Friday, February 10, 2017

Five Loves on Friday

Happy Friday, friends!  I've got some fun things to share plus a couple mini hauls for you too!  So, let's get right to it!  Five Loves time!

One // Princess Completed Driver's Ed!

She's an artist, so I thought it fitting to turn her photo into art care of Prisma.

This girl rocked all 40+ hours of driving in various conditions and settings, and the 30 hours of course work, quizzes, and passed the final test with flying colors!  Before she first sat behind that steering wheel I thought it would be terrifying to ride with one of my children while they learned to drive.  I'm thrilled to say now, that I am beyond impressed with her incredible skill, confidence, and ability!  She's driven countless times on the interstate, merging into high traffic.  She's learned to drive in Midwestern winter weather.  Roads/drives known for stressing out people my age she has no difficult maneuvering.  I could not be more proud of her!  Her sixteenth birthday isn't until later this year, so she doesn't have her license quite yet.  She's completely ready for that day and now has her Driver's Ed certificate of completion in hand!

Two // I Made My Own Popsugar Must Have Box!

I love receiving Popsugar Must Have boxes.  You never know what will be inside which adds to the excitement.  However, sometimes it can lead to disappoint.  I paid $40 for this?!  So, when Popsugar offered a deal where you could purchase items that they've had in previous boxes individually and "create your own Popsugar box", I couldn't resist!  The prices were a bit crazy to me, but they ran a deal where if you bought $100 worth of items you would score 75% off and free shipping.  This essentially made it $25 for $100 worth of merch.  How could I pass that up?  I ended up with about $110 worth of items making my cart.  Once the discount was applied I paid less than what a regularly priced Popsugar Must Have box costs.  Bargain!  Most Popsugar boxes have one really high priced item in there.  I went with smaller things, but love all my purchases so I think it was worth the price tag!  

*At this point all items in the Popsugar shop are showing as "sold out".  If they were still running the promotion I'd absolutely link the offer here for you to check out too. ;)

Wanna see what I got?  
Fantastic!  You know I love sharing a haul with y'all!

Christian Lacroix Paris Paseo Sticky Note Folio

The folio itself, with embossing and gold detailing, is super stylish!  Sometimes it's just fun to have pretty things, isn't it? The sticky notes inside will definitely be put to use too. ;)

Flint Lint Roller

This is actually an item that I have received in a Popsugar box recently, but it can't hurt to have a back up/one for my bag!  It's oh so handy!  You twist the bottom to use the lint rolling paper.  When not in use it stays in it's lovely packing.  I cannot tell you how much use I have already gotten out of mine.  If you're in need of a lint roller, I highly recommend this one!  I've also seen them at Walmart in a variety of colors.  Not that that matters, but like I said, it's fun when useful things come in pretty packaging!

House of Pom Emoji Cocktail Napkins

I just thought these cloth cocktail napkins were too cute!  I look forward to using them out on our deck this summer!

Knock Knock "Are You Ready?" Compact

"Are you ready ... for your close-up?"

I've been in need of a compact for my purse and this one was too cute to resist!  The top mirror is magnified and the bottom is a typical mirror.  

The Makeup Eraser Mini

I haven't used this yet, but from reviews I've read I'm hopeful it'll be an amazing tool for makeup removal!  In my favorite color too.  This had to be in there!

NCLA Born on the 4th Nail Lacquer

The first thing I thought of when I saw this nail lacquer was how much fun my girls and I would have doing festive manis for the 4th this summer!  Sparkle and patriotism in a bottle.  Yes, please and thank you!

Sunnylife Inflatable Swan Drink Holder

Truth be told, this was the first item in my cart!  I just thought it was too cute!  I can hardly wait to toss this in our pool this summer with some floating refreshments inside!

Winky Lux Lip Pill in Bunny

This is another item that I'd received in a previous Must Have box.  I love the shade, the packaging, everything!  Online they sell for $14 and I scored it for around $4.  Even though I still have a full tube, when you find a color you love at that kind of discount it's a pretty irresistible purchase!

Stowaway Cosmetics Dawn to Dusk Palette

I wish I could tell you what I think of this palette in action, but I've yet to use it.  It'll make a favorites post if it's worthy. ;)

Three // My Newest Addiction:  Loaded Curly Fries from Arby's

I tried the loaded curly fries on Arby's 2/$5 menu this week and oh my goodness were they so good!  I mean, curly fries, cheese sauce, real bacon, and ranch, how could they not be?!  I may need an intervention.  Send help, and napkins. ;)

Four // Children's Place 75% off Haul

As long as Little One will fit into The Children's Place clothing, I will be shopping there!  So much cuteness at itty bitty prices.  This week I ordered such fun pieces and they arrived just a couple days later.  Check out the adorableness!

1   //   2   //   3

Any guesses what she and I had in mind when we chose that first pink polka dotted fabulousness for her?  If you're picturing Minnie Mouse ears and a Mickey ice cream bar as its accessories then you know us well!  Stay tuned later this year for pics of her posing on Main Street in this cuteness!  The TACO' CLOCK tee glows in the dark!  So fun!  If only they sold adult sizes. ;)  Lastly (pictured anyway, I did get another lit'l box from there but those are Valentine's gifts so I'm keeping them off the blog  just in case she sees this :)), this perfectly twirly pink hearted sweetheart of a dress will be my littlest Valentine's attire for Heart Day next week!  So, so cute!  ...and did I mention I ordered it all during a 75% off sale?!  *happy sigh!*  Oh, how I love a fantastic deal!

Five // Sharing These Made My Week!

I can't resist wrapping up this loves post up with three things I've shared this week that made my heart so happy it could burst!  One is a trip report of my favorite birthday ever!  What an incredible day that was and recapping it for you guys was too much fun!  Second, a post about marriage, one of the greatest blessings of my life.  Lastly, my favorite craft tutorial along with a love story from when my husband and I were just teenagers.  *Swoon!*  If you missed any of these I'd love it if you'd pop over there next! ...

Adventure is out there!

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Marriage Matters

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My Love Story Written in Wildflowers

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Thanks for popping by for a bloggy visit today!  Wishing you a fabulous weekend ahead! 

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  1. Congrats on your daughter finishing driver's ed. The thought of my daughter driving scares in a how is she that old?! kind of way!!! I've never done the PopSugar subscription box. But the deal you got sounds amazing and I love all the stuff you picked out! Picking out all the stuff must have been fun! I wish my daughter still liked the Children's Place. I agree that they have some of the best prices on fashionable kids clothes. But according to the almost 11 year-old, "it's not my style!" At least I can still get deals on my son's clothes!! I still have to read your Trip Report Tuesday post....have a great weekend!

  2. Can I love this Friday favs anymore? I think nor except my love for you!!! Man, did you pack this full of great goodies! How cute is that compact and pretty polish. I want it for my tootsies!!!! Aww, what a Prisma Princess behind the wheel!!! That swan drink holder must be in my future, we are going to be building a house with a pool so BIG YES and the napkins too!! LOVE you cutie pie!!!

  3. Oh I would give anything to be able to eat those loaded curly fries!!! But no dairy for me :( That's so cool PopSugar allows you to make your own box! I just posted a Rebecca Mail box on my blog today - it came with awesome stuff! Check it out!

  4. Oh I love me some loaded fries, especially loaded curly fries!

  5. Congrats to your daughter! That's fantastic. Oh gosh, those fries from Arby's look amazing. I'm currently on a diet program so I can't have any, but I'm drooling over here. haha You'll have to eat more in honor of me. ;)

    That deal to make your own PopSugar box is awesome! I would have totally done that. The post-it notes are beautiful and I don't tend to wear lipstick, but I'm so curious about this one! Love the look of it.


  6. Aww! I just love it all! Those girls and their mama are so stylish! Driving for one and clothing goodies for the other! Such a FUN deal on the PopSugar box! You, my dear, are the greatest bargain hunter I've ever met! We should hang out! ;) AND get some curly fries! ;) Finally, I absolutely LOVED your posts this week! What an incredible insight into God's creation--from the physical creation of the earth and all it's beauty to marriage the way it was meant to be--so full of love, forgiveness, growth, and grace (along with so much more!). Thanks for sharing, sweet friend!!

  7. Congrats to Princess on Driver's ed! Huge news!! OOh that makeup eraser is awesome!! And those fries-- man oh man!! HAppy Friday!

  8. Happy Friday! Congratulations on your daughter finishing driver's ed! So many great finds you have here. Those sticky notes, those cocktail napkins, and that swan drink holder! I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)
    Beautifully Candid

  9. Yay for Princess completing Driver's Ed! That is so awesome! Matthew turned 16 on Wednesday, but he hasn't gone through any kind of Driver's Ed yet. I can't believe how big the kids are getting though. Ack!
    Those Arby cheese fries look amazing! Are they new? I used to go there for lunch about once a week, but it's been a long time. I might have to make a special trip for those!!

  10. I really shoul put a mirror in my purse. I never have one and often I find myseld using my phonea front camera, so not the same. I saw a tutorial on Facebook for putting on glitter polish and my mind was blown. They told you to use a cosmetic sponge to apply it.


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