the kiddos?!  So clever!

3.  S H O P P I N G 

The girlies and I buzzed over to Target while Jason had musical worship practice before church on Sunday morning.  Let me tell you, 8am is a glorious hour to be at Target!  It was so quiet and we pretty much felt like we had the entire store to ourselves! The girls each got some new shades for the sunshiney season that awaits.  Princess got (her first) mascara, some new hair ribbons and elastics, and a small notebook for sketching on the go.  Little One was tickled pink to spot these My Little Pony goodies for her tootsie toes so I couldn't resist treating her to them. :)

After church, we spent the afternoon at the Guitar Center, which is basically a huge playground for my music loving family!  Jason bought a mandolin.  I have so enjoyed hearing a new instrument around the house.  My husband rocks (literally ;))!


I scored some major deals and filled my mailbox with all sorts of fun this week!

I fell in love with some fabulous lace shoes at Target on Sunday morning, but they didn't have my size at the store.  I hopped on their website that afternoon to search for them.  Not only did I find my size, they were $5 cheaper, plus they offered 10% off when purchasing 2 pair, and free shipping!  How could I resist?!  I saved $7 on the lace pair by purchasing them online, and paid just $12.23 for the cutesy polka dot sneakers after the discounts!  Love a bargain (or two!)

via // via


Goodies from Kohl's!

I'm so ready for a fresh mani with Essie's Blossom Dandy from their Spring 2015 polish line!  Loving our new (bed & cookie) sheets that I scored amazing deals on too!  I put my cardholder offers of 30% off and free shipping to fantastic use!  These soft 525-thread count sheets normally run $109.99, but I paid just $34.99 for the set!  DEAL!


Disney mail is always EXCITING!!!


my 1st ever POPSUGAR Must Have Box arrived!!!  

* A full reveal post coming SOON! *

5.  Cheesecake Factory Double Date

My sweet in-laws treated Jason and I to a delicious feast last night!  We enjoyed such great conversation, and an abundance of scrumptious food and drinks!  It was a precious and memorable evening together!!! 

{food photographs via The Cheesecake Factory Menu}

 Our Appetizer:  Thai Lettuce Wraps
 One of my FAVORITE beverages:  Raspberry Lemonade
The Cheesecake Factory Specialty I enjoyed:  Spicy Cashew Chicken 
The cheesecake that caught Jason's eye/Our fab finale: Fresh Banana Cream Cheesecake

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Wishing you all a beautiful first weekend of spring!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Five Loves on Friday!

Happy Friday, friends!!!  It has been such a full and fantastic week since we last chatted!  I can hardly wait to share some of our "wild" adventures, and a couple of my new favorite apps, one will save you money, the other will allow you to donate to a charity of your choice without costing you a dime!  

1.  My Ideal Saturday

{via // via}

Last Saturday was one of those as close to perfection as you can get outside of Disney World kinda days!  The first half of the day was spent lounging in pajamas flipping through my favorite magazines, snuggled up on the couch with the hubs watching Fixer Upper while the kiddos played.  When it hit a lovely 60º we headed out to trails near the lake for a sweet family walk and talk.

 Afterward, we got some Mexican food and headed back to the lake to nosh with a gorgeous view!  While we enjoyed our queso covered goodness we watched bald eagles "chillin'" on ice patches in the middle of the lake.  They continually flew over us too.  It was such a beautiful sight!  Unfortunately, my iPhone's camera didn't pick them up well, but here's a snap where you can make out 3 or 4 of them...

2.  A Year of "Wild" Adventures Ahead!

This week we purchased an annual family membership to a nearby zoo, which just happened to be named the "#1 Zoo in the World" by Trip Advisor. ...We agree! ;)  

We spent much of Sunday there appreciating the beauty of God's amazing creation.  Many cute animals were adored, a 3D IMAX movie was watched, and sweet memories were made as a family!

All that fun works up an appetite, so this yumminess followed...

It was a sweet 'n' delicious day together!

3.  Family Walks + Charity Miles
One of our favorite things to do as a family is to hit a nearby pedestrian bridge for a nice walk together.  This week I came across an app that will give to the charity of our choice whenever we do!

Charity Miles is an app that uses your phone's GPS to track the miles you walk, run, or bike (indoor or outdoor) and pairs you with a sponsoring company that is willing to donate 25 cents for every mile walked/10 cents for each biked, to the charity of your choice!  There are 30+ charities to choose from.  I've been walking for St. Jude Children's Hospital this week.  It's so nice to be able to help other families, in a small way, while enjoying precious time out in the sunshine with my own!

4.  Regaining the Lost Hour

Jason was able to head out of work a little early on Thursday afternoon, so the hour we lost on Sunday in the time change we regained with an extra hour of family time! ;)  The temp rose to 77º, so a second trip to the zoo this week was in order.  "Hanging out" with gibbons and sloths was a fab way to spend a weekday afternoon together!

5.  PAY ME for shopping?!  Yes, please & thank you!

Y'all know I enjoy online shopping and I  L-O-V-E  a bargain!!! I cannot believe how much money simply clicking through before shopping, or using my Ebates app can reward me in cash!  For example, this week I bought some new sheets (of the bed and cookie varieties).  I scored some major deals as I found sales, and had promo codes for free shipping and an additional 30% off.  On top of the already fantastic savings I ended up earning another $7.08 cash back from Ebates for that one inexpensive purchase!  AMAZING!!!

If you haven't signed up for an Ebates account, I HIGHLY recommend it!  Here's a link if you'd like to create an account before you spend another penny online.  Why not get some money back on what you're going to buy anyway?  Oh, how I heart extra savings!!!

Have a sweet weekend, lovelies!  We've got our advance tickets to Cinderella, so it's sure to be a magical one for my lit'l family! :)  Anyone else heading to the (cinematic) ball?

Join me in the adventures to come!
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Friday, March 6, 2015

Five Loves on Friday!

Happy first Friday of MARCH, friends!!! What a nice ring that has to it! ;)  It's been a  l-o-n-g  week, filled with challenges, as well as some pretty sprinkle-worthy moments too!  I can't wait to share it all with you!  Let's dig right in...

1.  Date Night
First off, thank you for all of the sweet comments last Friday wishing me and my hubby a wonderful date night!  Here's how it went...

A half an hour before the girls were to leave for my parents' place we noticed a plumbing issue here. So, our date kicked off at Home Depot, followed by 2 long hours of Jason doing everything possible to fix the situation himself.  I lent my moral support while watching Hart of Dixie.  After doing all he could it became apparent that we'd need to call a professional plumber.  Already into weekend "emergency hours", we were put on a waiting list for the next available plumber.

We decided it'd do no good to spend our evening all upset.  Instead we grabbed Chinese takeout and settled in for a movie night at home.  To lighten the mood we chose Sharknado 2, one of those "it's so bad, it's funny" flicks. ;)  

Shortly after we fell asleep that night we got a call that a plumber was available.  A little over an hour later it was all taken care of. The plumber could have charged us extra for going into a second hour, but he didn't, which was so nice!  By no means was it a dream date night, but it did remind me of three things that I should never take for granted.  First, having running water and the ability to use the bathroom anytime needed is a huge blessing!  Secondly, having a husband who is willing to get his hands dirty and do everything within his power to take care of our family makes me feel like the most blessed girl on the planet!  Most importantly, God provides for all our needs.  My heart overflows with gratefulness! 

2.  Applejack Adorableness

While the girls were at my parents' house on Friday night, Little One and my mom headed to the sewing machine to spruce up Applejack's wardrobe.  The outfit they made came out super cute, and the memories they created in the process are priceless!  

3.  Just Me & My Girls

Jason had to travel out of town for business this week.  While the hubs was away, my girlies and I had a good ol' fashioned slumber party!  We made a pizza so huge that it barely fit in the oven, had a Disney marathon, and chatted for hours about anything and everything.  As much as I missed Jas, I soaked up that special "just us girls" time together! 

4.  Ice Cream Brunch

We also enjoyed a lit'l Ice Cream Brunch with the girls' favorite toppings, and a side of eclairs this week!  It was "sweet"! :)

5.  Show Your Disney Side app

This FREE app is too much fun! 

Me, a quirky princess? Never! ;)  
I really wanted to be a pirate, but I just looked way too happy in each picture I snapped.  Pirates are my favorite...I just can't pull off being one!   :)

Princess plays her favorite villain.

How hilarious is this pic of Little One as a Star Wars X-Wing Pilot?! She makes me smile! :)

Wanna explore your Disney Side too?  Get the app here!

Thanks for stopping by today, friends!  Have a fantastic weekend!  My hubby is back home now so I know I will!!! :D