Thursday, March 22, 2018

Five Loves // Early Weekend Edition

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Happy {almost} first weekend of spring, friends!  Whether like us, you're starting to enjoy slightly warmer temps or you're one of my dear friends who were just slammed with a ton of snow, I hope the eventual arrival of the sunshine, warmth, and floral beauty of springtime that on its way sets your heart singing as it does the birds right outside my window.  Does anyone else find that to be one of the sweetest sounds while thawing out from the winter? 

{This photo from a previous 5 Loves post.}

I love seeing, hearing, and thinking about how God created the birds of the air and how He cares for them.  He is faithful to care for all who trust in Him and thinking on that does my heart good!

Beyond birds, here are a handful of loves from my week...

One  //  St. Patrick's Day Eats & Treats

Our St. Patrick's Day started in my favorite fashion, with a festive donut!  Several Irish folk songs later, we enjoyed corned beef brisket and potatoes for dinner.  The moral of this short story is, my favorite way to celebrate all things is with scrumptiousness.  

Two  //  Taco Tuesday Picnic at the Lake

Tuesday began with snow, followed by rain, and continued with a combination of both.  Despite the lack of sunshine on the first day of spring, we grabbed some deliciousness and headed to the lake for a picnic of the in-car variety.  We enjoyed time as a family chatting over "Mmm!" inducing Mexican food, while watching everything from a young bald eagle to wood ducks enjoying the start to their springtime too.

Qdoba Knock Out Two Timer Tacos - so good!

Three  //  Family Walk and Talk 

One of our favorite things to do when weather permits (often daily in the summertime) is to go on a family walk and talk.  This is such a precious time of chatting about anything from the events of our day to our dreams for the future, which if you know me is often vacation related. ;)  It felt fantastic to be out soaking up some Vitamin D and fresh air with my three favorite people on the planet! 

Four  //  A Magical Marathon

We always enjoy having television shows to watch as a family and I typically have a series going with each of my girls that we like to watch "just the two of us" too.  Little One and I were down to the final three episodes of Amazon Prime's original series Just Add Magic.  We gathered some yumminess, cozy blankets, and binge watched them.  It made for such a fun few hours together!  A special thanks to my friend Nancy from NY Foodie Family for sharing that she and her family watched this series!  We enjoyed it thanks to your recommendation, friend!  

Do you have a series you enjoy watching either as a family or with one of your kiddos?  If so, I'd love to hear your recommendation(s) in the comments section below!

Five  //  A 3-Day Weekend with my Love + Spring Break!

I'm updating this post to add the happiest highlight of my week (and posting a bit early because of it as well) as my husband came home from work with a surprise that had me squealing,  jumping for joy (literally - I'm a bouncer! Ha!), and happy hugging his neck!  He took a vacation day tomorrow giving us a three day weekend together!  Also, when this post goes live we will officially be on Spring Break!  A wonderfully refreshing week with a mix of family fun and relaxation awaits!  I am beyond giddy about it!

Thanks so much for visiting today!  Whatever the weekend ahead holds for you and yours, I hope you enjoy every bit of it!  

Join me in the adventures to come!
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  1. Enjoy your three day weekend! Your posts always make me so hungry LOL. Happy Friday!

  2. Happy Spring Break and Happy Day with your man!!! Love when our guys give us a sweet extra day with them!! I love the idea of a family walk and talk. How I wish Mother Nature would bring us some warmth and sunshine and we can do this, when all the boys are home in May, its on! Some snail mail form Iowa made my week extra sweet!!! Love and Hugs dear friend, enjoy this glorious day and SB beginnings!!

  3. Happy Spring Break! I love that bird picture. We had a bird nest just like that a few years ago and it was so cool to see it!

  4. That walk and talk sounds great. I can't wait for warmer weather so that Chris and I can go on some nice walks. :-) Happy Spring Break and I hope that you and your family enjoy it!! :-)

  5. What a wonderful surprise! Enjoy your three day weekend.

  6. What a lovely surprise and a great way to start Spring Break! I'm waiting for my little one to get home as I right this so we can start our Spring Break too! I love the idea of an in car picnic! Especially since it involves tacos and I love Qdoba! I wish there was one closer to me though. I started noticing the birds chirping in the morning last week. It makes so happy and reminds me that warmer days will be here before we know it! Have a wonderful Spring Break with your sweet family!

  7. A Mexican picnic in the car sounds FAB! Especially if it is still a little chilly out. My husband took off Friday, too and it was SO needed. He traveled the week before and then had clients in from Seattle for most of this week... so, he's been SO busy during work and in the evening doing work dinners/events... so, it was nice to catch up with him finally as a family on Friday at the circus!! I love taking walks, especially since I can enjoy nature much more when I'm walking than when I'm running (which I also love to do). Cheers to a great weekend and Spring break! My poor kiddos will be going back Monday, but have a 4 day weekend coming up with Easter.



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