Thursday, August 1, 2013

35 by 35! #10 + Skinny Banana Bliss Bites!

It's Thursday!  Time to check in with my scale and my friends! ;)  Excited to also share my new FAVORITE post-workout snack, and hopefully a dash of encouragement too! 

I've dropped 3 more pounds since last week!  I'm currently only one pound shy of waving 10% of my total (starting) body weight goodbye!  It's a wonderfully exciting feeling!

Delicious Way to Shrink:

This is my new favorite post-workout pick me up!

Ingredients (per serving):
1/2 Banana
1 teaspoon Peanut Butter 
7 Almonds

Steps to Yum:
1.  Cut half a banana into 7 slices.
2.  Place a dab of peanut butter on each banana slice.
3.  Top each with an almond.
4.  ENJOY!

One serving (everything shown in the photo above) is just 138 calories!     

Remember that every food choice you make can either help or hinder you in your journey towards gaining/maintaining a healthful lifestyle!  This satisfying snack will sure make you feel a whole lot better than 11 Doritos chips at 140 calories would! 

Tip of the Week:
Are you drinking enough water?  Try filling a 2-Liter bottle with water and storing it in your refrigerator.  This will help you keep track of exactly how much you're getting and you'll always have some cold and ready for you!  I started doing this last week and didn't allow myself to drink any lemonade or my fave diet soda until after I've drank the amount of water my body needs for the day.  I have never been a big water drinker and have found this to be really helpful! If you struggle with drinking enough H2O you may want to give this a try too. You'll feel so much better when you're hydrated.  I know I do!

REMINDER: My comments section is officially a CHEERING SECTION on Thursdays!  Let's cheer each other on, friends!  I'd love to hear how you're doing too!  Struggles, triumphs, things you've found helpful...feel free to share!  The interactions I've had with each of you who've  sent me comments/messages have served as an incredible inspiration and encouragement! THANK YOU!!!

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  1. Good for you, Brenda! I'm so proud of you for keeping to your goals and not giving up! You are seeing results, my friend, and that is exciting! I'm a little envious of your scale numbers going down when mine are so stagnant. I am seeing changes in my body and losing (ever so slowly) inches. I started doing the 30 Day Shred late last month and have been seeing a wee bit more definition in my arms and abs, and I seem to be getting a little stronger. I haven't been as mindful of my calories as I should have been, but with the start of August, I am determined to get back to keeping on track with My Fitness Pal. Thanks for posting about your journey and the tips you are using to get results. Keep up the good work!

  2. oh I love this idea - and it sounds yummy! My kids would like this too! Congrats on the weight loss success!!!! Saw you over at My Turn for us:)

    We would love it if you came over and linked up to Super Sunday at Who Needs a Cape! We are live now!

  3. Yeah, great job! What an awesome post-work out snack. I will definitely have to keep these in mind, I always have bananas and peanut butter around the house!

    Krista @ joyfulhealtheyats

  4. My kind of baking.....LOL !! I hope you stop by to link every week-

  5. These are looking just wonderful!

  6. Great idea! Pinned to my Marvelous Mondays board, thanks for sharing w/us!

  7. Love the banana bite idea! So glad you linked up to The Weekend re-Treat on The Best Blog Recipes!

    Wanted to stop by and pin while I was here tonight :)


  8. Found you on Marvelous Mondays and wanted to say thanks for sharing! I begin my day with a 1/2 a banana sliced up and topped with peanut butter, but never thought of adding an almond! Very Clever! Am looking forward to breakfast tomorrow so I can try it out.

  9. I'm stopping by after seeing your banana bites on the Marvelous Monday link up. What a great idea for a snack! Good luck on reaching your weight loss goal!!

    That Crafty Lunch Lady

  10. WAY to go!!!! You are rocking it!!!!! I love this yummy treat too!!!

  11. These would be great frozen, too. I may try this recipe with chocolate instead of peanut butter. I love how simple your recipe is!

  12. Not only do they look yummy they sounds yummy! THANK YOU for linkin up to Sunday FUNday! I appreciate it friend!

    Kristine -The Foley Fam {unedited}

  13. It is so hard to be consistent with dieting. Good for you to stick to it. This is a great way to great rid of peanut butter cravings. Thanks for sharing on Thursdays Treasures. This will be a feature.


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