Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Trip Report Tuesday: California Day 12 {Part 2} A Downtown Disney Date & World of Color

Day 11 {Part 2} - Wednesday, September 21, 2016

After lunch at Blue Bayou in Disneyland, Jason and Princess returned to Grand Californian to relax for a bit while Little One and I went for a mommy/daughter date at the Build-a-Bear Workshop in Downtown Disney.  

I let her have her pick of any bear in the building as a sweet souvenir.  She chose this soft, cuddly one.  For an outfit she picked one themed after Mal from Descendants, along with a wig and hair extension clips to complete her look.  I couldn't pass up the super cute Downtown Disney Build-a-Bear backpack they offered there for $5.  After all, there couldn't have been a more adorable way to carry this beary cute souvenir back to our villa!

After reuniting with Jason and Princess and a bit of lounging for us all, we headed back through the hotel's private entrance to California Adventure Park for their nighttime spectacular, World of Color!

We went straight for a fastpass for a viewing area.  You still have to wait for a rope drop for that area, but we got there plenty early so that when entrance was allowed we could stand exactly where we'd planned.  We knew we didn't want to be too close to the front where the fountains are located as we'd heard you can get pretty wet.  So, we decided on the second viewing area up, which in my opinion was perfect!  

While waiting for the show to start they turn Mickey's Fun Wheel into a game, essentially the Simon memory game on a much grander scale!  You watch sections of the wheel turn colors and then you do your best to repeat the pattern on your phone from their website.  The guest with the highest score is then allowed to control the color of the ferris wheel for a moment from their phone!  So cool!

Whoever came up with the idea for this game was a genius as it made the time spent waiting fly by!

We got to our desired viewing spot quick enough to be up against a fenced in floral area near a sidewalk that they wouldn't allow anyone to obstruct.  This gave us a really great view of the wheel and the show!

Pretty Princess awaiting showtime!

I didn't get any snapshots during the show as I was too busy soaking it in and soaking my face.  Ha!  I cried happy tears through the entire thing.  It was just so incredibly magical!  The spray of all the fountains illuminated with scenes and songs from our favorite Disney movies, and had us laughing and cheering throughout the show!  My husband will share footage in an upcoming video on our YouTube channel, Eat, Sleep, Dis, Repeat!  

After the show, everything (California Screamin' rollercoaster, Mickey's Fun Wheel, the fountains) looked so pretty all twinkly, sparkly, and colorful!

The perfect end to an evening at the Parks!

Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen Express // Downtown Disney
We decided to grab dinner at Jazz Kitchen Express while walking through Downtown Disney before returning to our hotel.

This place was hopping!  They offer only outdoor seating, which is fairly limited.  Yet, the people dining at this express eatery seemed to all be eating in "express mode" too.  The table turnaround time was pretty quick.  Thankfully we didn't have to wait for a spot.  The chicken and fries I had were pretty yummy, but the real reason (in my opinion) to stop here is for a bag of beignets!  Mmm!  I could sure go for some right about now!  

Thanks so much for coming by for this edition of Trip Report Tuesday!  Hope you'll be back next Tuesday for more Disneyland fun and another delicious table service dining experience!

Sometimes snapshots just don't do things justice!  Be sure to check out the video footage from this day and more on my family's YouTube channel, 
Eat, Sleep, Dis, Repeat!

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  1. Crying happy tears. I am pretty sure the best Disney memories have happy tears involved. I love those wheel photos friend. So pretty.

  2. I can't help it--even as a 30 something I LOVE Build-a-Bear! So precious! What a magical evening! I cannot wait to see the video! If only I could enjoy some beignets while watching...... ;)

  3. I love World of Color! Not that I've seen it =) But it just looks so creative and I love that. But, how neat that they turn the ferris wheel into a game!!!


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