Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Favorites!

Hello, friends!  I've gathered my March favorites in beauty, entertainment, sweet sips, & more!  Let's get right to it!

I purchased all items within this post, some affiliate links are included.


This month I've been enjoying two new polishes from essie's Spring 2015 line... 

I hadn't worn a "nude" polish before, but am loving Perennial Chic!  It has just a hint of pink.  I think it looks lovely, feminine, and oh-so-pretty for spring! 

This sweet shade offers just the pop of color I was looking for after the long winter (finally) wrapped up!

I tossed ribbon elastics into my Target cart this month, and I'm so glad I did!  These are wonderful!  


Created at her BFF's painting birthday party, Little One's canvas "Phoebe the Fox" has stolen my heart!  I adore the cuteness and love having it hanging in our home!


Here's a trio of sweet sips I've enjoyed this month!

I could seriously go to The Cheesecake Factory just for their Raspberry Lemonade!  It's that good!  

If you're looking for something sweet and fizzy, keep in eye out for this Sparkling Lemonade in Walmart's pop aisle.  It's under a dollar for a 2-liter, and is calorie-free!  Cheers to that!

Taco Bell's new lemonade freeze is a bit on the tart side, and super refreshing on a warm afternoon!  If you hit the drive thru during their Happier Hour (between 2-5pm) you can snag one for only $1!  


The Archivist Lemon+Cucumber Reed Diffuser Kit came in my POPSUGAR Must Have March box.  I still comment daily on how much I LOVE this scent!!  Lemon and cucumber are a fabulously refreshing combo for the start of spring!


My girls and I are obsessed with Cinderella!  This movie was perfectly cast, and beautifully done!  I can't wait to own it and watch it repeatedly with my own princesses!

s e a s o n   f i n a l e s



The season finales of both Downton Abbey and Hart of Dixie had me in full out tears!  There have been things I've loved about both of these series, and some things that haven't been my favorite, but I'm telling you, those writers tugged out my heartstrings in a major way this month!  They haven't officially announced whether or not Hart of Dixie will return for another season, but they did bring it to a satisfying conclusion.  I adored so much about that final episode!  Anyone else wish that Bluebell were a real place?

S H O E S 

Target has such cuteness in every department, don't they?  I was able to order these cute sneakers and sweet slip-ons on sale and with free shipping!  Gotta love fab finds at a fantastic price!

Just as the saying goes, March came in like a lion and has gone out like a lamb.  Looking forward to a beautiful April!  Sunshine and fresh flowers will likely make next month's list! ;)  Wishing you a fabulous one, friends!!

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  1. Love all your loves! Those Essie polishes are SO springy! I can't wait for Cinderella to come out on DVD, it looks so awesome. Cinderella is my favorite Disney Movie of all time!

  2. I LOVED the end of Downton Abbey this season! I kept waiting for something bad to happen because that's how they usually end the season - but not this year! I was thrilled to have a happy ending. Also, Cinderella. So obsessed!!

  3. I love both of those nail colors- especially blossom dandy! Her fox painting is so cute, what a fun idea for a birthday party! I still have to catch up on so much of Downton Abbey, and I really enjoyed the few episodes I've seen of Hart of Dixie!

  4. Those shoes are so cute, love them both! And those drinks, my kind of drink ;) Thanks for joining in!

  5. All good things! =) What do you do with the hair elastics? I have some but have yet to use them. Do you put them over a boring ol black hair elastic to jazz it up?

  6. Those shoes are so cute! And that blue polish is perfect for spring! I want to take my daughter to see Cinderella but worried she's a bit too young. She's 3. We'll see, maybe we'll wait for it to come out on video.

  7. I love those Essie shades! They are both perfect for spring!

    I still can't get over how great that painting is. Your daughter did a fabulous job. She is quite the artist!!

    Those Goody hair elastics are my favorite. They do much less damage to hair than the traditional ones!

  8. Love love love that Essie Blossom Dandy! And Phoebe the Fox is super cute! Man, I'm in Season 2 of Downton Abbey and wanting to start Hart of Dixie. I think we have similar taste :) Ok both of those shoes are super cute. I'm going to have to check out Target. Thanks so much for linking up with us, Brenda!! Your posts always make me smile!

  9. Essie is my favorite of nail polish and I am really liking that Blossom Dandy! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I haven't seen Downtown Abbey yet (crazy, I know) but I just LOVE Hart of Dixie! I saw the 'finale' episode and loved it too, it really pulled at my heartstrings. And I was even more sad because it did seem like things were wrapping up as if there wouldn't be another season. That's too bad because it was such a fun, lively show and I, too, wish it was a real place. I'd totally love to live in a town like Bluebell!
    I just discovered your blog, love it so far. :D


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