Friday, May 12, 2017

Five Loves on Friday // Gift Goodness, Baby Robins, Delicious Meals, & Fun Food Finds!


Happy FRIDAY, friends!  Who's excited for the weekend?!  I can hardly wait to welcome my hubby home today and enjoy a couple days of family fun, but first, let's talk about some lovely loves from this week!

One  //  My Husband's Thoughtfulness & Generosity

A few months back my sweet hubby posed a question that I wasn't sure how to answer.  He asked, "If you had __ (amount of money) to spend on anything you wanted what would you buy"  I wasn't sure.  He went on to suggest that it be something I wouldn't typically want to budget for.  I had a difficult time answering.  I'm such a bargain shopper that thinking of wanting something that I wouldn't budget for was a challenge.  Anytime I mentioned something that we needed (like new bedding) he said, "No, we'll buy that anyway."  He insisted that he really wanted to treat me to something that I wanted, but thought was more than I'd want to spend.  At first my bag-loving brain went to a pretty new purse.  I wasn't really in need of a new one though and hadn't had my eye on any one in particular.  Then I mentioned something I'd swooned over, but just felt it was a bit more than I wanted to spend for that particular item.  He said, "That's it!  That's what I want to buy you!"  It was way under what he'd offered to spend, but it wasn't so much about the price tag as it was the sweet gesture to get me something that I wanted, yet wouldn't splurge on for myself.

What was this item?  The Keepsake Kitchen Diary from Lily & Val!  A place to store and preserve family favorites for years (and hopefully generations) to come!

(We actually ordered it months ago, but its popularity had it on back order for quite some time.  Receiving it after much anticipation made it all the more exciting to open!)

Photo courtesy Lily & Val

Lily & Val is known for their gorgeous illustrations, so naturally that loveliness is incorporated in this beautiful book!  Each new section begins with a lovely themed page!

Photo courtesy Lily & Val

The recipe pages include space for the basics of recipe, notes, and on the page opposite those details is a sheet for memories of when the dish was first tried and occasions that follow when it was enjoyed.  What a special keepsake kitchen diary this will surely be!

Photo courtesy Lily & Val

Now that mine has arrived I can hardly wait to fill its pages with our own family favorites!  

Two  //  A Delicious Day with Family

Jason's sister invited us over on Saturday and prepared a super delicious meal of smothered baked chicken burritos!  Yum!  (Recipe linked below photo)

We spent a beautiful afternoon together chowing, chatting, laughing, and enjoying each others company!  Hooray for fun with family!

Three  //  Baby Birdies

We have some fine feathered house guests right now!  I just love seeing baby birds and am so glad to have captured them being cared for by their mama.  The beauty of creation makes my heart sing!

Four  //  Chick-Fil-YAY!

Friday night Little One had a youth group event at church and on the drive to pick her up we noticed a brand new Chick-Fil-A that just popped up and opened without us even noticing!  We were very excited, yet knew that the days of being near it while it was open were limited as they're closed on Sundays and this week was the last Wednesday night of youth group for the girls until next school year.  So, we celebrated the finale of this youth group year on Wednesday with a scrumptious supper at Chick-Fil-A! YUM!


Five  //  Fun Food Finds!

If you follow along on instagram you also may have caught one of these in an IG story Wednesday night...

Y'all know I love trying limited edition Oreos!  Toss in one of my childhood faves, pop rocks, and you have the perfect combo to get this girl giddy!  

The girls and I laughed so hard as we tried these that night!  They seemed to continue popping even after we'd swallowed the cookies!  Oh the simple joys of childhood (and being a child-at-heart)!  Another thing I loved about these, I'd find it hard to overindulge with them.  Even just one cookie gave me the satisfaction of eating an Oreo, with the added fun of all that popping action.  I felt no need to continue on with a few more as I would a typical package of Oreo that may have me reaching for a couple more to dunk.  All the fun, much less calorie temptation! Win/win!

Secondly, you may remember me raving about Sargento's Balanced Breaks when they came out a while back.  I love having them on hand for a grab and go snack or light lunch.  Well, I saw a commercial this week that had me doing a happy dance!  It said something like "real cheese people sometimes need something sweet".  Yesss!

These new additions to their Balanced Break line were created with people like me in mind as they feature two of my favorite things, chocolate and cheese!  We hadn't noticed them in our area until last night!  Jason said, "You're going to need to try them all, right?"  He knows me so well!  He also checked to be sure that I had added all the different varieties to our cart.  He has my heart, friends!  What a man!  *Happy sigh*

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today!  Wishing you a beautiful Mother's Day weekend!

Join me in the adventures to come!

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  1. You know I adore you so I want to start out by are the BEST mom, those girls are soooo lucky!! You enrich their lives to the fullest!!! You can see it in their smiles. Your heart shines outwardly and inwardly and the world is a better place because of you!!! Guess who bought both the sweet breaks and the fireworks oreos last night at the!!!! cannot wait to try them both!! Your husband is a gem sweet!! Hope the sun shines on your beautiful face this weekend mama!!

  2. Oh my goodness!!!! That cookbook is so beautiful and I know it will be cherished by you and the girls for many years to come! Those burritos look AMAZING!!!!! You seriously captured the most stunning pic of those birds! Creation IS beautiful and so magnificent! WOW! A new Chick fil a?! YAY! And....after seeing your Instagram the other day, I was SUPER excited to find those Fireworks Oreos at my small town Walmart yesterday! I picked them up, but we have yet to try them, but I can't wait! Those SWEET balanced breaks look delish! I love those things without the sweet, I bet they're even BETTER with the sweet! Let us know what you think! Love you!!!

  3. That cookbook is beautiful. I love the little celebration at CFA. It's my favorite fast food restaurant. Jess at Just Jess

  4. I saw the baby birds on your instagram, and thought it was too cute! And how amazing is that cookbook! LOVE <3
    Green Fashionista

  5. That cookbook is so wonderful. What sweet thoughtful husband you have. You are truly blessed. Hope you have a very Happy Mother's Day!!

  6. Your husband is so sweet! I wish we had a Chick-Fil-a near us....but that could be very dangerous! Instead it's a nice treat when we are on a road trip and see one! I have to get those Oreos! I haven't seen them around me yet, but will definitely be trying them! The kids always share their pop rocks with me when they get them in goodie bags. So much fun! And I will also have to check out those Sargento packs. I haven't seen these yet either...and I'm always on the lookout for new snacks! Have a great weekend and a Happy Mother's Day!

  7. What a beautiful cookbook. You will really enjoy filling it with special family recipes. Yea for a new Chick fil A! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I get all the best Oreo intel from you! I tried the chocolate covered strawberry ones after you suggested it, and now I need some of these. Pop Rocks are the best! I am also pinning those burritos - my husband loves smothered burritos. Happy weekend!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  9. Woah! Hubby hero week! :) Love the gift you chose - that looks like SO much fun to fill out all the different pages. I agree, having a CFA on your commute is both dangerous AND delicious. So glad you got to enjoy some chicken before the summer started! :)

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  10. That cookbook is beautiful!! My Mom filled a cookbook for me, with our family recipes, a few years before she passed and it is my favorite. I love cooking from it with my boys! It fills my heart with so much love. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  11. I totally have to find those Oreos soon and put them away for the 4th. Thank you for the heads up girl! LOVE that recipe book. What a beautiful keepsake to have. I love that the hubby thought to challenge you. As a fellow bargain shopper, I know the struggle.


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