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Throwback Thursday: Most-Requested Crockpot Macaroni & Cheese (5 Ingredients to YUM!)

Today I'm pleased to share one of my all-time favorite recipes with you!  This is a cinch to put together and always a hit at any party or family dinner!  I hope you'll pin, whip up sometime soon, and most of all, enjoy!

Most-Requested Crockpot Macaroni & Cheese
(5 Ingredients to YUM!)
Originally written and published here on February 5, 2103

You know that one recipe that you're known for? The delicious dish that shortly after receiving an invite to a gathering you're asked, "Would you please bring..." That recipe you've had so many requests for that you could write it out in your sleep. This is mine. I'm pleased to share with you my most-requested crockpot macaroni and cheese! It could not be simpler, yet when it's done, your taste buds couldn't be happier!


1 1/2 cups of large elbow macaroni 
1 cup Velveeta, cubed 
1 can whole kernel corn, undrained 
2 cans cream corn, undrained 
1 stick of butter/margarine, melted 

*This recipe is written as I prepare it for serving my family at home. When serving larger crowds I normally double or triple all ingredients (except butter, 1 stick is always good ... unless you may be serving Paula Deen! ;))

Steps to Creating Cheesy Happiness:

1. Spray crockpot. 

2. Place all of the ingredients in the crockpot. 

3. Stir everything together. 

4. Cover and cook on high for 2 1/2 hours. {Stirring occasionally} 

5. EAT, ENJOY ... & be sure to SHARE! ;)

Wishing you cheese covered forks & happy taste buds!,

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  1. Sounds easy and delish! We love a good mac and cheese in our house! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Oh man this sounds SO good. My oldest is a HUGE fan of Mac and cheese and I know she would think this was amazing. I'll have to surprise her with it.

  3. Sounds yummy! I would have never thought of corn and mac and cheese in the same dish but I bet it's awesome!

  4. Yum! I'm saving this and making it for my mac n cheese crazed family! Thanks Brenda!


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