Friday, November 15, 2013


Happy Friday, friends!  I hope you've enjoyed a beautiful week! Let's get right to it ... Five Loves time!

1.  Celebrating 15 Years of Marriage!

November 14, 1998

The person who knows me better than anyone else on Earth, even the very worst of me, loves me the best.  How can that be?  But, for the grace of God, it couldn't!  I praise God for the incredible gift of marriage, and His grace that sustains us!

I adore him!

Marriage is designed to be a picture of Christ and His Bride, the Church.  I more fully understand and appreciate Christ's love for me through the selflessness and grace Jason has shown me throughout our marriage.  In blissful seasons, and heart wrenching ones, he has held my hand and continually pointed my focus towards Christ.   Ours is not a love story without blemish, but the beauty of it, even in the darkest hours blesses my soul beyond words!

Read a 15 year old story of his sweetness HERE.

By the way, for those who may ask how we plan to celebrate this special milestone, we already did!  Our recent Disney trip was in early celebration of this occasion!  I told Jason I'd always wanted to celebrate our 15th Anniversary with 15 days at WDW.  He went above and beyond my wishes (he's amazing like that), booking our family a 17-day trip! Celebrating at our favorite place on Earth, which also happens to be where we honeymooned, was perfection!  {Currently sharing details of this trip each "Magical Monday" & "Trip Report Tuesday"!}

2.  Weekends are sweeter when they begin with chocolate + sprinkles!

After Saturday morning taekwondo, Little One and I stopped for some doughy goodness.  Sometimes it's the little things that make a weekend memorable.

 I heart sweet conversation and chocolate covered smiles!

3.  There is something so wonderful about that first snowfall!

Although there wasn't any accumulation, the snow danced gloriously in the Autumn breeze and we watched, eyes wide with wonder!  I share my girls' childlike excitement for every beautiful bit of this season!

4.  Feature Fun!
Thank you, Kristine of The Foley Fam and Kathy of Life on Lakeshore Drive, for featuring my post, "Making the Season Bright with Leftover Candy from Halloween Night!" ...You both made my heart happy!

5.  A once in a lifetime.

The girls and I enjoyed a sweet lit'l celebration of this once in a lifetime date.  At 11:12am we stopped what we were doing and took turns sharing 13 things we love and appreciate about each other.  It was so very sweet to see them beam with joy, and I don't think I wiped the smile off my face for hours either.  It was definitely a conversation worth treasuring!

My day ended with a goodnight kiss from my Lovey at 11:12pm. I just happened to glance at over the clock and noticed that it was the perfect ending to this unique date! ;)

Happy Friday, lovelies!  Have a fabulous weekend ahead!

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  1. First time visitor! YUMMY! Those donuts are making my mouth water. Happy anniversary! We had snowfall here on was pretty to watch!

  2. Visiting from the 5 on Friday linkup! Happy anniversary! Wow - 17 days at Disney? Amazing!! I am headed there this January for marathon weekend... can't wait! The donuts look yummy, and your pictures are great!

  3. Stopping by from H54F - happy anniversary!

  4. Visiting from the Friday Five. Thanks for stopping by to visit me earlier in the weekend. Happy Anniversary! I surely love doughnut dates (and cake dates). I've been craving doughnuts and so far...I've managed to keep my distance from them. We had our first glimpse of snow this week, too. Our family continues the tradition my grandmother started--first sight of flakes, she would be on the phone to tell us, "it's snowing." We all call or text so no one misses the chance to see the snow.

  5. Happy Anniversary! I loved your idea for a neat date on 11/12/13.


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