Friday, August 7, 2015

Five Loves on Friday

Happy Friday, friends!  Before getting to the blissful bits, I must say that this week hasn't been all smooth sailing, things have gotten pretty rough at times!  I found ants in my kitchen - eek and ack!  Jason's iPhone 6 was broken after he was accidentally thrown overboard with it in his pocket while boating.  To top off this trio, we dealt with plumbing issues.  I praise God that through trying times we can trust Him with all our cares, and He is faithful to provide for all our needs!  All of these issues have been/are being dealt with right now. Phew!  While part of me wanted to say, "This has been a tough week!  Maybe I should just take a little blogging break and skip this Friday post."  Instead, I'm choosing to welcome this sweet opportunity to reflect on the beautiful blessings that have sprinkled joy throughout this past week. 

{Loves listed chronologically...}

1.  Riding through the Wildflowers

On Saturday we rode down a new-to-us portion of our city's bike path and were delighted to pedal beside these breathtaking petals!!  We also discovered some sweet benches for a lit'l snack break in that stunning spot.  As we rehydrated and refreshed we were entertained by fluttering butterflies and grasshoppers leaping along their merry way.  It was a pretty perfect way to spend our afternoon as a family and to burn 500+ calories!! Woohoo!

2.  A Beautiful Day for Boating 

Princess enjoyed driving Grandma and Grandpa's boat for a bit.  The highlight for Little One was tubing behind it!

Boating with my sweet in-laws is always at the top of our summer bucket list.  We enjoyed checking that off on Sunday with some family fun in the sun!  We had a great time, minus the phone breaking incident previously mentioned.  Honestly though, I left there just so thankful that my hubby wasn't injured.  Phones are replaceable.  He is not. :)  I'm happy to have captured these happier moments as overall it was a delightful day together!

3.  Raising Monarchs

Following our day aboard their boat, Jason's parents invited us back to their lovely home for grilled filets.  (So good!) When we finished feasting, Little One asked if Grandpa Kevin would take her out to their field of wildflowers to look for monarch caterpillars.  We took one home from their place last summer and raising it was one of the highlights of that season for us!  Not only did they find one, they brought back two!  Little One named them Stuart and Shirley and has been taking excellent care of this cute pair!  They have both since formed cocoons.  We are already enthusiastically awaiting the time when they'll emerge as beautiful butterflies!  I look forward to sharing sweet snaps of their release in a few weeks.  (Monarch caterpillars typically stay in their cocoons for 10-14 days.  Watching the entire process is amazing!)

4.  New Link Up!
What's Hap-"Pinning" Wednesdays

There's a fun new party and YOU are invited!  Jessi of Jessi's Design and Jenn from Going the Distance co-hosted the first What's Hap-"Pinning" link party on Wednesday.  I've already come across some fabulous new-to-me blogs through this link up and really enjoyed mixing and mingling with some great gals this week!  If you're a blogger, I'd love to {link} party with you there on Wednesdays!  If you don't have a blog, I invite you to pop back by mine that day for some pinspiration!  Then, be sure to click through to check out the other lovely links as well! 

5.  Surprise Disney Mail!

If you've been around these parts long, you already know my blogging bestie, Chrissy of Adventures in DIY, is super thoughtful!!  She surprised my family with some very magical mail yesterday and it couldn't have come at a better time!  I had just noticed a plumbing problem here and was thinking "I need a vacation A.S.A.P.!"  Cue the mailman with what felt like a Disney vacation via an envelope! ;)  

While Chrissy is a Disneyland annual passholder, she couldn't make it there for the 60th.  But, she special ordered this special edition newspaper!  How incredibly sweet is that?!  This well timed surprise was so appreciated!  Thanks again, Chrissy!  You are the best!!!

Last Friday I mentioned that I'd be accepting a fun blogging award this week and passing along nominations to fellow bloggers, but with the added stress of the trio of troubles we experienced I simply didn't get it finished as expected.  However, something fun has happened in the meanwhile!  I received a second nomination from Alexis of Chemistry Cachet! (Thanks again, sweet friend!)  So, I plan to answer questions from both Michelle and Alexis early next week!  I'm excited to share that fun filled Q & A and look forward to nominating some of my favorite bloggers too!

Thanks for taking time out of your day to stop by the blog on this fine Friday!  Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. See in the midst of a chaotic week there is always something to be thankful for. So glad you decided to post. Happy Friday friend!

  2. Oh girl I am so sorry you had a yucky yucky week! However, your post today will brighten many peoples days when we remember all the blessings and wonderful things in our lives. I love the boating pictures I love the Monarch pictures with your sweet little one and how supersweet of Chrissy to send you that Disney newspaper! May your weekend be full of fun, laughter, and lots of love!

  3. I'm sorry that you had a yucky week. :-/ But you have the right attitude, and those things are just more annoying than anything else. I love the picture of the wildflowers, so pretty!! Have a great day today and I hope that you and your family have a wonderful weekend!! :-)

  4. I too had a yucky week. So glad that it is almost over. As I like to say, tomorrow is another day. Have a great weekend.

  5. Bless your heart, friend! I have SO been in that spot where I've considered skipping the Friday post because my week wasn't typically hive-five worthy (this week was one of those!). We too dealt with ants this summer, it's such a pain! Poor Jason - last year I washed Paul's brand new phone in a complete wash cycle and it did not make it. That's the worst. I'm glad to hear you've got everything somewhat on the way to recovery. Hope your weekend is great and free from disaster! Hugs!

  6. So glad you still decided to focus on the positive, despite your not-so-fun week. Those caterpillars are so cool,and boating is always fun (even if you lose a phone :( ).

  7. Sorry to hear about the rough patches of your week. Glad you were able to focus on some positives! Bike riding, boating, butterflies......looks like your family is really enjoying your summer! Have a great weekend!

  8. Bad things happen in threes so I think your luck should be better for a while;) I raised monarch catipillers when I was little and it was so amazing watching them turn to butterflies!

  9. Those wildflowers are beautiful! So pretty to look at. I think I may join that link up, sounds like fun! Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. I love your heart! You are such a dear role model! Thank you for your example and the ways you can "own it" and be real about this week while still finding joyous mountains to celebrate amongst the valleys. Heart yoU!!!! xx

  11. Sorry about hte broken iphone! Glad to hear Jason is okay though. Loved raising monarch butterflies! As a kid they were my favorite one because they looked the cutest!

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  12. You're so right with the poor week thinking. It's so easy to let a bad day or a bad week ruin our moods! But choosing to focus on the bright spots and blessings from the week helps to quickly transform the mood!! Great perspective. Although, ants would quickly ruin my mood. We've thankfully avoided the ant infestation this summer (we haven't been so lucky in past years) but there's still plenty of summer to go. I hate the ant invasions!!! I'm so glad Jason is ok! What a boating trip. Hoping you're having a wonderful weekend, and that this week is a bit brighter for you. HUGS!!

  13. Awww, friend - I love that you find the good even with a bad week. I totally feel you with the ants. For some reason, ants love my house (ugh) and so I have to be careful and can't leave anything out or have to make sure that every dish/cup is rinsed really well in the sink and dishwasher. They are my nemesis. lol Glad my Disney happy mail was timed perfectly! :)

  14. Oh I am loving all the GREEN and the flowers!! The Arizona desert landscaping still hasn't grown on me... I miss the green! And of course I'm a HUGE fan of the boating! So glad you got to go!
    Yay for Disney!! Costco brought out some dress ups/Halloween costumes and it took everything I had to only let Mia pick 3, ha ha! Totally thought of you! She'll use one for Halloween and probably wear them when we go to Disneyland in December! Can't WAIT!

  15. I love these 5 Friday posts and I should do them more often. The Disney mail looks awesome and I hope the plumbing problem got fixed without too much of a headache. That wildflower ride looks so lovely, I really need to get a bike again!



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