Tuesday, April 10, 2018

10 Things We Won't Leave Home Without: NEW Car Must-Haves

Hello, friends!  Today I'm joining in on the fun of the 10 on the 10th link up at Simple Purposeful Living.  Today's prompt is all about what we keep in our cars.  This is an especially fun topic as we just got a NEW SUV last week!  Last night we sat around the dinner table talking about what we needed to put in our new Explorer.  Drawing from my family's responses and what we've always kept in our car I'm bringing you our personal "must-have" list.  

One  //  Hand Sanitizer 

If you ask my family what the TOP priority is for me to have in a vehicle they will answer back (at the speed of lightning) "Hand sanitizer!"  This is my biggest (germaphobe) necessity!  When we are out and about we are touching all sorts of stuff along the way, making this a necessity in my book.  The moment we hop in our vehicle I immediately pass a bottle of this goodness around to all.  

Two  //  Seasonal Tote 

I carry a tote bag with seasonal essentials for spontaneous fun or the opposite, unexpected calamity.  Here's what you'll find in that tote bag during the spring/summer and fall/winter months...

Spring/Summer Tote in the Trunk:
Picnic Blanket
Games to play in the park:  UNO, deck of cards, checkers
Book(s) and magazine(s)

Fall/Winter Tote in the Trunk:
Stocking hats

As you can tell the spring/summer tote is filled for fun in the sun, while the fall/winter items are all about survival in case of car problems. 

Three  //  Power Station

My parents got my husband this (from his wishlist) last Christmas and it brings such piece of mind having it!  It can jump start your car if your battery dies, has a USB port, and built in flashlight.  If you get into trouble in the middle of nowhere this will be a lifesaver!

Four  //  Power Inverter 
This little gadget allows you to plug in everything from laptops to gaming devices and also includes a couple USB ports for phone charging.  Traveling with teens and a techy hubby this comes in very useful!

Five  //  Charging Cords

Paired with the inverter above (or plugged into one of the Explorer's USB ports) our phones won't hit that dreaded low battery mode while we're on the go!

Six  //  
First Aid Kit

Accidents happen everywhere and being prepared is a plus!

Seven  //  Car Cleaning Supplies

Eight  //  People Cleaning Supplies

Perhaps even more important in keeping a car clean is keeping the hands and faces of its passengers clean!  Napkins and Wet Ones are pretty vital when it comes to that task!

Nine  //  Utensils 

You never know when someone at a drive thru may forget to include a fork or a straw or when you'll be out for an evening of shopping and a little ice cream in the freezer section calls out your name!

Ten  //  Quarters

Our new Explorer actually parallel parks itself!  How crazy is that?!  We still need to pay the meter when it does though, so having quarters handy is dandy!

Thanks so much for popping by today!  Are there any essentials you store in your vehicle that didn't make our list?  If so, I'd love to hear in the comments section below!

Join me in the adventures to come!

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  1. I love that you have cutlery in your car! Such a fun and sensible list!

  2. Oh gosh I need a car that parallel parks itself! That's awesome! You have some smart things in your car!

  3. How does that parallel parking work? I mean, do you have to put it in a particular position? That would make me nervous to try the first time! And, I guess it wouldn't work in an empty parking lot to test it out. LOL!!! I have only parallel parked a couple of times in my life, so that would be a handy dandy feature for me. I'm terrible at it, so I avoid it at all costs. That jumping gadget looks nice, I'd have to be shown how to use it though! I am so clueless when it comes to cars. I love how you keep a tote of fun items for summer and survival/warm items for winter! Can't believe I don't do that already!


  4. Ytensils in the car - brilliant! That power pack is pretty awesome, too. I think I'm seeing a Father's Day gift this year!
    Lisa @ Tales from the Love Shaque

  5. Looks like we share several of the same essentials! I don't know how often those extra straws and utensils have come in super handy! ;)

  6. YAY for your new car! And yesssss to hand sanitizer, this germaphobe never leaves home without it. And such a good idea about the utensils!
    Green Fashionista

  7. We have an explorer too...love it! But it doesn't parallel park itself. These are great things to have on your must-have-in-the-car list.


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