Wednesday, November 16, 2022

On This Day Last Year: WDW Trip Report - Day 7 // Three Parks and Many Magical Memories


Hello, friends!  So glad to have you here today!  I'm really looking forward to preserving and sharing the memories of this magical day!

Day 7 - Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Morning savanna views are always a terrific way to start the day!

On this fine morning we opted for a bus bound for Magic Kingdom.

I delight in each Christmas display along the way!

We kicked off the day in a super fun way, with a visit to our favorite monsters at Laugh Floor.  Something happened this day that had never happened before.  I submitted a joke and it was chosen and read by Mike Wazowski!  Unfortunately I don't think anyone could hear it over some children who were screaming at the moment.  Poor kids didn't get the memo that "it's your laughter we're after" and probably thought their screams fueled the place. ;)   

What did the gingerbread man put on his bed?
A cookie sheet

Friends, I heard that joke told in a Christmas movie way back in 2017 and typed it into my notes app for just this occasion.  You never know when you'll find yourself in the laugh floor at just the right time for a seasonal joke submission, so it's always good to be prepared. :D

When lunchtime rolled around my family made my wish come true.  I have always wanted to dine at a table inside The Pinocchio Village Haus with a view into It's a Small World.  Each trip we either just forgot about it or other options sounded tastier in the moment.  In any case, today was going to be a special lunch and I was pumped!

We each went with a flatbread suited to our own tastes.  

I must say the Korean Short Rib Flatbread is perhaps the most delicious quick service offering I have ever tasted!  Scrumptious!  Sadly, by our next trip in May it was already off the menu.  I'll choose to simply remember this delicious lunchtime with a view, alongside my favorite crew, and celebrate that it happened rather than being bummed it won't be replicated again.

Now over to Mickey's PhilharMagic which included a new scene that we'd never seen!  The Coco addition was fantastic!

This poster always reminds me of the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party when Jason dressed as the big bad wolf and the girls and I went as the three little pigs.  Such a sweet memory!

I'll insert that memory from 2010 here -

Next, an attraction near and dear to our hearts, Carousel of Progress!

I had a good laugh when I saw which scene I took two pics of, because during our trip last month we were thrilled to see that each member of this family got a makeover complete with updated outfits and hairstyles!  It was fun looking back at these pics and remembering the changes.  We were very excited for the refresh as it gave us hope that they'll keep this classic, which Walt Disney himself created, for many more years to come!

Back to AKL and back onto the balcony for more savanna time.

From one "wild" spot to another, time for fun at Animal Kingdom park!

The first attraction of the night was not only It's Tough to be a Bug, but also taking in the magnificent details found all throughout the Tree of Life before stepping within it for the show.

While the girls headed back to Expedition Everest, Jason and I made our way to Eight Spoon Cafe.

Their baked mac and cheese with pulled pork is so good and the sharable scrumptiousness was made even better when eaten with a view.

We brought it to our favorite waterside tables and just happened to arrive as the (short lived) Kite Tails show got underway.

These cute kites pulled by jet skis whirling and twirling around the water before us did make for fun snacking entertainment.  I do understand why it didn't last longer though.  The kites were hard to control and the there wasn't much to the show.  I am glad we caught it once while it was there and it made that snack break memorable.

I love signs of fall even while surrounded by spectacular sights and sounds of Christmas.

What I'm about to share is a memory that I'll forever cherish!   It was a simple, but sweet one that I'll think of each time we pass through Dinoland and likely each Christmastime at home too.

We sat at a picnic table right beside this dino dressed up for the holidays and we had the best time watching the colors change and glow as Christmas music blasted.  We bopped along to familiar favorite toons, enjoyed sweet treats, and savored the moment together.

Time for a ride before we departed from Dinoland.

Pandora at night is always a sweet sight.  Adding Christmas cheer puts it over the top!

Cheers to Night Blossom goodness!

Animal Kingdom closed by 7pm giving us a few more hours of the night to enjoy at Epcot!

Time for a Food and Wine Festival date for Jason and I as the girls enjoyed their own World Showcase sister fun.

I grabbed braised beef poutine from Refreshment Port while Jason picked up Thai shrimp and coconut-curry rice noodles at the Noodle Exchange booth.  

We found such a sweet spot to meet and eat!

Soon we headed off to hit more booths.

Guinness Baileys Shake

Griddled Cheese from Greece for me

Tempura Shrimp Sando for Jason

At this point we met back up with the girls and I took my youngest sweetie to Fife & Drum for a Disney Turkey Leg.

She loved this so much that she actually requested it there last month for her 18th birthday dinner!

Final fest choice of the night for Jason

Our oldest ended the evening with her favorites of noodles and shrimp!

Back to our home sweet vacation home at the end of another full and fantastic day!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  I look forward to bringing more Disney deets your way!  I invite you to join me back here tomorrow.  Meanwhile, have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. The memories of the sites and sounds while being together are the best! What a special day!

  2. That is so cool that your joke was selected! I love eating looking down on It's a Small World. There used to be signs you could hold up for the riders to see - like "do the chicken dance," it was so fun.It seems like you do less planning and more spontaneous do what you feel like while at Disney, which is pretty cool!


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