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Trip Report Tuesday: Throwback Edition // 20th Wedding Anniversary Trip Day 7


Welcome, friends!  Glad to have you here for another edition of Trip Report Tuesday!  Today I'll be reminiscing about trying some new eats and enjoying old favorites, making a couple really fun Disney purchases, and taking you on a dazzling evening tour of stunning night lights throughout Animal Kingdom park!  Let's get back to the magic, shall we?

Day 7 - Thursday, November 15, 2018

Jason begins his day each morning, whether home or away, reading the Bible on his ESV app.  This picture makes my heart smile.  He's a faithful man and I am thankful he's mine.

We enjoyed a relaxed morning on our balcony looking out at the savanna.

When lunchtime grew nearer we made our way to Disney Springs to try the Cookes of Dublin.  Raglan Road is one of our family faves, but we'd never tried their quick service restaurant next door.  We figured it was time to remedy that and so we did.

We ordered our food at the counter and made our way to a table just outside, where we could relax in the sunshine.

I went with their burger & chips meal, while Jason opted for their famous fish & chips.

We also ordered a side of Dubliner Irish Cheese & Bacon Dip for our fries.

I loved the color scheme of this restaurant and admired the deep, rich shade of green in the tile work, so snapped a pic from where I sat just beyond these doors.

To be honest, the meal itself wasn't very memorable.  I'm glad we tried it as it's always fun to dine somewhere different.  We'll likely opt for waiting for our reservations at Raglan Road to enjoy their food in the future.  Somehow it just tastes better on their pretty plates surrounded by a lively atmosphere of song and Irish dance. 

We followed lunch with a visit to Amorette's Patisserie for dessert.  Side note:  Jason is not a dessert fan.  He'd prefer an extra serving of veggies with a meal over a dessert to follow it, but he loves me well and indulges my sweet tooth on vacation continually. :)

Walking through Amorette's is a feast for the eyes!

I ordered a Chardonnay slush and a chocolate chip cookie to go.  This was one of my favorite sips of the trip.  The cookie was delicious too!

Cheers to a fun afternoon with my love!

After our tasty time in Disney Springs we made our way to Hollywood Studios for some fun!  Looking back at my photos it seems like it was a very Jason-y visit which makes me smile.  Muppets and Star Wars are a couple of his lifelong faves.

Throughout this trip I had been keeping an eye out for a particular purse.  If you've been around here for a bit, this is no surprise to you.  Disney purses are a weakness for me!  I had received some birthday money a few months prior and was saving it for this purchasing purpose.  I'd been looking for a Disney Dooney & Bourke in the sketch print (the same print as the very first Disney Dooney I bought back in 2015), but in a much smaller size and crossbody style.  I'd looked and looked throughout this trip and hadn't seen any that were "just right".  I wasn't going to settle, so I continued the hunt.  I asked Jason if he'd mind if we popped into a shop there before heading out of the park that day.  I knew they had a Dooney & Bourke section, but honestly didn't have high hopes that I'd find it in that shop.  However,  I immediately spotted exactly what I was looking for!  I couldn't believe it!  It was the exact style and print, and I loved the placement!  Every Dooney & Bourke bag has a unique placement, so even when looking for a certain style and print many times it won't be quite right.  (Although we all have our own style and favorite things, so what might not be quite right for me may be the perfect placement for another.)  This one was perfect for me!  I wasn't the only one looking either.  Jason, sweet hubby of mine, went to get a Cast Member to let them know I wanted to purchase a bag as they are locked and require a CM to help you upon your selection to purchase.  I stood there, holding it, as other shoppers looked through them all.  It was as good as sold in my opinion, so I stood there holding my purse still attached to the rack, unashamedly ready and eager to purchase my perfect pick!  Ha!  We were on our way out of the park when I spotted that beauty, so following my shopping jackpot we headed back to Animal Kingdom Lodge where I photographed it (naturally).  :D

On the front of the bag I loved the Cinderella Castle placement!  I also admired the Mickey, Tink, and Mickey balloons - so much cuteness!  It's also a bonus when the Dooney & Bourke hardware on front doesn't cover up any images.  The back had my Mickey and Minnie in full view along with "Walt Disney World" and "Disneyland", a Minnie bow, Cinderella Slipper and more! I couldn't have been happier with the placement!

On one side it has a sweet Cinderella slipper and the Disney Parks' names on the other.  I swoon just looking at it!  I know it's just a purse and I could absolutely live without it, but everyone has that thing they enjoy, collect, and use.  For me, Disney bags (especially the smaller ones that are very practical for both park use and everyday life) are one of "those things" for me. :)

A big thank you to my parents for their gift of birthday money and to my husband for matching it too.  Purchased a couple months following my big 4-0, this was my special gift from that milestone birthday.  I'm already looking forward to carrying it (and my favorite Christmas purse) at WDW soon!

We relaxed in our room until it was time for our dinner reservations at one of our favorites, Boma!  Boma is located right there in the Jambo House of Animal Kingdom Lodge.  It's buffet style and offers flavors of Africa.  

Dessert time!

Here's a look down into the restaurant from the stairway above.

Fully satisfied (and just plain full - ha!) we headed to the nearest park for some nighttime fun!

Take it from this (silly) guy, it's tough to be a bug!

Let's take a virtual stroll through the evening ambience of Animal Kingdom ...

Ah Zabenya!

We ended the evening at the park in one of my favorite ways, shopping!  Ok, I shopped, Jason relaxed on a bench outside taking in the Animal Kingdom atmosphere while patiently allowing me the sweetness of shopping.

I picked up something that I've always wanted, a Countdown to Christmas.  They change the design of these countdowns each year.  I thought this one was especially cute.  I'm also very sentimental, so I will pull this out for as many more Christmas seasons as God gives me here and fondly remember that it was purchased on our 20th Anniversary trip!  Sweet memories will  flood back, and I'll use it to countdown to making more with those dearest to my heart each Christmas morn!

This cute fella was waiting for me when I popped out of the shop.  :)

Blurry nighttime selfies, they may not be high quality but they still capture the happiness of the moment.

Listening to Christmas while buzzing around Disney property makes my heart happy. :)

We closed out the day at Victoria Falls Lounge in our home sweet Disney vacation home of Animal Kingdom Lodge. 

Cheers to a day well spent with my love and fruity drinks with a Disney glow cube lighting up the night!

One drink, many colors, because taking and sharing photos with y'all is free so the more the merrier! ;)

Here's a view into Victoria Falls Lounge taken from the floor above it.  It's a cozy spot to unwind with a vacation drink and chat about the best bits of a Disney day. 

Thank you so much for stopping by for this week's TRT post.  I invite you to return this time next week for the scoop on our last full day of the trip.  Can't wait to share more with you, real soon!


  1. What a fun day! I'm glad you found the bag you were looking for! I think I would have chosen that one too, because I love anything Castle themed and it has a perfect placement on the front :) Animal Kingdom is so pretty at night! I can't wait to see it in person!

  2. We once scoured the parks looking for a cute backpack purse that I saw a lady on the monorail using! I never did find it though and figured it had to be an older model from a previous year.

  3. Another delicious, jam-packed day at Disney! Love it all! :) We ate at Cookes of Dublin in 2019 and I totally agree with your review. I will be really sad when this trip recap comes to an end...you need to hurry back to Disney so we can live vicariously through you again soon! :)

  4. That's awesome about the bag. I never knew that about the placement! I don't think I've ever been to Animal Kingdom at night, it looks lovely!


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