Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Trip Report Tuesday - WDW Day 3 // Park Hopping, Shopping, and Scrumptiousness

Welcome to another Trip Report Tuesday post, friends!  Let's get right to the next delightful Disney day!

Day 3 - Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Our day began with a stunning sunrise view as we made our way to the skyliner to rope drop at Hollywood Studios.

We weren't the only ones rope dropping. 

We kicked off this park day going from 0 to 57 mph in under 3 seconds on Rock 'n' Roller Coaster.  Quite a way to start a day!  As we exited through the gift shop my oldest eyed the Halloween loungefly backpacks and found the perfect print placement!  (Each bag is cut uniquely and the pattern placement varies from bag to bag.)  From September 14th through October 14th the Walt Disney World Annual Passholder discount increased from 20 to 30%.  Needless to say we attempted to make all our merch purchases before this promotion ended.  These loungefly backpacks retail for $80.  This brought it down to $56, still pricy but definitely a substantial discount!

Next up, Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway!  I adore this super cute new ride!

I spy a hidden Mickey in the lighting fixture!  Do you see it too?

A breezy skyliner ride later we were back at our resort climbing into our rental car and dashing off to Disney Springs for lunch.

Disney Springs

On this marvelous Monday we'd enjoy lunch at one of our favorite spots in the Springs, D-Luxe Burger.

Just look at that scrumptious spread!  YUM!  To save a few bucks we opted to only order shakes for our girls and a soft drink for Jason and I to share.  When our sweet server brought out the shakes one was correct, but for the other they’d accidentally prepared a strawberry milkshake instead of the second flavor chosen.  She said if she took it back they'd have to throw it away and asked if any of us would like the strawberry shake.  I chimed in letting her know that just happened to be my husband's favorite flavor!  Then she asked which of us wasn't getting a shake.  We explained we'd only ordered them for the girls.  Having handed the strawberry to my hubby she asked what flavor I'd like.  She went on to sweetly insist that we'd all have a shake.  So nice!  So we paid for two and got treats for four!

For my burger I went with their limited time offering and I was so glad I did!  It was delicious!  It was called the Tripleta Burger.  The description for this burger read, "signature-blend patty, black forest ham, pork belly, swiss, lettuce, tomato, fried potato sticks, and mayoketchup”.

Their fries and dipping sauces are also a huge draw for me here!  In May Jason and I came just for the fries and dipping sauce with shakes.  So, so good.

Desiring to put that larger AP discount to use, paired with some birthday money I'd received from my parents and saved for just this occasion, we headed to World of Disney.

This is exactly what I had in mind and I was tickled pink to pick it up!  I'm a big fan of celebrating life and countdowns that add to the daily anticipation of fun events and holidays make my heart light!  That said, this cute countdown calendar had my name written all over it!

I immediately put it to use in our resort room.  I had done the same thing on a previous trip with a Christmas countdown and even now as it sits on a shelf nearby it brings back memories of that trip adding even more sentimental and nostalgic goodness to its daily use.

Around 4:00 we pulled through the gates of WDW's “wildest” park.

It was a scorchin' hot day making this ice cream cart too tempting to pass without a purchase for myself and my loves.

I joked that I was about to order nearly one of everything on the menu and the cast member let me know she had indeed taken that order before. :)  My girls each got a different version of a Mickey ice cream confection, Jason enjoyed his second strawberry dessert of the day, and I went with a cup of refreshing frozen lemonade.  

Tree of Life views on the way to Dinosaur

I commented that it was a "Toffee sized dino".  For those who may not know, Toffee is our cavachon puppy who we missed dearly while away on vacay. 

The girls followed Dinosaur up with Expedition Everest.  Jason and I were feeling a little more on the chill side for the moment so we opted to relax with a view of the mountain instead of a view flying down the mountain on the coaster.

Animal Kingdom closes fairly early, so by 7:30pm we were back at our resort.

Gotta love when your soundtrack just happens to be perfectly themed!

As the girls were making their way back to our room with a pizza Jason and I took the short stroll over to Disney's Rivera Resort to enjoy a dinner date at Primo Piatto.

This is such a cute space and I adored the Disney family photographs I looked through while our dinner was being prepared.

We both went with their croque monsieur (French ham and swiss sandwiches) with a side of romano and herbed fries.

After our yummy dinner and sweet conversation we sat outside in the Rivera's courtyard space on a swing.  It was a lovely night and an enjoyable date with my man.

When we got back to our room we decided to give our youngest girl an early birthday gift of a cute card with birthday money.  While I had planned to save all of the gifts for her birthday, I decided it'd be nice for her to have this during the AP 30% off discount days so she could get more merch for her money.

As this snapshot shows, she was clearly surprised and delighted!

Stay tuned for more birthday fun to come as I'll share all the sweet celebratory deets in an upcoming trip report covering day 10 of this trip.

Thanks so much for stopping by my little nook of the blogosphere today!  I'd love to welcome you back this time next week for another pixie dusted post!  


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