Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Trip Report Tuesday - WDW Day 1 // A Surprise Upgrade on Arrival Night

Happy Tuesday friends!  I'm so excited to add a new installment to one of my old favorite blogging series, Trip Report Tuesday!  I'd like to extend a warm welcome and invite you to join me here each Tuesday for the next fourteen weeks as I share all the deets of my family's recent WDW vacation.  It was a truly wonderful trip!  So many magical memories were made.  I look forward to preserving them all right here in pixie dusted posts created to be shared with you, my sweet readers and cherished friends.  Thanks for being here!  Let's get to the good stuff!

 Day 1 - Sunday, October 9, 2022    

On this sweet Sunday afternoon we flew out on a direct flight to MCO.  Direct flights to Orlando are still rare from our area, so we were extremely thankful to board a plane knowing we were only a few hours away from the magic!

So fun to see Southwest decked out in Halloween sweetness!

Cheers to vacation!

50th signage makes waiting on luggage a little more pleasant. :)

If you've read my previous trip reports you may have noticed that my husband has a vacation planning habit that I'm extremely fond of.  He continually checks for better, earlier, cheaper flights and if he spots a deal (which happens nearly each trip) we end up adding a bonus day to the start of our trip.  This brings with it the necessity of booking one more night's stay at the start of our vacay.  For this trip we'd added an evening at Pop Century.  However, while we were mid-flight Jason received a voicemail from a Disney cast member saying they had an upgrade for us.  We had been given a room at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort!  We'd never stayed at this resort and were eager to go check it out!  (They likely overbooked Pop, but didn't give us the reasoning behind the upgrade.  We didn't question it. :))

While we didn't stay in their new Gran Destino Tower, that beautiful building is a stunning sight as you enter this resort!

By this time of night we were all very hungry and extremely thankful their quick service spot was still serving up scrumptiousness!

I got the Crispy Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich.  Even though it doesn't show in the pic, there was a chicken breast tossed in hot sauce in there along with a slice of pepper jack, cool herb aioli, lettuce, tomato, and onion.  It hit the spot, but the company and conversation was even better!  This was such a happy night!

We sat in rocking chairs near the water, talked, laughed, and soaked up this lovely moment at the start of a fresh new trip!

Here's a quick pictorial room tour . . . 

Eager for the adventures that awaited us, we called it a night.  It was such a sweet start to a vacation to remember!

Please join me here next Trip Report Tuesday!  I can hardly wait to share a Disney memory I'll forever cherish!  Meanwhile, enjoy a wonderful week, friends!


  1. I feel like the surprise upgrade could be annoying if you didn't get the voicemail and headed to the wrong resort! But it's great it worked out and was a good start of the trip for you!

  2. (yay I was finally able to log in to comment! haha) I'm excited to hear about this trip! How fun to get an upgrade to a resort you've never been to! The grounds look beautiful and I love the cafe lights they have hanging up :) Can't wait to hear more! Hope you have a great week!

  3. I'm giddy with excitement to hear about the upcoming days from this magical trip!


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