Sunday, November 20, 2022

On This Day Last Year: WDW Trip Report - Day 11 // A Fun Finale to a Fantastic Trip

Hello, sweet readers and cherished friends!  Welcome to the final installment of trip reports covering our 2021 family vacation.  I look forward to recapping all the goodness of that final day now.  

Day 11 - Saturday, November 20, 2021

At 7am on the dot Jason was able to get us into a virtual queue for Remi's Ratatouille Adventure.  Our group was called nearly immediately following park opening.  What a perfect way to start our final park morning of the trip!

On this sweet Saturday morn we split off into parent/daughter pairs once again in order for my youngest love and I to complete Remi's Ratatouille Hide & Squeak Scavenger Hunt that we began a couple days prior.  If you missed that post and would like to see the start of the scavenger hunt you can find it here.

Once again we decided to fuel up with that same meal we'd so enjoyed before the first half of our hunt! 

Remember how they were sold out of official scavenger hunt maps that once completed could be turned in for a prize?  Well, today we planned to pick our own prizes.  Normally we'd wait until the challenge was successfully completed.  However, it began raining and my sweet girl was getting a bit chilly, so confident that we'd complete it I chose a prize that would warm her chilly arms and my mama heart.  I'd been eyeing this Food & Wine Festival Passholder hoodie and this was the perfect time to purchase it!  Since then I've also worn it myself on two other trips.  It was money well spent!

Remi #12

Remi #13

Remi #14

Number 15, Scavenger Hunt completed!

With a skip in our step and happy hearts we made our way to The Land where we'd meet up with the other half of our fam.

In this cool and rainy moment she used her mask for warmth. 

Although they are as tricky to spot as Waldo in a cluttered cartoony pic, I spy my hubby and firstborn at a table in the middle of this dining area. :)

Living with the Land is one of my favorite rides.  One of the things I love most about it is seeing all the seasonal displays they scatter throughout it during different times of the year.  It was still warm and welcoming in its fall finest a few days before, but I couldn't resist one final visit in hopes we'd catch it decked out for Christmas.  

I was over the moon to see it had been transformed just before our departure!  My heart was light as a feather feeling like my Christmas wish had been granted!

"Happy Holidays"

The chalkboard said, "Celebrate with Chocolate".  
I wholeheartedly approve of that message! :D

One final visit to our friend Figment . . .

Farewell Figment!  See ya real soon!

There are a whole lot of walls up in Epcot these days.  It'll be nice to see them down in the future.

We welcomed the opportunity to enjoy one last tune from our favorite World Showcase performers, Mariachi Cobre!

She had previously seen this Super Mario "Boo" plush earlier in the trip and regretted not purchasing it.  She kept an eye out for it at Mitsukoshi with each shopping trip after that.  On this final afternoon there was one single plush there just waiting for her.  Such a fun finish to this final park visit of the trip!

Goodbye Epcot!  Off to the airport to return home sweet home.

Palm trees, poinsettias, a Christmas tree, an American flag, with a glowing Epcot sign all in view.  This is a happy spot!

While we waited around the airport my scavenger hunting partner pulled out the prize of her choosing, a Kirby blind box figurine from Mitsukoshi.  It held this adorableness.

Bottled waters and McD's fries while we waited to fly

One direct flight and we were back home sweet home with fresh new memories which have now been preserved here at my home on the web!

That's a wrap on this trip!  
It was a treat to share it all with you! 

I plan to begin sharing from last month's family vacation in my old Trip Report Tuesday style soon.  I am going to take few weeks off as we celebrate Thanksgiving and my oldest daughter's 21st birthday.  I plan to be back with my next blog post on the first Tuesday of December.  Please consider this your personal invitation to return then!  I look forward to extending a warm welcome back then as I begin with our first night which involved a really fun surprise upgrade.  More on that on December 6th!  Meanwhile, to my friends in the States, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!  See ya real soon!


  1. I'm exciting to read more Disney posts from you soon!

  2. It is so much fun living vicariously through your lovely family. As a broke college student I don't make it to Disney much these days :( I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Princess has a great 21st! If it so strikes her, I hope she enjoys her first legal drink and has a ton of fun ❤️

    1. Your sweetness makes my heart smile, Eden! My Birthday Girl and I both appreciated the wishes you sent her way for her milestone birthday! We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope you did too! So happy to bring you a "Disney fix" here! Thanks for reading and commenting! So nice to hear from you!


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