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Trip Report Tuesday: Throwback Edition // 20th Wedding Anniversary WDW Trip Day 9 (Final Morning & Travel)

Welcome to the final post of this vacation in my Trip Report Tuesday series!  I'm so glad to have you here.  Recapping a last day is always bittersweet, almost like reliving the entire trip and the feelings of that final day.  I'm looking forward to reminiscing here and sharing this conclusion with you today, friends!

Day 9 - Saturday, November 17, 2018

This day began as most final Disney days do for me, shopping for a few last little goodies to tuck inside my suitcase.  Looking forward to a farewell shopping trip, I crossed that beautiful bridge and made my way to the lobby below where the shop is nestled just inside the resort's entryway.

The shop in Animal Kingdom Lodge's Jambo House is one of my favorite resort stores.  This time of year perfectly themed Christmas cuteness beckons guests to step inside and shop for familiar Disney trinkets as well as unique handcrafted treasures.  

I let my sweet tooth guide my picks for purchase this time around.  A couple of the goodies I brought home were this sweet set of chocolate bars and the happiest holiday tin of peppermint bark.  Not pictured were chocolate dipped shortbread cookies.  These tasty treats were shared with family and savored throughout the Christmas season.  There's just something extra special about enjoying yumminess from Disney when you return home.  I find that allows my tastebuds to transport me back into vacation mode and brings my mind wandering back to memories freshly made too.  It's the little things, my friends!

A last look out at the savanna before taking our packed bags out to the rental car.

Just before check-out time we took a final snapshot in our room, then headed off to Epcot for our fantastic finale to this terrific trip!

First things first, it was lunchtime and our grumbly tummies nudged us toward The Refreshment Port to grab some grub.  His and hers poutine, Beef Brisket Poutine for me and Traditional for my mister.

Cheers for a mango margarita on the last lovely afternoon of vacation. 

Jason was craving some boba goodness from the Joy of Tea in the China pavilion.  With beverages of our choice in hand, we cheers-ed and chatted, most likely about what we'd sip or snack on next.

Following a snackilicious lunch and sensational sips we made our way to the German pavilion for a decadent dessert. 

Black Forest Cake ...Mmmm.

A peek at the marvelous miniature garden railway in the Germany pavilion.

We made it to the Japan pavilion just in time to catch a show from some of our favorite live performers in all of Epcot, the Matsuriza Taiko Drummers!  

Entertainment in Morocco

For the first time in years, we took a break in France for the 18-minute film, Impressions de France.

These large ornaments displayed in France always capture my attention as they sparkle in the sunlight.

We decided to board a boat for a short cruise to Future World.

Cutie of mine with a half smile at the dock.  Likely half-happy to be there and half-sad to see our trip ending. Yet, all handsome if you ask me. ;)

Next we stopped to see a Christmastime performance by The Canadian Holiday Voyaeurs.

Sweet shadow selfies 

A couple faves to close out our time in Epcot, Soarin' and Living with the Land.

Always take the time to appreciate beauty in every corner of Disney World.  It's all around you there, even in a simple indoor queue.

I absolutely love taking a float through Living with the Land this time of year!  Seeing the darling displays they have out for both the fabulousness that is fall and the coolness of Christmas (even though the snowmen are more sand than snow ;)) makes my heart happy!

Christmas touches

Hidden Mickeys


After those last rides of the trip I was thirsty and didn't want to leave without having a boba too.  Jason didn't mind the idea of having a second either.  Vacation mode is the best.

Pics that capture our preferences and personality.  Mine with my favorite colored straw and Disney Dooney Magic Band and Jason with a silly expression.  These simple snapshots make my heart smile.

Dinner at Katsura Grill, Japan Pavilion

Katsura Grill is one of our favorite quick service spots in World Showcase.  We enjoy dining at the tables just outside the restaurant.  The atmosphere is awesome.  The food here always seems fresh and wholesome in comparison to much of what we eat while on vacay at WDW.  It was the perfect place to finish out this incredible trip.  We sat and chatted about how thankful we were for this wonderfully refreshing celebratory getaway.  I couldn't have asked for more.  What a trip, what a man to call my own, what a life - I deserve none of it, yet God graciously gives good gifts.  Happy tears are flowing as I put together this post.  I couldn't be more grateful - for all of it.

My obsession with Disney cups continues to be well documented. :)

The cutest.

This entire pavilion is incredibly picturesque!

There was one last thing on my must-try list (that I could reasonably fit into this trip anyway.  Many things are left unchecked from that list each trip.  You can only eat/drink so much in a Disney day.  Trust me, I know firsthand.  Ha!)  I wanted to try the American Dream Slushie from the Fife and Drum Tavern in The American Adventure Pavilion.  (It wasn't new, I just hadn't sampled this sip on previous trips and was reminded of it just prior to this one.)

The American Dream Slushie has vanilla soft serve sandwiched between strawberry and raspberry slushies.  It tasted exactly as you'd imagine, part slushie, part ice cream, all sweet.  It was refreshing to sip on as we made our way to the exit, but after all the sipping and snacking around the World (Showcase) there was no way I was going to be able to finish this patriotic prettiness, but that was a-ok with me.  Trying something new-to-me was a fun way to finish our afternoon in Epcot before dashing off to the airport, homeward bound.

The time had come to bid Epcot a fond farewell.  Friends, I'm not sure I've ever left any vacation feeling more satisfied than I did this one.  It was simple in some ways (we hadn't spent these Disney days rushing to make it to the next thrill ride as we often have with two fun teens at our side), yet each day was spent either as slow paced or as packed with parkhoppin' as we liked.  Couples trips are such a different dynamic for us than family vacations.  Both are amazing in their own unique ways.  As trips for two go, this was as close to perfection as I think possible.  My heart overflows with gratitude to God for each of the memories made during this trip, for the gift of marriage which we were there to celebrate, and for the man I have loved all these years and will continue to until my heart ceases to beat.  God is so kind!

Until next time, Disney World!  After two Corona-cancelled Disney vacations we are now all set to return to our magical Disney home away from home soon!   Which also means fresh new trip reports in the new year to come!  I look forward to sharing more pixie dusted posts with you, real soon! 

As for our travel story, we encountered several delays leaving us sleepy in the airport and arriving home in the wee hours of the morning.  Those kind of details aren't all that fun to write or read about, so I'll simply share a couple snapshots that sum up our travel time.  Here are a few pics taken at an airport pizza place that we were thrilled was open late to accommodate the unexpected need to eat a very late night bite and a snapshot of my sweetie, luggage in tow, as we awaited our ride home from the airport.

Thank you so much for being here today!  I love capturing these Disney memories and keeping them here in this digital scrapbook of sorts.  Sharing them with other Disney fans is like the cherry on top!  I hope these posts have provided you a little "Disney fix" and have been a bit of a virtual vacay for you too!  

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  1. Aw, it makes me sad when trips and trip reports end! You sure made the most of your last day.

  2. Bittersweet indeed! Love those sunset pics at Epcot, absolutely gorgeous!


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