Monday, November 11, 2013

Magical Monday: Disney World Souvenir Haul!

I love watching my favorite Youtubers' shopping haul vids, especially DISNEY HAULS!  So, I thought it'd be really fun to share my family's WDW {souvenir} haul with you, friends!  I hope you'll enjoy this digital scrapbook of souvenir goodness ...& maybe you'll pick up a few "wish list" ideas for your next WDW trip too! ;)

My favorite souvenir! 

I'm all about bows & polka dots, and Minnie is my favorite Disney character this bag had "Brenda" written all over it!  {Okay I guess it actually had "Minnie Mouse" written on it, but you know what I mean! ;)}  

Princess just got a new iPod Touch so this cutesy case now accompanies her everywhere!

So handy, keeps her iPod safe, and also holds a few other things too! What's not to love?

Little One hearts Stitch!  She has two other pillow pets from previous Disney trips so this has become a traditional WDW souvenir for her.  She couldn't have been more excited when she spotted the Stitch version at Art of Animation's Ink & Paint shop!

*Magical dreams not guaranteed, but likely. :)

Do you know what this is?

Disney Duds...  

I can't wait to have a Goofy Christmastime!  Princess chose a terror-ific tee from her favorite ride, & sported the sequins Minnie ears at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party!  Little One was the "Rebel Spy" on Star Tours {so exciting}!  We got her the shirt to celebrate the occasion.  Jason kept eyeing this Darth Vader tee every time we walked through Tatooine Traders.  I finally convinced him to buy it. :)

Everyone can use more friends!

Minnie was Princess' BIGGEST souvenir!   Little One's New Friends:  "Nerd" Mickey and Minnie stole her heart!  "Squawky" the dino puppet was a souvenir from her favorite Park, Disney's Animal Kingdom.  Flounder came home with us to help complete her Halloween costume.  Duffy the Disney Bear was snuck into my suitcase as a Birthday surprise for Little One!  We HAD to get the Jedi Duffy costume with lightsaber (which actually lights up!) too, since the Birthday Girl was in the Jedi Training Academy during our trip, plus Duffy was going to need a Halloween costume of his own too! ;)

Beware of the Yeti {cuteness}!

Her Royal Sweetness ~

Typhoon Lagoodness!

That's right, the bucket was once home to an AMAZING dessert for 4!  We enjoyed it as a family, then created a pretty cool sandcastle with it afterwards!  All for $10 at Happy Landings Ice Cream at Typhoon Lagoon.  What a "sweet" deal!

iLove our D-tech finds!

I couldn't choose which new phone case to get! Of course I adored the Minnie case featuring her bow, & glitter polka dots!  (How could I pass that up?!)  The second case is covered with so many magical details from the Disney Parks, each of which I love!  On the last day I finally decided to splurge using the rest of my souvenir money to get both. :)  Princess kept admiring Perry iPhone cases she saw in the Disney shops.  We were all thrilled for her when we spotted one that was made for the iPod touch! Doobee doobee doowah, Agent P!

The force is strong with these souvenirs... 

Jason and Little One created their own lightsabers this trip!  Princess opted for a light up keychain version. {She got a green Yoda one last trip, so now she has a lit'l collection going!}

It was so fun to be among some of the first to use Disney's new MagicBands during the "testing phase"!  It was even more fun to personalize ours with Disney bling!

Can you guess which is mine?

Since we split our stay between two resorts, we each got 2 MagicBands!  Although most people (we saw) wore their bands as is, we had a great time personalizing ours!  I decked my 2nd band out with a Mickey balloons cover and a Mickey Ice Cream Bar slider. (My apologies that it didn't make it into this snapshot, oops!)

Princess' New Bling
...because every girl could use more Mickey jewelry!

Cherished memories cutely kept!

Something we really enjoyed this trip was filling a Tink Pressed Penny book!  {I'll be sharing more about this fun collectible/souvenir idea in a future post!}  The girls each filled another autograph book with the signatures of some major (Disney) celebs & royalty!  Princess used some of her souvenir money for this cute Minnie journal that actually lights up!  (You can also replaceable the batteries & refill the paper too - bonus!)  

A picture is worth a thousand words, so let's be sure we have a million! ;)

Disney theme park books are so fun to flip through while waiting for that next Disney vaca!  The best souvenir we could've possibly bought {SO GLAD WE DID!} was the Disney PhotoPass+ Package we pre-purchased at a discounted price!  {I'll be dedicating an entire post to this soon!}

Disney CDs capture the magical atmosphere of the Parks, making them a fantastic souvenir!

Little One needed this Rock 'n' Roller Coaster pick for her guitar lessons!
From her daddy, the pick and the lessons ;)

We love UNO, so what could be better than DISNEY UNO?

Disney games make great souvenirs that will be used and enjoyed for years to come!

Sometimes it's the little things...

My house key is now a MicKEY! 
We've officially decided to collect Disney magnets!  Lists and taekwondo practice charts are so much more fun to look at on the fridge each day when held by these!  
My $6 (such a deal!) Mickey Lens Cleaner easily attaches to bags and keeps my iPhone and camera fingerprint/smudge free so my pics can be as priceless as they should be!

Rapid Fill Refreshment 

We enjoyed the Rapid Fill resort mugs that we received complimentary with our vacation package.  I purchased one from Typhoon Lagoon just as much for the cute design as I did for the lemonade! The bucket in the back was once filled with perfectly buttered Disney popcorn, which was one more good reason for the purchase of that lemonade! ;)

Disney Holographic Placemats
Princess got this super cute Ariel placemat to put on her bedroom vanity.  I thought it was so adorable I couldn't resist getting a couple too!  The Halloween placemat was so fun to set out on my breakfast bar with seasonal decor last month!  The one on top just has so much character! ;) 

*The 3D effect of these placemats make them hard to capture in a photo.  They are much brighter in person!  They're a very fun, inexpensive keepsake from the World!

Sweet Sippers...
I picked up the curly straws (for something like 59 cents each) at the checkouts in our resort's food court to be used at a future Disney Bash. (That's right, Ann & Emily, 2 of those are for you! ;))  I've really been enjoying using the colorful Mickey straws!  They make my smoothies taste so much better! ;)

Little One's Loot from her Pirate Adventure!
Loving her loot from the Bayou Pirate Adventure!

So there you have it, these are the souvenirs we brought home to remember our trip by, to add Disney magic to our everyday lives, and to help us get our Disney "fix" here at home until we return to our favorite place on Earth!  I hope you enjoyed this peek at what came home in our suitcases.

What's your favorite thing to shop for in the Disney Parks?  

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  1. Wow! That is quite the haul! I love the nerd Mickey and MInnie too!

  2. Dang y'all got quite a cit of stuff!! I hope the next time we go to Disney, we get to use the Magic Bands. I have heard that they are pretty darn awesome :)

  3. Oh my gosh... I clicked on this from your last post because I saw that Goofy Christmas shirt. Seriously, I cannot even tell you how much I regret not buying that when we were in Disney!!!!! Want proof? I put it on my Christmas list this year haha (but didn't get it, unfortunately):

    I loooove everything your family bought!! Haul posts are sooo much fun!

  4. I love all of your Disney loot. We still have a collection of t-shirts, hats, and a few sweat shirts. I still wear my favorite hat on the weekends. I still have my refillable cups from P O Riverside from our trips to Disney many years ago. Mom and I put out our small collection of Disney Friends out at Christmas. I have a few in my bedroom and the others are on our stairs. Pooh bear stays in our guest room all of the time.

  5. Hii :)
    Can you maybe tell me how much you paid for the black Minnie Mouse Handbag??

    1. Since it's been a while now I don't remember for sure, but I think it was between $30-35. I bought it in my favorite little shop in Downtown Disney, Tren-D. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Have a lovely weekend! :)

    2. Thank you :) Maybe it is still there in March 2016 :D


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