Thursday, July 11, 2013

35 by 35! #7

Hello, sweet friends!  Welcome to this week's edition of 35 by 35!  I hope it finds you well, and moving closer to any personal health and wellness goals that you've set for yourself this Summer!  I'm excited to check in with you, sharing my progress a delicious low cal treat, and a dash of motivation too!

I'm a quarter of the way to my goal! Hooray for that!  I have to remind myself of this continually, especially when in Target dressing rooms looking in mirrors at every angle!  However, when I look through old photos from the start of this journey I can definitely see the change.  Slow and steady wins the race, right? Getting closer every day!

How are you doing, friends?

Food Find:

Dark.  Chocolate.  Raspberry.  Cheesecake.  What's NOT to love?!  If you're looking for a light way to satisfy your sweet tooth on a hot Summer day, I highly recommend one of these ice cream bars! Mmm!

Tip of the Week:
When you look ahead at your goal sometimes the distance between here and there can seem overwhelming.  Instead of looking that far down the road, take it one mile day at a time!  Think about what choices you can make today that with move you closer to your personal finish line!


REMINDER: My comments section is officially a CHEERING SECTION on Thursdays!  Let's cheer each other on, friends!  I'd love to hear how you're doing too!  Struggles, triumphs, things you've found helpful...feel free to share! A BIG THANKS to each of you who have left encouraging comments, or have joined in on this challenge yourself!  The interactions I've had with each of you have served as an incredible inspiration and encouragement! 

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Check out my Pinboard:  Delicious Ways to Shrink.  

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  1. Yay, Brenda! That is so exciting that you are 1/4 of the way to your goal! I seem to be tracking right along with you. It is a terribly slow process, but so very worth it to feel better physically and emotionally. I love being able to see small changes taking place on my body (granted, they are not where I think they need to be). I guess that's how many of our spiritual journeys are too. We think we are working in one area of our lives when the Lord is actually causing change in another area. It's all for our good, but sometimes we don't see it until we are further down the road. Make sense? Anyway, good for you for sticking with this. Thanks for being an encouragement to all of us! Would love for you to link this or any other post you want up to my new All Things Thursday Blog Hop. Have a great week!

  2. Way to go! Congrats on meeting a quarter of your goal! Keep going, you will make it :) Getting healthy is a great goal, not to mention a wonderful example to your family. You are doing awesome!

  3. way to go a quarter is a big step!!!

    I use to love those bars when I could eat them! Super yummy.

    You are rocking girl!!!

  4. Brenda - Keep it up! We're all cheering for you and remember... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Hugs, Holly @ coconutheadsurvivalguide


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