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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February Favorites!

Hello, lovelies!  I've rounded up my favorite duos from the love month and am so excited to share them with you today!

This is not a sponsored post.  All products were purchased by myself, or were gifts from my sweet hubby.  All opinions are my own.  This post contains a few affiliate links.  If you click through those links and make a purchase I receive a small commission (at no cost to you).  Your support of this blog is greatly appreciated!  

1.  Germaphobe Approved Awesomeness!
This is my new favorite gadget! We got it while making some updates to our bathroom.  I'm so happy with it that I plan to get one for my kitchen too!


2. Scent-sational Goodness
While waiting for this seemingly never-ending winter to wrap up, this beachy fragrance is helping me {pretend to} escape!


3.  Book + Blanket
A soft throw and excellent book are a perfect combo to enjoy a quiet moment with!

A snippet about this book:

As Christians, we're certainly not immune to the troubles of life. We aren't promised an easy road, and when troubles do come, we're urged to rise above them and experience "peace that passes all understanding." But how, in day-to-day life, does that really happen?

While numerous books have been written on overcoming anxiety, Anxious for Nothing moves us beyond pop psychology's temporary cures by returning us to our one true source of comfort and victory—Scripture. John MacArthur reminds us that God is completely sovereign, understands our struggles, and has equipped us with resources to not only face, but also to triumph completely over our anxieties. offers this book for $10.50 + FREE Shipping! // Amazon has the eBook for only $3.03!  Either way, it is worth every lit'l penny! 


4.  Junk Food 'n' Jammies
What's better than R&R in a fresh new pair of lounge pants?  Relaxing with a super scrumptious snack!  These PB gems are hard to find, but whenever I spot one I reward myself by purchasing it! ;)


5.  Dinner with a Side of Disney
If you're current on my posts here, this is no surprise!  I cannot get enough of these plates!!  Using my new convection oven is even more fun when I get to serve meals on these pixie dusted pretties!  We broke them in last week with some seafood enchiladas - YUMmm!


6.  My Valentine Gifts
My {sweet, thoughtful, amazing} husband surprised me with a new phone for Valentine's Day!  Loving my cutesy case too!


There you have it, a dozen delights from the last month to officially go down in the books! 

Wishing you a fabulous March!  I'm doing my best not to wish it away in the great anticipation of spring!  It's the only March 2015 we'll ever have, so let's embrace it. Bundle up & enjoy!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Loot Crate February 2015 Subscription Box Reveal

As part of my mystery box Valentine's Day theme for the family this year (see Little One and Princess' boxes here and here), I surprised the hubs with a Loot Crate.  It was so much fun to watch him open and even better to get into the theme of this month's box and "play" as a family!  Here's a look at the loot!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Five Loves on Friday!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!  Hope you've enjoyed a lovely week, friends!  Here are 5 loves from mine:

1.  Sparkly Sweetness

Little One was given a jewelry making kit this week.  She immediately went to {sparkle} town, handcrafting cuteness for her family, friends, and dolls, of course! ;)  Check out that lit'l trifecta of friendship perfection up top there.  She made a simply sweet bracelet for herself and her two BFFs from church.  This mama's heart is oh-so-full!

2.  POPSUGAR Must Have + a $5 off coupon for Y-O-U!
I am SO EXCITED!  I ordered my first POPSUGAR Must Have box this week!!! Hooray for happy mail coming in March!  

Have you heard of POPSUGAR Must Have?

The best in fashion, beauty, home, fitness, food, and more delivered straight to your door. - POPSUGAR

I've swooned over POPSUGAR box reveals for so long now.  When I scored a $5 discount I thought it was the perfect excuse to pretend it was my birthday order a box of goodies!  


I have seen a spoiler revealing one of next month's surprises!  I will just say that this goody goes for more than the price of box and scores 5 star reviews at Sephora! Curious? Here's a link to the item IF you can't help but take a peek!  Long story short, I've already got more than my money's worth! YAY!!!

Here's a link if you'd like to snag a March box too!
Upon my purchase, POPSUGAR gave me a code to share with friends!  Use coupon code:  REFER5 to save $5! ... Woohoo for deals! :)

3.  Loving my dishes with a dash of Disney magic!

We broke in our new plates last night with Enchiladas Cancun.  I adore every last Disney detail!  Looking forward to serving family dinners on these for years to come!

4.  I found out where the missing socks go!

This video made my heart smile!  I'd LOVE it if this was where those darn missing socks ended up! ;)


My parents invited the girls for a sleepover tonight, which means fun for ALL of us!  I'm excited for them to make some sweet new memories with Grandpa Bob & Grandma Kathy ...& I look forward to making a few of my own with my Lovey!  Whether we decide to go out or grab take out, it'll be a good night, no doubt! ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  It's a joy to have you here!

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Disney Store Haul!

Who wants to peek inside my Tinkerbell lined boxes to check out the magical goodies I snagged during Disney Store's Friends & Family Sale?  I can't wait to share!!!

Disney Plates

We've been needing some new plates for a while now.  I've (obviously) wanted to add more Disney magic to our everyday lives too!  These plates made both happen!  They're regularly $99.95 for a set of 12 (which is a little steep for my budget).  I watched and waited for the right sort of discount to make them a reasonable purchase.  That 25% off code made it the perfect time to snatch them up!  Now I just need to whip up some Disney recipes!

Princess' Custom Made (by Mom) Gift Box!
I went with a mystery box theme for my family this Valentine's Day.  Little One got a Nerd Block Junior Girls box, and Jason received a Loot Crate and a Nerd Block Classic box.  I decided that I'd create a Disney box for Princess, choosing items I knew she had her eye on! Here's what she found inside...

Cinderella Nightshirt // She immediately declared this soft, comfy pj top to be her new favorite!

Cruella De Vil "Tsum Tsum" Plush // Who knew a Disney villain could be so cute?!  Can you spot her tiny red shoes? Adorableness!!

Beautifully Disney This Way, That Way Nail Polish // Her new mani is beautifully Disney indeed!

Minnie Mouse Lounge Pants

I absolutely LOVE Disney Store's lounge pants!  This is my third, and favorite, pair.  They're covered in hearts, Minnie, and even tie up with a pink bow.  I don't know how they could be more perfect!  Originally $19.95, these were marked down to $15.  My 25% off brought them all the way down to $11.25!  Deal!

Toy Story Tsum Tsums
("Tsum tsum" means "stack stack" in Japanese)

I know, I know, I'm a "grown up", but I can't resist the cuteness!!  These are just too sweet!  Disney keeps us all young-at-heart! :)  

The mini size tsum tsums are normally $4.95 each, but these Toy Story cuties were marked down to $2.99.  After the 25% off, the entire set (usually $44.55) was only $20.18!

Check out the sweet detailing on each...
I mean, really!  So stinkin' cute!


I can't share what's inside this box, yet! It's a Mother's Day gift for my mom to enjoy during our Disney trip together later this year. :)  You know I'll share later, so stick around to find out what's hidden inside this box of pixie dusted perfection!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a magical day, friends!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday PINSday: Big Hero 6 Edition

Today's post is dedicated to Disney's award-winning movie, Big Hero 6!  I've gathered some of my favorite pins featuring everyone's favorite personal healthcare companion, Baymax!

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How to draw Baymax Printable // My Boys & Their Toys

DIY Balloon Baymax // All for the Boys

Big Hero 6 Baymax Bento // Taste of Japan

Big Hero 6 Cupcakes // The Chic Table

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