Saturday, November 19, 2022

On This Day Last Year: WDW Trip Report - Day 10 // Our Final Full Disney Day


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Day 10 - Friday, November 19, 2021

We kicked off this fun Friday at Animal Kingdom!


First we braved our way past a yeti on Expedition Everest, then we bought a much cuter plush version for our youngest sweetie!

Hi-ya pals!

Next we helped Dr. Seeker on a special mission to track down a dino and make our way back with one additional passenger, extra large!

As we made our way on through the park we encountered the Merry Menagerie.  So fun to see!  The full size puppets of the menagerie are brought to life by cast members creating such cute, lifelike movements that delight guests, myself included!

Sweets for the sweet!

If you look just over Simba's shoulder you can see some fine feathered friends in flight above!

Today would be my mom/daughter date with my firstborn!  So fun!  We started with lunch at one of our Disney Springs' faves, Earl of Sandwich.

I could sure go for a holiday turkey sandwich right about now!  YUM!

This sweet snowman wreath smiled at me from right outside the restaurant's window.

Time for some shopping fun!

Our sweet traditional finish to our girls' time, frozen goodness from Ghirardelli! 

Frozen hot chocolates felt like the perfect way to enjoy a taste of the season, even though it was much warmer than holidays are back home!

This mural brought back memories of our visit to the historical Ghirardelli in San Francisco.  Anyone interested can see that recapped here.

Ornament reflection selfie!

Time for a bus ride back to AKL.

Here's our little haul.  We picked up a tee and toy for our sweet little Toffee girl.  

Magic Kingdom at night is always a sweet sight!  How darling is this celebratory scene?!

We decided to visit an attraction that we hadn't been to since our trip with my parents in 2015.  Country Bear Jamboree time!

Next we visited our youngest's childhood favorite, Splash Mountain.  This was to be a very emotional visit for her.  With this ride's closure date yet to be announced, it was quite possible this would be our final float through this spot that holds such cherished memories for her.  She shed many tears saying goodbye (which brings tears to my own eyes as I type this).  I'm happy to add here that it was still open when we visited last month and after having already said her goodbyes to it last time she was able to enjoy it to it's fullest in October.

This was to be a Christmas party night.  While we weren't attending those festivities they had started some of the projections while we were there during pre-party hours.  This jolly giant skull welcomed us to our next ride!

13 minute wait on Haunted Mansion, yes, please and thank you!  Side note, I'm not superstitious.  I actually love the number 13.  It's my birth date.

Time for a rainy evening stroll to Disney's Contemporary Resort in hopes of seeing their traditional Mary Blair style gingerbread display.  Sadly it wasn't up, but we still enjoyed taking in the Contemporary's atmosphere and art before boarding a monorail to the Polynesian Resort for our dinner reservation at 'Ohana.

The most magical monorail awaited us!

Dinner at 'Ohana

'Ohana has changed quite a bit from its former years when cast members roamed the restaurant with skewers of meat and shrimp and the offerings were, in our opinion, much tastier and higher quality.  I'm not going to share much more on that here as I remember leaving this meal satisfied even though it wasn't as enjoyable as it'd been in previous years.  However, our more recent experience last month left much to be desired.  Rather than share my current thoughts on the restaurant, I'll simply share the pics from this evening's meal and say we were glad to have enjoyed this meal as a family in one of our favorite resorts.  I wasn't what it once was, but we still had a nice time.

We walked back over to Magic Kingdom and to a bus bound for Animal Kingdom Lodge.  This display looked even sweeter all lit up at night beneath the moonlight!



  1. We are having our own version of the Holiday Turkey Sandwich for Thanksgiving! :)


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