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TBB Asks // Spring Q & A

Happy April, friends!  I hope you enjoyed a beautiful Easter weekend!  We certainly did and I'm already looking forward to sharing more with you in my Five Loves post later this week!  Today I'm linking up with the lovely ladies from The Blended Blog for another round of TBB Asks!  

Today's TBB link party hostess with the mostest is one of my sweetest blogging friends, Andrea of Living on Cloud Nine, who today will also answer to "Birthday Girl"!

{Photo taken from Andrea's Madewell Dupe, WUW, & Style Link Up post.}

 For any of you who haven't had the joy of "meeting" my girl, Andrea, she is absolutely sweet as pie, a darling fashionista with incredible style, and never ceases to make my heart smile with each and every interaction I enjoy with her!

Here are some of her recent posts you may enjoy:

In this recipe she subs ingredients to slim the calorie count a bit, without sacrificing flavor.  You've gotta love that!  

Don't those look fantastic?!

Andrea's Broccoli Cheddar Casserole

This dish's yummy ingredients list has me wishing I could make this for dinner tonight!

As you can see her blog is filled with style, scrumptiousness, and sweetness!  If you aren't already a reader, go "meet" her today, and be sure to wish her a very Happy Birthday!  

Thanks for hosting today's Q & A, Andrea, and thank you for the gift of your friendship and the sunshine it adds to even my darkest days!  

Okay, on to the Q & A for the day!

One  //  What 3 colors remind you most of spring?
Pink  |  Yellow  |  Green

Two  //  What is the first thing you add to your wardrobe in spring?

I never really thought about this before, but while answering this question I realized the first thing I buy in early spring are new casual kicks!

This pic was used in a March Favorites post from 2015 alongside the then recently released Cinderella live action flick, thus the glass slipper reference. ;)

Shared in last week's Five Loves on Friday

Three  //  What is the first wardrobe item you ditch in spring?

Coats!  It is so nice to leave the house without a jacket when spring weather arrives!

Four  //  Who mows the grass where you live?

My husband had been the sole lawnmower for our household until he began offering our oldest daughter a pretty penny whenever she'd like to take on the task.  Teenagers love making money and my hubby loathes yard work, so it's a win/win for all involved.  

*Confession:  I have never mowed a lawn in my life.

Five  //  What's spring like where you live?

It depends upon the day.  Can you relate, friends?  At last glance of our forecast for the next two weeks I spotted snow, rain, freezing rain, clouds, wind, and sunshine.  It's typically pretty nice by the end of April, but it has snowed on my sister's birthday, May 2nd.  Weather in the Midwest is anything but predictable!

Six  //  What's your favorite thing about spring?

What I love most about springtime is moving our family activities outdoors after a cozy winter indoors.  We enjoy family walk and talks, kite flying, picnics, zoo trips, time at the lake, and fun in the sun whenever it's shining!

Seven  //  Are you a spring cleaner?

Spring cleaning in the past has meant spending a good chunk of the month of May purging possessions and (re)organizing our home.  However, after several failed attempts over the years, last summer we finally completed a successful (and MASSIVE) purge parting ways with everything we didn't need, love, or use.  Seeing the daily impact that has had on simplifying our lives, I've had a much easier time not holding on to things needlessly ever since.  It's also made remaining organized much easier.  I'm tickled pink to be free of the burden of my typical "spring cleaning"/purging now!

Spring cleaning this year will simply mean doing some deep cleaning - shampooing the carpet, washing walls, etc..  More along the lines of a Martha Stewart style spring cleaning.

Eight  //  Are you a baseball fan?

While I'm not a fan of any particular baseball team and rarely attend baseball games, I sure do enjoy them when I do! I love the sound of the ball meeting the bat, the fun atmosphere, and the Americana of it all!

Nine  //  Tulips or daffodils?

Honestly I love both, but tulips are my favorite of the two!  How lovely are these beauties at my family's Easter party yesterday?

Ten  //  Favorite Outdoor Spring Activity

An evening family walk and talk!

Eleven  //  Flowers in the ground or in pots?

My flowers are all planted in the ground, but every year I say I'd like to buy some hanging potted plants too.  Perhaps this will be the year that answer flips to "both". ;)

Twelve  //  Favorite Bird

I love birds!  I have to say, last week a female cardinal landed on my front porch.  A moment later a bright red male landed beside her and my heart skipped a beat!  Today I'm going to go with cardinal, but ask me tomorrow and you may get another answer! 

Thirteen  // Car wash or wash vehicles at home?

Car wash, the good one with all the pretty colors. Ha!  My girls always loved going through the car wash when they were little, but even now that they're teens we still enjoy it!  It's the simple pleasures of every day life, right friends?

Fourteen  //  When do you pull out your sandals?

When it's warm enough that my tootsie toes don't freeze when exposed. 

Thanks so much for popping by my blog today!  Do we share any similarities?  I'd love to hear your answers to any of the questions above in the comment section below!  

Join me in the adventures to come!
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  1. You sweet pea you, how precious to include a little bit of LOCN, you make my heart happy!!! Still so in love with those bow moccasins! Guess what? I've never mowed a lawn either. I tried once for my daddy but was so bad at it, he took back over thank goodness!! Hope you and your precious fam enjoy a wonderful Easter!! Heart you BIG TIME!!!!! Get that week stated off great girlie!!

  2. Love seeing those gorgeous pics of the flowers. Have a good week.

  3. It snowed here yesterday, makes me miss actual spring and flowers!

  4. Love your flower photos- thanks for linking up!

  5. Well, we did have many of the same answers. I'm dressed in sandals and capris today and the crazy weather decided to do a 360 and it's plum chilly. But, I"m too lazy to change so I put on a sweater and off I went. Happy new week!

  6. Oh boy my mouth is watering over those bars...yum!! I also can't wait to add spring shoes to my wardrobe this time of year, and can't wait to ditch my coat (which I had to wear!). Also, I've only mowed a lawn once in my life :) It did not go well, ha!

  7. Oh I love all the pretty flowers. Sadly, my allergies hate them but I do like to look at them for afar.

  8. How fun! This post has be longing for the REAL spring, not the one we appear to be having here in the Midwest! Come on WARM weather and SUNSHINE! <3

  9. I just love Andrea's recipes! I'm trying a new one this week, her chicken noodle casserole. I just love those tennis shoes with the little bow, I remember seeing them in your last post. I have never cut the grass before either, is that bad? I think I'd be ok with mowing, but not using the week wacker! Eek! I am looking forward to picnics, too!


  10. Oh yes to ditching coats. I love cardinals and the male has a special place in my heart as it was my grandma's favorite. Glad you love it too!

  11. Bring on all the spring flowers, and yay for ditching coats! Love the theme surrounding the beautiful birthday girl <3
    Green Fashionista

  12. Oh yes, I'm so ready to ditch my winter coat and actually be able to wear certain things without freezing! It snowed a little yesterday, but today is calling for a bunch of storms -which is normal spring fare around here.


  13. Your outfit is sooooo cute! I love that pink top:). So springy!

  14. I LOVE the coral shoes you got - I have those in the tan. I might have to go back and pick up a pair in the coral!! Also, I've never mowed grass either. I'd have to google how to even get the lawn mower started! LOL.


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