Thursday, June 1, 2017

Throwback Thursday // Potsticker Cheddar Skewers

This yummy snacketizer (perfect as a snack or an appetizer, although I must admit they're so tasty I've been known to make a meal out of them) came about because I LOVE CHEESE! I tend to eat it alongside just about everything. When savoring these two delicious foods together once, they became fast, scrumptious friends. I knew they were meant to be skewered side by side as BFFFs (best food friends forever ... or for approximately fifteen minutes if they're on my plate). They're elegant enough in presentation to serve as a dinner party appetizer, yet so simple you may find yourself creating them on a whim as a Saturday afternoon snack. Either way, let's face it, food on a stick is just plain fun! ;)

Originally published here on February 12, 2013


Potstickers, prepared (I take the lazy semi-homemade route and purchase frozen pork potstickers, then cook in skillet as directed on package.) 

Sharp Cheddar Cheese, at room temperature 

Soy Sauce 

Steps to Creating Deliciousness on a Stick:

1. Cut each prepared potsticker into three sections. 

2. Cut cheddar cheese into cubes. 

3. Skewer the cheese cubes and sections of potstickers, alternating between the two. 

4. Serve with soy sauce. 

5. Dip. Eat. Enjoy! ;)

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  1. Cheddar AND potstickers?! YES, please!!!!! <3

  2. This sounds so good! I tried to make homemade potstickers once and they did not turn out. I need to try buying some 😂😂😂.


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