Wednesday, August 5, 2015

July Favorites // What's Hap-"Pinning"

Today while one link up concludes, Monthly Favorites with Kelli and Mia, a brand new one begins, What's Hap-"Pinning" Wednesdays with Jessi and Jenn!  Linking up with all four of these sweet bloggers today, and excited to share what's been happening on the favorites front in subscription box goodies, eats, entertainment, recreation, and social media during the last month to go down in history!  

*In the future, any posts I share with the new link up will likely concentrate more on my favorite pins, but since I already had a faves post prepped, this time around I'm fixing to focus on the "hap"s! ;)

Henri Bendell Signature Stripe Canvas Dopp Kitt

This will be the perfect pretty pouch for my upcoming travels!  LOVE it!  These Henri Bendel dopp kits retail for $28, making the $34.99 I paid for all the goodies in my July POPSUGAR Must Have box a true value! 

Another POPSUGAR goody, my new PopDental portable toothbrush, cleans at 22,000 brush strokes per minute!  I've really enjoyed using it and feel like it gets my teeth very clean!  I love that it came with an extra brush head and batteries too.  It's travel-ready with its pretty silver case!  Also available here in black, purple, and, my personal favorite, pink!

Yes to Blueberry Facial Wipes

I am so glad that these were also tucked inside that fun box!  I had never tried anything from the "Yes To" line, and after using these blueberry facial wipes I'm hooked!  They smell sooo good and leave my face feeling fresh, clean, and make up free!  I also received "Yes to Cucumber" facial wipes in a recent Target Beauty Box.  I look forward to giving those a try when these run out!

Oreo Thins Mint

Psst....I spot a hidden Mickey!  I couldn't help myself! ;)

These new Oreo Thins are only 35 calories per cookie and deee-licious!  They seem crisper and the mint filling is every bit as delightful as in the original.  There is no flavor sacrificed with these yummies, and my waistline does not miss the extra calories! ;)  

I am a huge fan of buffalo anything, so when I spotted these at the Dollar Tree last month I couldn't resist picking up a bag!  They are so good that I returned and bought a half a dozen more bags!  No joke!  I have not found these at the grocery stores (yet anyway) and I couldn't bare the thought of finishing that first bag and never having them again.  I was a little embarrassed carrying that arm full of salty snacks to the checkout.  Yet, I must admit when I told the cashier how much I loved them and couldn't find them anywhere else and she replied, "Yeah!  Better get them while you can!" it took everything within me not to say, "Hold up just a sec, I need to run back while I'm here and clear your shelves!" ;)  The moral of the story is, if you like Bugles and you enjoy buffalo sauce, and you spot these do not hesitate to snatch up a bag (or 6).

The Astronaut Wives Club

The Astronaut Wives Club has been my favorite watch of this summer!  As the title suggests, this series focuses on the wives of astronauts who were making American history.  I've found it very interesting and entertaining.  The show airs on ABC Thursday evenings, and all seven episodes are also available on Hulu Plus for fans of binge watching. ;)

The fictional wives (on the left) and the real wives (on the right) of Mercury astronauts.  The right photo was taken by Ralph Morse, Time & Life Pictures, 1959, Getty.

My New Bike & New Favorite Form of Exercise and Family Fun

If you've been around my lit'l nook of the blogosphere much over the past month you already know ALL about how much I've been enjoying my new bike and all the family biking adventures we've been on lately!  My sparkly pink koozy and basket make my heart happy, being in the sunshine refreshes me so, and spending time with those dearest to me all while getting some exercise is the best feeling ever!  If you haven't hopped on a bike for a while, I highly recommend going for a lit'l joyride today!  

my newest, most beautiful addiction


I know, I know.  I'm the very last one to hop on the Insta-train.  I was hesitant to use it as I thought it'd be yet another reason to be on my phone way too much.  Well, that is the case, but I don't mind a bit as it's just so much fun!  Every time I check my feed I find so much loveliness, deliciousness, and inspiration from all of my sweet friends and lovely IGers I've come across these past five weeks of using these sweet app!  

If you haven't found me there yet, I'd love to have you click the link above!  I hope to connect with you there!  Also, if you follow anyone whose posts you particularly enjoy I'd love for you to share in the comment section below!  Loving this lovely and refreshingly drama-free form of social media!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  I hope your August is off to a beautiful start!  Hopefully it won't fly by as quickly as July did! ;)

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  1. Girl! I am loving ALL of these favorites! I haven't tried the Yes to blueberry wipes (I think I did the grapefruit a while back) but now you have me wanting to. And that to-go toothbrush? Yes!
    Welcome to Insta!! Can't wait to follow you!
    Thanks so much for linking up!!

  2. Hi Brenda! I'm hopping over from the What's Hap-pinning linkup! I just read about this party this morning and so I just linked up my post from Monday. But I plan to do better in the future! Ha! Love your new set of wheels! I LOVE Instagram! Headed over that way to find you now! Enjoy your Wednesday!

  3. Where do I even start here? So much to love! Blueberry face wipes - that is a must try! I'm obsessed with Astronaut Wives Club (even cried last week!) and I love how you found that original picture! Thanks for linking up! xo

  4. Yes to the Astronaut Wives club - I didn't think I'd like the show but I tune in every week!! Those facial wipes sound amazing - need to find them! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Yes! I've been watching Astronaut Wives club lately and I'm loving it! I'm a little behind because my DVR skipped a couple weeks :( but I'll catch up! Thanks for linking up, friend!

  6. Blueberry face wipes? I think I have to check that out! I started to watch the Astronaut Wives Club but stopped after one episode because I want to read the book first. Have you read the book?

    Stopping by from What's Hap-pinning link up!
    Trish tales from trish

  7. I love Astronaut Wives Club as well!!! Such a good show that I found by chance one day. I can't believe how closely matched the girls poses are in the recent photo to the original.

  8. I've been hearing such good things about The Astronauts Wives Club, I will have to check it out. Your new bike is so cute, you make me want one :) Thanks for always linking up with us!

  9. I love that makeup bag from Henri Bendel, I love their stuff. Mint Chocolate Oreo thins!! OMG, they look so good. I so need to try them.

  10. Cutest linkup title ever! I love that Henri Bendell pouch - it just looks so sophisticated and luxurious. Definitely have Astronaut Wives Club on my "to binge watch" list...I love the styles from that era. Great group of faves!

  11. That makeup bag is so cute!! I like Oreos, but honestly they make my teeth hurt!! So weird I know!! I use the Yes to Blueberries Firming Eye Cream and I really like it. That TV show looks so good but I haven't watched it. Thank you for sharing your favorites and I hope that you and your family are having a wonderful week!! :-)

  12. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy! Your bike is GORGEOUS! That pink koozy and basket are divine! Enjoy your rides!

  13. what a fun post! I had no idea they were making Oreo thins in the mint flavor too! You just made my day! How beautiful is your bike and the perfect wicker basket! Enjoy your rides girl !

  14. Isn't insta just the best?! It's definitely my favorite form of social media :) That bike is AMAZING. I have been hesitant about the Oreo thins (I love the filling!), but for only 35 calories, I can eat a TON haha!

  15. Those blueberry face wipes sound amazing! I love that you posted on the oreo thin mints! I had seen them advertised and been so curious. They look and sound delicious! Happy Wednesday.:)

  16. I haven't tried any of the yes to line, but I always stop and look at it when we are in target! There are just so many things I never know which to try first and go away empty handed lol.
    I think the Astronaut Wives Club looks good! I've seen it around but I don't watch TV until 10 years later basically. Sounds up my alley though. and Apollo 13 is one of my faves.

  17. I have to check out those oreo thins mint, mint chocolate chip is my favorite ice cream so I'd be all over those cookies! And everyone has been posting about Astronaut Wives Club, I'll have to watch it!

  18. Your bike just makes me smile :) So cute! The Henri Bendell bag - LOVE!!! And I need to remember those Oreo Thins next time I'm at the grocery store. When you post them my mouth instantly waters.

  19. Love the color of your bike! It's been a while since I've been in a bike ride. I still haven't jumped on the Instagram bandwagon. My husband would like that flavor of Bugles. I like those facial wipes. May have to go purchase me some.

  20. As I was reading your post, I was thinking Yes, Yes, Yes! I have been watching the Astronauts Wive's Club and enjoying it too! The regular mint Oreos are my favorite. In fact they were my Valentine's gift from my husband! The thin cookies sound like they would be better on my waistline though. Your bike is super cute! I love to ride as well, but haven't since having my son last year. I need to get in gear and hop on again!


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