Friday, January 25, 2019

Five Loves on Friday // Overnight Date, Lilly Loveliness, Sparkly Snow, and Delicious Delights!

Happy Friday!  You know what that means, it's time to capture a handful of highlights from the past week and share them all with you here, friends!  Let's get right to the good stuff...

One  //  Overnight Date

My parents had our girls come for a sleepover last weekend, giving them some quality time together and also providing Jason and I with an overnight date!  We decided to pick up some yumminess, then cozied up for a sweet night in followed by a luxuriously lazy morning for two.  It was truly fantastic and easily one of the highlights of my month!  I sure do marvel over the goodness of God in blessing me with such a wonderful hubby!  *happy sigh*

Two  //  Sparkling Snow

This week we had another stunning snowfall.  I reveled in the gorgeousness of those big beautiful flakes as they sprinkled down from the sky.  Another simple joy was found in watching wildlife having a field day in the winter wonderland right outside our window.  I wish I had captured the cuteness of four bushy tailed squirrels chasing each other up and down our tree, through the street and along every other tree that lines it.  It was absolutely adorable!  While I didn't get a snapshot of their fun, I did see some evidence of some snow bunnies bouncing through our backyard...

Such a sweet sight!

Three  //  Lilly Loveliness

Y'all know that purses are one of my biggest weaknesses.  So, when I spotted this bright and cheery beauty in the Lilly After Party Sale for under half its retail price I pounced on it! (Those who shop that sale know what I mean as fast fingers are required to scoop up those pretty pieces before they're sold out!)

I'm loving the bright, bold colors along with all the gorgeous gold detailing.  I'm also a big fan of bags with built in card slots which are so handy!  Hooray for another reason to anticipate the spring to come!

Four  // Brinner {Breakfast for Dinner}

This week's "new to me" recipe really hit the spot!  I especially loved the addition of cream cheese to this breakfast casserole.  Yum!

Five  //  Nacho Fries + My Man's Thoughtfulness

You may remember around this time last year when Taco Bell introduced Nacho Fries and I went on and on about them.  It was love at first bite!  Yesterday I snapped a screenshot of an ad announcing their comeback and texted Jason along with clapping hands and heart eyed emojis, naturally.  The real life heart eyes came when my hubby arrived home announcing that we were having Taco Bell for dinner because his wife "needed" her nacho fries!  I immediately stopped my oven from pre-heating, happily took the night off from cooking, then savored my hubby's thoughtfulness ...along with the yumminess of those seasoned fries and cheesy goodness!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  After sharing so many of my food faves of this week with you, I'd love to hear what eats you've been enjoying too.  Feel free to share a "must-try" with me in the comment section below!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. What a great bag for spring! Those cupcakes look so good, as does the rest of the food you shared. Have a great weekend!

  2. That breakfast casserole looks delicious! How awesome that you got to have a stay-at-home overnight date! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. All kinds of love. I love breakfast for dinner. Glad I stopped by your blog.

  4. All things so sweet! I love nacho fries too and what a sweet gesture! That Lilly purse just screams Spring! What a blessing to have a sweet overnight with the Mr. you two are precious! Love the sparkly snow. Stay toasty and enjoy a wonderful weekend!

  5. I've got to check out that breakfast casserole! How nice of your parents to want to spend time with their granddaughters AND you get a date night! loving the colors of that Lily purse! Have a great weekend!


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