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Trip Report Tuesday - WDW Day 6 // Family, Solo, and Couple Fun!

 Happy Trip Report Tuesday!  Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to hear about another Disney vacation day!

Day 6 - Friday, October 14, 2022

We got this day started bright dark and early arriving at Animal Kingdom during the 6am hour.

This would be our Pandora themed morning.  We headed straight to that otherworldly land, making our way to and through the gorgeous Flight of Passage queue.

We followed our banshee flight with a float through Na'vi River Journey.

This marvelous mural makes for the perfect family selfie spot!

Next up, Dinosaur . . .

I still can't get over the cuteness of this Toffee-sized Dino. :)

This was the final day of the 30% annual passholder discount.  While passing through the gift shop at Dinosaur's exit I spotted this sweet Disney treat themed phone case.  I love that it's clear letting the coral cuteness of my phone to show through, and the 3D effect of the iconic Disney eats and treats is so neat and unique. 

Carrying on with more Dino themed fun we made our way over to Chester & Hester's Dino-Rama.

The four of us packed into a ride that will forever hold a special spot in my heart.  This was the first ride we rode as a family during my youngest's first trip to WDW which made this the first WDW we rode together as a family of four way back in 2009.  

Here are a couple snapshot blasts from the past.  On the left is a pic from that very first ride in '09 and the one on the right was taken during the trip with my parents in 2015.  I just love adding memories on top of memories at sweet sentimental spots!

And from October 2022 . . . 

We had a bit of free time here and decided to spend it enjoying boxes of buttery goodness from this cute cart.

We took our snacks to the seating area most recently used for Kite Tales and enjoyed some rest in the shade.

Waving hello to characters and cast members that floated by!

Now for something I'd really been looking forward to, seeing the new version of my old favorite, Finding Nemo the Musical, now "Finding Nemo The Big Blue ... And Beyond".  I missed some of the things they took away, but did love the bright and beautiful set updates.

While waiting for the show to start Jason noticed his magicband was missing!  After leaving the theater we retraced our steps in hopes of finding it.  We revisited the place where we'd munched on the popcorn, the stand where we purchased it, and lastly we checked with a cast member at TriceraTop Spin who kindly searched, then retrieved it from their lost and found!  Phew!  Happy and hungry we headed to Flame Tree Barbecue for lunch.

Baked macaroni and cheese with pulled pork for Jason and I.  A hot diggity dog meal for our oldest and a 1/2 chicken meal for our youngest. 

After a full and satisfying morning we made our way back to Caribbean Beach Resort.  This was the final day of our stay at this resort before checking in at the Polynesian for the rest of our vacation.  So, while Jason and the girls rested and snoozed in our room I decided to spend our final sunshiny afternoon exploring the resort a bit more.  I strolled and sat in pretty places and snapped some pics along the way.

The building across the water from Caribbean is Disney's Riviera Resort.

Along this pathway guests can find plenty of shady spots to sit and chat with a gorgeous waterside view.  As I passed back and forth on this particular afternoon I only ever came across one other couple taking advantage of these spaces. 

Things I do while enjoying solo time - I spot a sweet spot and sit for a spell, then snap some pics and send them off to my hubby ...

I texted these pics to Jason (who I was with 10 minutes prior and would return to within the hour) along with, "Wish you were here!"  Always thinking about my man. :D  Love him so!

It was a blazing hot day so I decided to pop inside for a bit of shopping and then found a comfortable chair to take in the lovely lobby while enjoying the coolness of the a/c before heading back out into the heat.

I collect Disney pins (not for trading, solely for my personal collection) and picked up this one as a keepsake from Disney Skyliner's first year.  It's officially my new favorite form of Disney transportion.

You know I love Disney's themed pavement prints so I couldn't resist capturing a few!

After about 45 minutes out and about solo I headed back to the room.  As this was our final day staying at a resort on the skyliner route (and as previously mentioned I love the skyliner) I asked Jason if he'd like to go on a lit'l skyliner date!  It was so much fun to have the free time and ability to hop on with our only plan to grab a bite at a festival booth and c'mon back in time for our evening plans with the girls.

Jason had wanted to hit the Hops and Barley booth for the Chesapeake Crab Slider and on this fine afternoon he did.

On the way out we stopped into the shop at the International Gateway entrance/exit and added this tumbler to my Tervis collection. 

As we made our way back up to our room to reunite with our girls I paused to take a pic of a spot on the staircase we walked up each day of our stay. I was convinced it looked like a hidden Mickey and that made me smile!

Evening at Hollywood Studios

We kicked off our evening on Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway and followed it up with all three of the Toy Story Land rides.  It was a playful evening of carefree family fun!

We soaked up the gorgeous sunset views as we departed the skyliner and returned to our resort.

Hollywood Studios is our least favorite park to dine in, so we saved our appetites for a dinner back at Centertown Market, Caribbean Beach's quick service spot.

Large pizzas at the Disney resorts are still one of the best values you can find on food at WDW.  At the time of publishing this post both cheese and pepperoni pizzas are under $20.  Not bad for feeding the whole fam!

I couldn't resist finishing off the meal with a Topsy Turvy Chocolate & Cherries cupcake!  It was a yummy vacay splurge!

We ended the evening at the pool.  Live entertainment was playing at Banana Cabana nearby, making it an even more relaxing and enjoyable spot to hang out.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Hope to see you back here next Trip Report Tuesday when I'll share about our day at the ocean and the start of our stay at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort!


  1. I loved seeing more of the resort here! Also we love flashback pictures at Disney and have some cute ones from favorite locations!

  2. What a fun, full day! How sweet are those flashback pictures of the girls :) We were at Disney last year at this time and we have been having fun seeing what we were up to a year ago today- its amazing how much they grow even in a year! We went to Flame Tree on that trip and I ordered the mac and cheese too- mmmm it was so good! Haha and we also did exactly as you did and ordered a resort pizza to end our Hollywood Studios day :) You can't beat the price! I remember on hubby and my first trip there we ordered 2 slices of pizza and the lady checking us out gave us the tip that a whole pizza was cheaper than 2 slices! Definitely a good tip! We also agree that the skyliner was our favorite mode of transportation on our trip! A great perk for staying at a skyliner resort! Can't wait to read next week's post!


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