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On This Day Last Year: WDW Trip Report - Day 9 // Scavenger Hunt, Souvenir Haul, and More Christmastime Goodness


Welcome back, sweet friends!  I am so very happy to have you here!  I look forward to preserving and sharing more of my family's cherished memories today! 

Day 9 - Thursday, November 18, 2021

Our day began at Epcot where we'd enjoy a ride on the wonderful new Remi's Ratatouille Adventure before pairing off for some mom/daughter and dad/daughter fun!

Happy Birthday Mickey & Minnie!

Such a great ride and picturesque section of the park!

Now for more Remi themed fun!  If you've followed any of our previous trips you know that I really enjoy spending one on one time with each of my loves during vacation.  Today I'd enjoy a day date with my youngest.  We decided that Remi's Ratatouille Hide & Squeak Scavenger Hunt would be a fun way to explore park as the cute little chef was hiding upon Food & Wine Festival booths and throughout World Showcase pavilions just waiting to be found.  First, we'd fuel up on faves of chips and queso blanco, and a frozen mango margarita for mom!

After lunch we made our way to Connections (the new shop that's replaced my beloved MouseGear) to purchase an official Remi's Hide & Squeak Scavenger Hunt map.  This cardboard card goes for $9.99 and comes with corresponding stickers to place over each Remi you spot.  When finished you bring it to a redemption spot and collect your prize.  Our request to purchase one was met with momentary disappointment as a cast member informed us they were actually sold out!  We didn't let that spoil our plans though.  Instead we decided to find a map online via a Disney blog and would play anyway!  Bonus to this being that we'd put the money we would've spent on the map towards choosing our own prizes rather than accepting their prize of a plastic cup at the end of our hunt.  So, off we went!

Remi #1

Remi #2

Remi #3

Remi #4

I offered to snap a pic of a sweet mom, grandmother, and little girl trio and they returned the favor, giving me the opportunity to show you that my girl and I bought light up cheese necklaces with our favorite little chef dangling from the bottom wedge.  He was a helpful hunting partner and a fun accessory for this themed morning!  These were new at the time we purchased them, so we received many fun compliments as we made our way around the world sporting them.  You'll get a closer look at this accessory in a haul I'll share later within this post. ;)

The search for Remi in the Canada pavilion gave us the opportunity to enjoy a moment in this pretty pavilion!

Remi #5

Remi #6

Remi #7

Remi #8

Remi #9 

A pause at the America pavilion made for a fab fountain photo op!

Remi #10

Remi #11

Meanwhile, Jason and our oldest were having a ball enjoying some of their favorite things.  Here are some snapshots from their adventures . . . 

They began in her favorite pavilion, Japan!  Here are some pics she took of the Kawaii exhibit.

They enjoyed some festival food.  First, the lobster rolls from the Hops & Barley booth.

Next, they headed to China for some sips and slurps of bubble tea and noodles!

Lastly they made their own Coco characters and cruised through the Mexico pavilion with the Three Caballeros.

They were given a handicap accessible boat which meant individual seats for each.

Lastly, they took in a taiko show before meeting up with us at Mitsukoshi.

On this particular day Mitsukoshi opened at 1pm and guess who was waiting at the door the moment those doors were unlocked?  My Mitsukoshi-obssesed girls, of course!

They found all sorts of goodies to bring home with them!  

Side note:  My youngest created her own Halloween costume this year in this sweet Sailor Moon likeness!

Our park time on this day didn't allow for us to find all the Remis, so we'd happily carry over our scavenger hunt for completion on our final day.  Stay tuned for that and to see what prizes we chose for ourselves!

Back to our home sweet vacation home for an afternoon break.

Anyone care to see a souvenir haul?  I thought it'd be fun to capture here to remind myself of which pieces I purchased on this particular trip.

First, my Patched patches that bring back memories of my youth, and childhood favorite, Mickey Mouse Club!

Next, this trip's ornaments.  I'm a big fan of buying ornaments each vacation as they allow our Christmastime tree to take us on a stroll down memory lane every December!  My parents snuck an Anniversary card onto our trip with our oldest.  She gave it to us on their behalf on that special morning.  Inside we found the gift of money which we used to purchase two pieces to remember our anniversary by, an ornament and magnet from The Boathouse.  Each time we see it we remember our anniversary lunch there.  We also picked up an ornament from the new-that-trip Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway.  So cute!

Along with the previously mentioned Boathouse magnet I also got one featuring the new ride Rise of the Resistance.

I collect pins, not for trading, instead simply for memories sake.  This trip I picked up one in celebration of the 50th and a Christmas pin for our DVC home resort to remind me of the special morning when we woke up to Christmas cheer!

Here's a closer look at that cheesy Remi cuteness!

A couple Disney Vacation Club pieces I picked up were a super nice tumbler and the classiest "spirit jersey" I have ever seen!  Happy to have found them both, and to have put my DVC discount to good use on each of them!

We also purchased a couple cool Animal Kingdom Lodge tervis tumblers this trip, but for whatever reason I forget to take snapshots of those.  We use them here nearly daily though, so they aren't forgotten. :)

More savanna time . . . 

I love the artwork in the AKL rooms.  I hadn't captured these particular pieces previously, so on this afternoon I snapped a few more pics.

Our plans for Hollywood Studios this night gave me yet another opportunity to swoon over those sweet Christmas lights!

Five minute stand-by time is always a good thing!  Off to Star Tours we went.

Next up, a family fave, Muppets 3D.

After about a fun and festive hour and a half (so my photo time stamps say) we left the park on this rainy eve with wet clothes, but full hearts.  We were ready for a nice long evening of rest and relaxation back at the resort.

We had noticed that Sanaa offered to-go orders and Jason and I were all in on the idea of grabbing the bread service that we enjoyed on our anniversary to savor from our own villa's awesome table!

He still makes my heart skip a beat!  God is so kind to have blessed me with this awesome man!

Look at all that yumminess!

It was scrumptious and a great way to end the day!
Thank you again for being here today, friend!  The fact that you care to hear our vacation details warms my heart and makes me oh so happy to get going on tomorrow's post too!  I'd love to have you back in my lit'l nook of the blogosphere this time tomorrow!


  1. What a super fun day! You know I love a good scavenger hunt! I love it!!

  2. The scavenger hunt is my sort of fun! I liked seeing all the souvenirs too.


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