Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Deep Fried Dinner at DCA, Grand Californian Guest Exclusive View of World of Color, & Mother/Daughter Night Out

Day 13 {Part 2} - Thursday, September 22, 2016

After finishing up our deliciousness at Cafe Orleans, just before making our way out of Disneyland, we enjoyed a ride aboard an historical vehicle!  

We rode down Main Street in the Disneyland Fire Department's Engine No. 1, the very vehicle in which Walt Disney posed for his final Disneyland photo!  (If you're interested in reading more about that, click through the Disney Parks Blog link above.)

As a lover of Disney history this ride was an extra special part of our time at Disneyland!

An Afternoon at Downtown Disney District's Build-A-Bear
It was Princess' turn to choose and fill a bear of her own.  Being a girl after her dad's own Star Wars loving heart, she chose Boba Fett!  

As we walked to our villa we admired this culinary creation under construction.  This entire scene is made of rice krispy treats covered in fondant!  I'm so amazed at the skill of the talented Cast Members who craft such stunningly sweet art!

We freshened up, grabbed Jason, and headed back out for some more fun in the sun this go around at Disney's California Adventure...

DCA has such an adorable Monsters Inc. ride!  I was glad we were able to enjoy it on multiple occasions, as it's one of those we don't have at WDW.  We've always loved that movie.  In fact, Princess was "Boo" last Halloween!

Just a mouse and her man!

Dinner at Corn Dog Castle
We'd heard great things about DCA's Corn Dog Castle and had anticipated a freshly dipped dog that night! 

Little One and I went to grab a table while Jason and Princess ordered our eats.  Jason knows me so well.  He saw a "Cheddar Cheese Stick" and without even asking ordered me one!  You can see in the photo above, one of these is not like the others!  I enjoyed every bite I took of both the corn dog and cheese stick, but will say I had my fill of fried cheese that day!  Remember what I had earlier for lunch? ;)

Watching World of Color at Disney's Grand Californian
After dinner we headed back to the hotel to watch World of Color from a different perspective!  This was our view from the Grand California's viewing deck.  It's a hotel guest exclusive viewing area that requires a room key to access it.  It's such a fun space to watch from and gives breathtaking views of all the action below!

No, DCA didn't catch fire. ;)  Spoiler free for anyone who hasn't seen World of Color, I'll just say that this photo was shot during one of my favorite parts of this nighttime spectacular! 

I am in love with World of Color and really enjoyed seeing it from this different vantage point!  We also loved playing with our camera to get a great view of different things in DCA Park!

Downtown Disney District Mother/Daughter Date!
If you've been around for a bit you may remember that Princess and I have a tradition of doing some shopping and sweets indulging at Downtown Disney after the parks close.  We were excited to keep this going while at Disneyland!  It was especially simple since their Downtown Disney District was right outside our hotel's door!

World of Disney

I bought this pretty pink throw and love it!

Sweets with my Sweetie!

Cheers to chatting over chocolate ice cream!

WonderGround Gallery
Princess is a talented artist and is always drawn to artsy goodness, which made our visit to this gallery shop a highlight of our evening!  

We closed down the shop and left with postcard prints of our favorites.  If you visit a WonderGround and swoon over the art that's a bit more than you care to spend, I'd highly suggest checking the carousels of postcards as they sell many prints in that form for $5.  They look fantastic framed!  

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  The next day of the trip I'll be covering is our final day in the Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure Parks!  Plenty more pixie dust to come!  Can't wait to share the finale of our trip and our time at Mickey's Halloween Party!

Sometimes snapshots just don't do things justice!  Be sure to check out the video footage from this day and more on my family's YouTube channel, 

In case you missed the earlier California trip reports and you're interested, here are some direct links for ya!:

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  1. If I ever go to Disneyland, I am definitely hitting Corn Dog castle!

  2. That is SUCH a magical experience-sitting RIGHT where Walt sat! Such a fun shopping trip! That blanket is perfect for you! And those corn dogs....YUM! Fried cheese?! YUMMIER! WOW! Looks like we need to go back for lunch once more! ;) Those pics of World of Color are beautiful! What a great view! Thanks for sharing, sweetest friend!

  3. Corn Dog Castle sounds heavenly. mean you really just can't beat fresh dipped dogs, can you?! Those night photos are stunning and simply dreamy friend. Love, love, love!

  4. What a magical place!! I haven't been in Disneyland in like a million years. You have me wanting to hope on the next flight to LA and go!! That pink blanket you got is so fab. Love it.

  5. I'm officially hungry now! Since Disney World is pretty much in our backyard, I've been really wanting to head to Cali and experience Disney Land which started it all. LOVE those nostalgic pictures of Walt himself <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. The views from your hotel of World of Color were amazing! And of course you have to ride all the rides that they don't have at WDW multiple times! Love your mother/daughter dates with your children.

  7. I'm not sure if I've ever had a corn dog...but I feel like it smells like a carnival ha! And, I love the view from above for World of Color. Definitely a treat to see it up close and up high.

  8. I'm so glad you liked the Monsters Inc ride. For some reason, I'm super attached to it and I've been hearing rumors for awhile that they might be getting rid of it to make that whole area a Marvel land. So, I'm glad you were able to ride it several times, just in case it's not here next time you return.
    Love Corn Dog Castle. I've been tempted to try the cheese dogs, but I'm afraid it will be too much cheese. lol I need to try their spicy dogs, though!
    I LOVE WonderGround Gallery!! I can spend a good amount of time in there. haha
    The views from the observation deck of DCA are amazing!


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