Chatting Over Chocolate

Friday, May 22, 2015

Five Loves on Friday

Happy, Happy, HAPPY Friday!  Who's ready for a three day weekend?!!!  I can hardly wait to welcome my Lovey home this afternoon!  Meanwhile let's pass the time talking loves from the past week, shall we?

1.  Date Night = Great Night!

The girls received a sleepover invite to stay with their Great Aunt Ednah last Friday.  This meant fun for them and their parents.  We thought about all our options and decided to go with takeout and television - oh yeah!  

We shared some Peanut Butter Chicken and General Tso's Chicken because we like each other's taste buds to be happy.

Does a date night really get any better than some refreshing time alone with your man enjoying a bunch of delicious food that you didn't have to cook, and the only clean up involved is walking the boxes to the trash?  I think not. ;)

2.  Congratulations are in order!

My cousin (who also happens to be one of my favorite people) graduated from college with honors this month!  GO EMILY!!!  We were so bummed that we couldn't make it to her grad party over the weekend, but those frowns turned upside down instantly when we received a sweet text and pic of the accomplished grad posing with the Disney pals we sent to celebrate her on our behalf.  What's she going to do now that she has graduated?  She's going to Disney World!

CONGRATS & wishes for the most magical celebration of this accomplishment, Emily!  We love you and couldn't be more proud of ya!!!

3.  DWTS Finals & Finale
*Spoilers Ahead*

Anyone else enjoy DWTS finale week?  This was my favorite bit of fancy footwork...

*If you are reading this post via an email subscription you can find this video here.

Care to see Fred Astaire's version from the 1935 film Roberta?

*If you are reading this post via an email subscription you can find this video here.

As you may have guessed from my favorite dance of the finals, I was Team Riker all. the. way.  But Rumor was also very deserving!  We were fine with our #2 pick taking home the mirror ball trophy, even if my initial response may have been, "oh no".  It was such a fun season!

4.  Fresh Flowers

My irises are in bloom!  Oh I how love their vibrant colors!

5.  Summertime in Cookie Form!

I love trying limited edition oreos!  When I heard the latest Oreo cookie creation was inspired by my favorite summertime dessert I couldn't wait to get my hands on them!  

These did not disappoint.  The graham cracker cookie is delicious!  I think they could use a bit more chocolate flavor.  I can never get enough chocolate though. ;)  If you're like me, a big fan of all things s'mores, be on the lookout for these tasty gems!  I found mine in Walmart's cookie aisle.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, friends!  Wishing you a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Five Loves on Friday

Happy Friday, friends!  Time to recap another full and fabulous week!  This one was filled with family, friends, fantastic food, a new exercise routine {to help eliminate the calories in the aforementioned food},  and a good amount of spring cleaning.  One of those things was my least favorite, the rest made this weeks loves! ;)

1.  Mother's Day 2015

Sunday morning Jason told me, " We can go anywhere you want, eat anything that you want, and do anything that you want today."  I wasn't sure what to do with that generous offer!  Here's what I chose:

8am Target shopping with my two best girls  
Jason had music practice before church bright and early on Sunday morning.  While he strummed his guitar, my girlies and I spent that fabulous hour getting our shop on before church!  Even though I'm not typically a "morning person", 8am is my favorite time to be at Target!  It always feels like they opened up the store just for us.  Only one checkout was open, yet there was no line.  Gotta love it!

Hearing God's Word faithfully preached in context is always refreshing!  

Our church provided gorgeous flowers for kids to give their mother that morning.  Little One chose this one in my favorite color.  She hid it behind her back as she approached me, then presented it with a huge smile.  My heart melted on the spot.  I was also given sweet personal gifts from my girls.  They each painted me a beautiful masterpiece while at my parents' home earlier in the week.  Handmade gifts make my heart full!

Pizza and Breadsticks
...because pizza is always a good idea.

R & R
When we arrived home we prepped for lunch by getting out of our cute clothes and tossing on comfy pjs.  While treating our taste buds my family gave me complete control over the remote.  My husband wouldn't allow me to tidy a thing all day.  I just relaxed and enjoyed every bit of it.  Ahh, to be queen for a day. ;)  

Sure I could've picked lunch at a steakhouse, then gone to the spa, and did some online shopping for that Disney Dooney & Burke bag I've been drooling over.  I mean he did say whatever I want, right?  Wait.  Why didn't I do that?  Oh yeah, because what I wanted most of all was quality time with my those who are the reason I celebrate Mother's Day, my incredible husband, and two lovely girls.  We shopped, worshiped, lounged, laughed, and played games together as a family.  It was simple and laid back, and perfect.

2.  Old Friends + Mexican food + Brownies = Recipe for a Delicious Evening

Monday night we met our oldest friends for dinner.  We don't see each other as often as we'd like to, but whenever we are together it's as if we haven't skipped a beat.  We caught up over queso at Qdoba, then headed back to their place for freshly baked brownies and ice cream - yum!  We also exchanged Christmas gifts.  Yep, you read that right.  We just savor the holidays for months. ;)

Little One with her My Little Pony gifts  //  Princess with a mason jar full of nail polish and all things needed for a pretty mani/pedi, and a super cute necklace too //  Lit'l Miss E with her new Peppa Pig  //  Dress Up

3.  Parents, Presents, and {More} Pizza

Wednesday night my parents came over to celebrate Mother's Day and talk Disney trip details over taco & BLT pizzas.  We had such a great time!

Since my mom always uses drawstring bags I couldn't resist getting her this Walt Disney World cuteness for our upcoming trip!

My mom started the sweetest tradition years ago!  Each year on Mother's Day she gives me a photo album filled with several hundred pictures capturing the memories we have created together over the past year.  Can you think of anything more thoughtful than that?  I treasure these albums!

sweet memories with my parents and my girlies

4.  Couch to 5k

After giving our running shoes about a year off we decided to go back to the basics.  Saturday we began going through the Couch to 5k program as a family (again).  It's been wonderful to lace up those sneakers, get out in the sunshine, and begin to get fit as a family once again!  

For anyone interested in taking up running, I highly recommend getting this app!  We've gone through the complete program in years past and have found it to be incredibly helpful!

5.  Graze 

You all know I love a good subscription box!  When I saw a groupon a while back for a surprise box of snacks that'd appear in my mailbox weekly or semi-weekly, I had to give it a try!

Each snack they offer is listed on their website.  You can go through and select to try, trash, like, or love each snack option.  This helps them customize boxes to your taste preferences.  So far my favorite has been the Hickory Smoked BBQ mix - so good! 

We've had so much fun taste tasting and enjoying these new-to-us snacks!  Some people complain that the portion sizes are small, but in my opinion they are just right!  It's a snack, not a buffet. ;)

Sound like something you'd enjoy?  I'd love to share a coupon that came in my box!  Visit and use coupon code:  CQWJHQ7QB to receive your first and fifth boxes for FREE.  I mean, who doesn't love a yummy snack that you don't even have to leave home to get?  So far, I'm loving this scrumptious arrangement. :)


Friday, May 8, 2015

Five Loves on Friday

Hello, friends!  I cannot believe how fast this week flew!  It's all been a happy blur! :)  Here are five loves from those days gone by..

1.  Lauren Conrad's Minnie Mouse Collection!

Lauren Conrad has a new Disney collection at Kohl's!  This one is inspired by Minnie Mouse!  I'd read on Disney Style Blog that this collection would hit stores on May 10th.  I was giddy to spot it already up on last week!  I jumped on that immediately, especially since the pieces were each marked down from their original price, and I had codes for 30% off and free shipping!  When they arrived on my front porch this week I was in love! 

I adore the feminine & magical details in these pieces!

Disney's Minnie Mouse a Collection by LC Lauren Conrad

 I can hardly wait to wear them at Disney World later this year!!!

2.  Little One's Handcrafted Gifts Made with Love for her BFFs

Wednesday was the last night of classes at our church before breaking for summer.  This meant a party that my girls look forward to each year!  Little One loves any excuse to craft and give her friends gifts.  She did not let this occasion pass her by!

She began by creating purses for her two BFFs from My Little Pony plates and pipe cleaners.  Aren't they adorable?!  Then her mission was to craft more goodies to fill them with.  She made masks (from pony faces on the sides of happy meal boxes and skewers) and bracelets for the three of them, each with one letter, together spelling out "B - F - F".  She whipped up another accessory in necklaces made from string and cardboard, each representing their recipient's interests.  K loves to paint, so a paint brush dangled from it's string "chain".  C loves to draw, hers boasted a pencil charm.  Little One also took to picmonkey to make flyers with a logo for the girls' club "Digi Dogs".  Even fun size bags of M&Ms got a personal touch.  With the help of some markers those sweet candy characters exclaimed, "Happy Summer!"  For a final add-in each bag received a 3D paper pony.  She printed out multiple copies of each pony and built them up to stand up on their own.   

Princess also had a little something ready for her best friend.  She's becoming such a terrific artist!  She put her art skills to good use creating a picture of the two of them together.  It was very sweet!  

I love that both of my girlies put such thought and care into creating these gifts.  I praise God for the gift of sweet friends He's blessed each of them with!

3.  Paddington 

The girls and I loved seeing Paddington in the theaters and knew it was a "must own" for our family!  I used money I had earned through Walmart Savings Catcher to preorder it through their website.  They have an exclusive set that includes a Paddington plush.  It's too cute!  We are delighted to "look after this bear". :)

4.  Simple Deliciousness

Jason and I love the Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps at The Cheesecake Factory, so when we spotted these last weekend we had to give them a try!  I didn't have too high of hopes for them as frozen food often looks much better than it turns out to be, but these were delicious!  I enjoyed every {light} bite!  A serving is only 70 calories, tossing it inside of some butter lettuce doesn't add much more.  It was a simple and satisfying, low cal dinner!  Win/win!  

5.  Flirty Aprons' Sale!

I received an email last week that Flirty Aprons was offering the incredible deal of a whopping 60% off + free shipping for Mother's Day!  I had ordered an apron from them years ago and love it, so I couldn't resist browsing.  I was in need of some new oven mitts/hot pads and on a whim checked out their gloves.  Here's what I went with. ...

 It's funny, I'd never been one to use gloves when cleaning, but read somewhere recently that nothing seems too dirty when you're wearing gloves.  That is so true!  We had some condiments spill on the shelves in our fridge door.  What would've been a gross mess to clean was new biggie wearing these!  Plus, they are much cuter than those yellow ones you find at the store.  The girls got a kick out of me as I modeled them in the kitchen before using!  Sometimes a good laugh can make unpleasant jobs a bit more fun. :)

Here's the apron I purchased through their site a few years back.  Love it!  

They have such stylish ones to choose from!  If you or your mom are in need of a cute apron, definitely check  Their current coupon code for 60% off your order plus free shipping is:  MOTHER60

*I am in no way affiliated with any stores mentioned in this post.  I am simply a fan of great deals, lovely clothes, delicious food, and quality kitchen accessories.  I also LOVE passing on fab finds & a great deal to my friends whenever possible!

Thanks so much for visiting!  Have a fabulous Mother's Day weekend!