Thursday, July 18, 2013

35 by 35! #8

Is it just me or do these Summer weeks pass SUPER QUICKLY?!  We're enjoying every bit of it though!  It's been such a terrific week, filled with (red velvet wedding cake) temptation and mini triumphs.  Wanna hear all about it, and hopefully be encouraged along the way too? You've come to the right post!  35 by 35 time!

I lost one little pound this week.  I was tempted to get a teensy bit bummed, but then I remembered this ...

Well, when you put it that way ... NO!  I'm thankful to wave goodbye to each and every pound!  EVERY last one add up to make a big difference!  

...Doesn't sound like that big of a triumph? Well, believe me it WAS! :)  I have loved these tempting treats for nearly a lifetime!  In third grade when we began writing in cursive at school I remember being excited to write "e"s because they looked like the tops of these Hostess cupcakes! HA!  

I was so sad when Hostess went out of business. I didn't hear the news until it was too late to find these cupcakes anywhere.  Today, there they were in the "sweetest comeback in the history of ever".  Chocolatey goodness, their fudgy frosting tops and creamy centers seemingly beckoning me, "Hello again, old friend!"  Yet, I RESISTED! As funny as it sounds, I am still smiling now!  Someday I'll enjoy one, but not today.  HOORAY for little daily successes that move us in the right direction! ;)

I couldn't resist buying this super cute post-taekwondo Twinkie treat for Little One though! 

A sweet, adorable treat for my sweet, adorable girl. :)

Now, onto a waistline friendly treat!  This food find is much better for those of us who don't do taekwondo, frolic constantly, ride a bike like it's our job, swim like a distant relative to Ariel, and do a gazillion cartwheels on the front lawn each day.  Hmm... maybe I should behave a little more like my (active) 8 year old?  ;)

Food Find:

This freezer section delight has become my favorite tastes-naughty-but-it's-not breakfast!  Cake for breakfast?! YES, please and thank you!  Who wouldn't want to kick their day off with CHOCOLATE?! ...and with 24% daily value of fiber I don't find myself craving a mid-morning snack either!  The box suggests a room temperature thaw of 15 minutes or a microwave thaw of 10 seconds on high, but I like to toss mine in the microwave for about 30 seconds then those chocolate chips are like melted magic in my mouth! Mmm!  (Keep in mind that all microwaves vary so if you give my method a try you may wanna "nuke" yours with a watchful eye. ;))

Tip of the Week:

REMINDER: My comments section is officially a CHEERING SECTION on Thursdays!  Let's cheer each other on, friends!  I'd love to hear how you're doing too!  Struggles, triumphs, things you've found helpful...feel free to share!  The interactions I've had with each of you who've  sent me comments/messages have served as an incredible inspiration and encouragement!  A special thanks to NiciBethanyAlexisHolly, & Chrissy for cheering me on last week!   I appreciate each of you sweet ladies so very much!

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  1. Hey 1lb is GREAT, I've been stuck at 0 down for weeks :(. Congrats sweets


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