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Friday, January 19, 2018

Celebrating 1,000 Weeks of Marriage! // Our Love Story

Happy Friday, friends!  This is an extra special week so today I'm bringing you an extra special celebratory post!  One silly evening at the end of last year I told my husband, "I've loved you for a thousand weeks!"  Soon after we began figuring how long a thousand weeks actually is.  If you're curious, it's 19 years, 1 month, and 30 days, which we hit this week!  In honor of this super fun, momentous occasion, I bring you a celebratory look back at the love story that brought my husband and I to this very week we now celebrate!

How We Met

I had friends who were in a band.  I loved going to their shows and made it out to pretty much all their local gigs.  Jason was in another band that often played with them regularly.  The truth is initially I hated his band.  Their music was a little too heavy for my little teenage likings.  I would often leave the area when Jason's band hit the stage to play.  Until he wrote my favorite song of 1998.  In the late 90s when ska music was pretty popular, Jason broke out his trumpet for this one particular song and I loved it.  I still hadn't met him at this point, but whenever that song began to play I came running!  

The night we actually met I went to a concert for a band that was on tour and playing in the area.  Jason was there not with an instrument, but rather in a yellow "security" shirt.  Afterward we both headed to a mutual friend's house for a birthday party.  We continued to hang out in the same circle of friends.  Fast forward a few months and you'd hear Jason starting that song with, "This one goes out to my favorite girl.  It's her favorite song." Swoon.

Our First Date

Jason actually called me three times in one night to ask me out on our first date.  I really liked him and was a bit in denial about what was actually happening there.  He called and asked what I was doing on Friday night.  I told him about the plans I had, end of conversation.  He called back again basically repeating the same question, which seemed extremely odd.  I replied with the same answer.  The third time my phone rang he asked what I was doing after those plans and a date was set.  Needless to say I cut my previous plans short! ;)

When talking about where we should go for our first date we knew one thing for sure, we wanted to do something different, not the typical dinner and a movie.  I jokingly mentioned that the circus was in town, when he said he'd never been we had to remedy that! Ha! He picked me up, with a single sweet rose in the backseat, where it actually remained for a bit as he'd been too shy to give it to me right away.  (Let's keep in mind that we were both 19 at the time.)  We didn't end up staying for the entire circus, but we did have a fun there.  It was a playful atmosphere and since it wasn't something we had to focus much on we felt free to chat.  Afterward we went downtown to a cute old fashioned ice cream parlor.  We had to walk a ways from where we parked and along the way crossed paths with some rough looking guys.  I'll never forget how safe I felt with Jason at my side.  It was a sweet feeling of safety that I enjoy to this day in his company.

Our evening concluded with a hug and I remember thinking I fit perfectly in his arms, almost like we were made for each other.  I'd previously only dated much taller guys.  Clearly Jason was a much better fit in every way. 

The Time I Broke up with Him

This is one of the funniest stories I seem to share continually, but haven't shared it here before.  So, today we'll change that.  Shortly after Jason asked me to make it official I became scared I was in for a major heartbreak.  Everything seemed too good to be true.  He seemed too good to be true.  I thought I was setting myself up for a hard fall.  So, I told my best friend I was going to have him bring me to her house at the end of our date that night and there I'd break up with him.  I poured my heart out and ended it.  Let me just tell you, I did not get the response I expected.  I thought he'd be heartbroken, beside himself with such devastation.  Instead I marched into my bestie's home and declared how arrogant he was!  I had just told him I was breaking up with him.  You want to hear the audacity of his response, "It's okay.  I know we're going to be together."  What?!  I'm dumping you!!  Ok, so he was right! Ha! Honestly, I'm pretty sure the very next night we went to the movies for one of the countless times I saw Titanic in the theaters.  We were together ever after that too.  

Distance Couldn't Come Between Us

While Jason and I dated we were both full time college students.  Jason was taking an extra heavy course load that semester and on top of that lived about an hour away from me.  Despite all of this he still managed to drive up and see me nearly daily!  During finals he told me he wouldn't be able to visit for three or four days.  I thought I was going to die.  I was so overdramatic about it too.  During an hour break I had between classes a friend and I would always go to a Taco Bell for a quick bite to eat.  I told her that day that I couldn't eat and that I didn't know how I could possibly make it without seeing Jason. She literally said, "Shut up.  He is right there." I told her not to mess with me like that and that it wasn't even funny to say that!  But, she was telling the truth.  He knew where we'd be at that time and when I turned around he was right there!  I wasn't the only one who couldn't stand even a handful of days of us being apart!

The First Time I met my Mother in Law

In my late teens I loved dying my hair a shade of burgundy.  Jason had mentioned wanting me to meet his family.  Having just dyed my hair I actually told him we'd have to give it a good three days as it always looked super purple at first.  I didn't know what his mom would think of that. (So funny to look back on, because burgundy is so much more subtle than purple, right? ;))  The next night as soon as I arrived to the venue to watch Jason's band play a friend came over and asked,"Have you met Jason's mom yet?"  Yep, she was there.  That was the only concert she came to the entire time I knew him, but she was there.  I was nervous the entire concert.  Afterward he introduced us and then said, "I've gotta go tear everything down and pack up."  He left us there alone to talk for close to an hour I'd say!  I told her all about how nervous I was for her to see my hair and we laughed and chatted with no problem at all.  Once Jason was all set to leave she walked to the car with us.  As we were saying our goodbyes she gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear, "I've been praying for you for so long." and cried.  Jason had this look on his face like, "What are you doing mom?!" To this day it's one of life's sweetest memories!  He had told her that I was "the one" but we'd not been dating long at that point.

Our Engagement

When you know, you know.  We were engaged on the 4th of July, just two months after our first date.  There was no grand proposal, in fact, that night there was no ring even purchased.  He had a concert, we saw fireworks, then returned to my parents home where we had a conversation about how when you know something is right, why wait?  The question, "Will you marry me?" was never even asked.  We just had a conversation, decided we wanted to get married, and set a date for our wedding month.  Jason simply said, "November is a good month." This has been a theme in our marriage as you'll soon see... 

The next day he went shopping and got a ring.  We made it official and we began planning for our wedding that would take place in four months, just six months after those three phone calls to request that first date.

Read the sweet story of these wildflowers Jason picked from the side of the road and surprised me with here.

Our Wedding

While many American engagements can go on for years to get all the details "just so", I couldn't have cared less about all that, I just wanted to be Mrs. Jason Platt!  Everything came together beautifully!  We welcomed 400 guests to a beautiful candlelit church where we exchanged vows and left husband and wife!  

Our Honeymoon

Any guesses where we went?

That's right, Walt Disney World!  This was Jason's first trip there and I think it's safe to say he was instantly hooked!  How cute is that pic?!  Just a few months into our 20s and taking a selfie way back in 1998 long before that was a thing!

Starting a Family of our Own

As Jason said, November is a good month.  Two weeks after celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary we welcomed our first baby girl, (known here as) "Princess".  We could not have asked for a sweeter baby!  Becoming parents was such an amazing gift!  It was so incredible seeing what a caring and attentive daddy Jason was to our precious firstborn.  I fell in love with him even more seeing him in this new role.  

We obviously didn't want our kiddos to wait until they were 19 to see their first circus. ;)

Completing our Family

A month shy of three years later we welcomed "Little One" and our family was complete.  It was so neat seeing Princess take on the role of big sister and watching our family dynamic change.  Second only to salvation, this family is the greatest gift God could have possibly given me.  My heart overflows with gratitude!

Family Life

We decided that we valued creating family memories and enjoying special time together far more than going after what many people strive for.  We've happily chosen a small home (by American standards), a single car, and cut our cable back when that was unheard of to allow for what is more valuable to us.  We may not have all the "stuff", but we do have what matters most to us...

Our long hair days ;)

The original Main Street U.S.A. from Walt Disney's hometown

For the past 1,000 weeks Jason has worked tirelessly to provide for us and care for our family, our home, our vehicles, you name it, he's got it covered.  I praise God continually for blessing me with such a patient, gracious, loving, kind, handsome (can't forget how much I enjoy the very sight of him!), and generous husband!  He blesses me beyond what any words could even begin to convey!  He encourages me, challenges me, takes me on the grandest of adventures and keeps me safe and warm on a daily basis.  I lack nothing and I count that all to my incredible God who provides for all of our needs often using my husband as a means of providing them through.  Life is good.  My heart overflows with gratitude!  I'm wrapping this up with a light heart and teary eyes!  


Thank you for sticking by me through good times and bad, for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, all the days of my life.  There have been rough days that only by the grace of God we walked through.  There have been poor days when we've rejoiced over finding enough change to go buy a bean burrito.  There have been hospital, doctors, and specialist's visits as well as heartily heathy days we've spent a top a mountain we literally climbed together.  Some of the best days of all, haven't been extreme ones, rather just the simple "every day"s of life that you return home happy to see us after a long days work followed be an evening enjoying each others company.  Some may think it's crazy that we were engaged at 19 and married each freshly into our 20s.  I couldn't be more grateful to have grown up with you and to be growing old with you.  You're the best part of my yesterdays and what I look forward to the most about all of my tomorrows.  

Thank you so much for stopping by on this extra special day!  I hope you enjoyed hearing a bit more about how my life came to be!

Join me in the adventures to come!
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Friday, January 12, 2018

Five Loves on Friday // Husband Gushing, Cozy Winter Days, and Delicious Deals!

Happy Friday, friends!  I hope your week has been filled with simple joys!  Looking forward to sharing a handful of mine with you all right now...

I adore my Mr. Fix It!

Jason returned home with dreadful words upon his lips, "Something is wrong with the car."  After a full evening of researching, taking things apart, ruling things out to pinpoint the problem, one trip to the parts store, and some elbow grease later, he had it back up and fully functioning!  I am seriously in awe of this man of mine!  His drive to care for our family in every way possible still sends me swooning 19 years after becoming his Mrs.!  

More Gushing Over my Man Straight Ahead . . . 

It was predicted that we were in for a pretty bad snow and ice storm on Wednesday night into Thursday.  Wednesday afternoon I received a text from Jason with a pretty little pizza offer.  He simply sent a photo of the deal followed by the words, "If we're going to be snowed in, leftover pizza is a must."  He knows the way to my heart, friends ... bargains and pizza! ;)  We didn't end up getting nearly the extent of the weather that was expected.  This meant that all my family and friends who had to commute to and from work today were safe on the roads and we ate pizza two days in a row. Win/win!

It's a Marshmallow World in the Winter

By early in the week most of our snow had melted away.  Today I gleefully watched a fresh new coat of winter white dance down upon our yard.  I don't know what it is about this season, but I'm enjoying snow maybe more than ever before!  It's just so beautiful!  One of my favorite things about living in the Midwest is watching the seasons change and enjoying what each has to offer.  Flowers and time out in the fresh air will be upon us before long, but for now I'm cozied up indoors in my favorite new lounge pants, with a cup of hot chocolate, looking out at the beauty that is wintertime!  Side note, I should mention that I love the beauty of it from indoors looking out.  The freezing temps aren't necessarily my favorite. ;)

The Aforementioned Lounge Pants that I'm LOVING! 

Each Christmas my parents give their children and grandchildren new pajamas.  After all the gifts have been opened we all change into our new pjs, watch a movie, and enjoy leftovers from the Christmas feast and my mom's generous spread of sweets.  I've been wearing the lounge pants they gifted me on a continual rotation ever since! ...and I may have just paused the writing of this post to visit to order the other two colors! Ha!  Psst... is there anything you need from Kohl's?  Right now the promo code:  SNOWY30  will get you an extra 30% off when you use your Kohl's card and promo code:  JAN4FREE  will score you free shipping on your order!  That just brought $30 lounge pants down to $14.97 each shipped!  Not too shabby and as comfy as can be!   *This is NOT a sponsored post.  I just love passing along deals to y'all! ;)

Your Sweet Comments!

One of the sweetest joys of this past week has been receiving such heartwarming comments and messages from so many of you in celebration of my 5th Blogiversary!  To each of you who reached out, thank you!  You guys make blogging so much fun!  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your kindness and for being here today!  The fact that you have take time out of your day to visit my lit'l nook of the blogosphere makes my heart light!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead!

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