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Trip Report Tuesday: California Day 11 {Part 1} Disneyland and Lunch at Carnation Cafe

Day 11 - Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Time for more Disneyland fun!  

My late Grandma Pat collected Mickey and Minnie watches.  All of the ladies in our family inherited one of her beautiful pieces.  It was so nice to enjoy sporting one of her special accessories in the parks on this fine day!  

My sweet blogging bestie Chrissy combined Little One's loves of My Little Pony and Disney in a custom pair ears and gifted them to her prior to our trip.  Check out more of her beautiful work in her etsy shop, AdventuresInDIYShop

I never got over how adorable the Disneyland entrance was all decked out for fall!

Ghost Galaxy (aka: Space Mountain!)
Last week I shared with you how Disneyland transforms some attractions over the holidays.  This week I'm sharing another classic attraction they gave a complete change to for the fall season.  Space Mountain became Ghost Galaxy!  It was as if ghosts were chasing us through the ride!  Spooky fun for all!

The other difference between Disney World and Disneyland's versions of this attraction is the seating.  WDW's ride has you sit in single file formation.  Disneyland's version has guests seated two beside each other.  I actually preferred this vehicle style.

I adore the super cute themed popcorn carts!

Partners {Statue} and Pumpkins

Matterhorn Bobsleds

This was an attraction we all anticipated riding as we don't have it at Disney World.  It exceeded our expectations!  The Abominable Snowman was super cool and the ride was thrilling enough to land itself among my girlies' favorites.

Jungle Cruise

The biggest difference between WDW and Disneyland's Jungle Cruise is that when the skipper joked at Disneyland about us getting wet the joke was on us, we actually did get pretty wet!  We were so surprised as it's part of a gag at WDW, but whether it always happens or was a fluke we walked off looking like we'd just been on a water ride!

Splash Mountain

Disneyland's Splash Mountain also features different ride vehicles than WDW's version for this ride.  At Disneyland riders sit single file rather than two riders side by side.  While I enjoyed this ride as much as WDW's, I missed having someone right next to me to cling to and laugh through the splashes with!

Mickey's Toontown
While Mickey's Toontown Fair is no longer found at Disney World, Disneyland still welcomes guest to this quirky town beloved by tots.  We didn't ride anything in this area on this particular day, but explored the area a bit, and posed for a pic or two, of course! ;)

Lunch at Carnation Cafe
If you're going to Disneyland, I highly recommend making a reservation at Carnation Cafe.  Let me show you why...

Jason and I both started our meal with their baked potato soup.  Oh my goodness, friends!  This may be the best potato soup I've ever eaten!  I will be returning there specifically for this!

We got the perfect table and enjoyed sitting outside right along Main Street!

Princess and I both ordered the Main Street Cheeseburger,  an angus patty with tillamook cheddar, tomato, red onion, lettuce, and house sauce, all on a brioche bun (my favorite) along with a side of seasoned fries.  This was delicious, but seriously, I could've went for another bowl of that soup and been just as happy! ;)

Jason went with the Chicken-Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes, gravy, and seasoned vegetables. 

Little One's plate featuring a few of her favorites, chicken, broccoli, potatoes, and fresh fruit.

What happened next was one of the highlights of the day, the famed Chef Oscar paid us a visit!  Chef Oscar Martinez is Disneyland's longest tenured cast member.  A few months after our visit he celebrated 60 years of working at Disneyland!  Chatting with the only cast member who worked at Disneyland while Walt Disney himself walked this park, was truly a treat!

I think we may have had the cutest table at the restaurant, which was fitting as I was dining with the cutest company as well!

At the end of the meal Chef Oscar made a second trip to visit with us!  He couldn't have been sweeter!

I told you the poison apple sundae would make another appearance in these trip reports!  Princess simply had to have one for dessert, and the souvenir mug may have had a big part in the reasoning behind that craving. ;)

Of course we needed to have our pictures made with the cutest pumpkin in the history of pumpkins!

This particular day my sweet hubby had a very thoughtful idea.  He suggested that he take the girls back to the hotel for a bit while I stayed and enjoyed some of my favorite things to do at the Disney Parks, shop, stroll, and take some snapshots all at my own pace.  I gladly agreed and even though I'm directionally challenged I was pretty confident I could make my way around and back to the hotel on my own.  He was on speed dial if not. ;)

Walking right down the middle of Main Street U.S.A.

I always adore Disney store displays featuring characters.  So cute and classic looking!

Window Shopping

I really liked this pink purse, but I used some self control and saved a pretty penny passing on it. 

I loved sitting on a bench for a moment and getting a panoramic with Sleeping Beauty Castle, Matterhorn, and the Main Street Fire Engine all in one shot.

Such a pretty little castle!

Disney magic is in the details.  I loved taking the time to look at store fronts and read windows.  This one in honor of the Sherman brothers was my favorite!

This pumpkin was absolute perfection for their window!

The opposite side of the big Mickey pumpkin winks at guests.

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln was closed during our visit for refurbishments, yet his window was still looking quite presidential.

Downtown Disney District
The shopping continued after I made my way out of Disneyland as the stroll back to the hotel took me through the heart of Downtown Disney.

After visiting Walt Disney's hometown of Marceline last summer, simply seeing that name made me smile.  The sweets inside did too!

A sweet ending to an afternoon of shopping and strolling through Disneyland goodness!

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope you'll join me for an evening of boardwalk fun at Disney's California Adventure next Tuesday!

Sometimes snapshots just don't do things justice!  Be sure to check out the video footage from this day and more on my family's YouTube channel, 
Eat, Sleep, Dis, Repeat!

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  1. We have always wanted to visit a Disney park around Halloween! I love all the decor and how they transformed Space Mountain. When we were there in January, they had finished Hyperspace Mountain (Star Wars) and we loved it! The Carnation Cafe is the best, and when I walk down Main Street in Disney World, I get a little disappointed that it isn't there. It's the best people-watching and parade-viewing spot!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  2. Strolling through the park with you is so much fun! I absolutely LOVE Tuesdays!!! The fall-y goodness combined with a magical park is the PERFECT combo! Thank you for sharing the magical details!

  3. Y'all are just the cutest! Now I have more photos to share with my sweet Em. She would absolutely adore y'alls outfits. Super duper cute. Did I ever tell you that she wont' let me get rid of any of her Minnie stuff that she outgrows?! I usually consign our clothes but she insists on hanging onto every single Minnie thing.

  4. Did you buy a few goodies on your stroll? I do hope you are going to share =) Or, did you previously? I'm def. not up on my blog reading game still.
    I think they should stick with the two by two seating! I love that our Splash is two by two and that their space mountain is two by two. It's more fun with a buddy!
    That soup looks amazing. I'm hungry now, and aww how cute was the little nook you got. Super good spot!!

  5. I think it was a fluke that you guys got wet on the Jungle Cruise! That usually doesn't happen. I mean, sometimes we get a little splashed on but not very much. That's so weird! LOL
    And just like you, I prefer the ride vehicles at our Space Mountain, but the ride vehicles at your Splash Mountain. I'm getting too old to be trying to climb into those kinds of ride vehicles that you basically have to do a flip roll to get in and out of (hahahaha).
    I love, love, love that you got to meet Oscar. I'm so fortunate to have met him a few times and one of those times being with Amy, so he spent some extra time with us since they used to work together. He's such a sweet man and so nice to chat with! And I'm so glad you were able to finally try their baked potato soup. Sooooo, good! Their fried pickles are yummy too.
    I can't wait for you guys to come back! Hurry!


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