Thursday, January 26, 2017

Throwback Thursday // Blessings Hidden in the Mundane

Happy Thursday, friends!  I originally wrote and published this post during the first week of 2013, just three days after beginning this blog!  I think it's worth sharing once again today in hopes that it will add a dash of encouragement to your week!

Welcome back to reality! Christmas break has wrapped up. Today we shall hit the books like nobody's business. No more staying in PJs all day (wait, we homeschool...I guess that doesn't necessarily have to be true ;)) No more excuses to let the dishes pile, and leave the laundry unfolded because "I'm on vacation". Time to rock this whole domestic woman gig! ;) Do you ever notice yourself on an emotional swing of extremes? Excited and raring to conquer every cooking, cleaning, and child rearing challenge that presents itself ... or ... like the work you do to care for your home and family is so repetitive and insignificant as you wash the same dishes, and put away the same laundry, give the same lectures about cleaning up the toys, and throwing away those candy wrappers - oh wait, those were mine. ;) Ahem, point is, do you find yourself feeling either ready to battle the war that rages against you (I've got this!)... or ... do you find yourself ready to throw in the (dirty) towel and throw up a white flag surrendering to the chaos of it all? (Does nothing remain clean for a 24 hour period?!) I'm an all or nothing type of gal, so I find myself in one extreme camp or the other (Camp Perfectionistic vs. Camp Pessimistic), continually. My goal this lovely 2013 is not to have a spotless home, neither is it to just forget about dishes in the sink altogether. My aspiration for the year ahead is to find joy and purpose in the ordinary, and to understand my limits, setting priorities accordingly. Being a full time wife, mother, homemaker, homeschool teacher, chef, "maid" (ha!), and the million other things we (housewives) are and do, is enough to make your head spin when you think about it. The "to do" lists will never be done, so let's set realistic goals for each day. Give yourself a few simple tasks to check off the list, you showered? Check! ;) Spice up your to do list with some random fun too. Shaking off the mundane with a one song dance party, savoring a well deserved chocolate, and stepping outside to feel the sunshine on your face, may help you make it through the less pleasant items on the checklist more easily. Always remember that your tasks to keep up your home and to serve your family are important and worthy of your best efforts. The ordinary bits of life are where we spend the majority of our lives, so don't dread them. Relish the opportunity to accomplish what needs done, and done efficiently (without pausing to watch ourselves give "pity me" glances in the bathroom mirror as we scrub that toilet, again). This will allow us more time to enjoy the ones we are caring enough to provide a loving, tidy home for. Put things in perspective, and position your heart for gratitude. When you make a meal and think, why do I have to do this three times a day?! Give thanks that you have food to eat. Some don't. When you have to make that bed, again, be thankful you have a warm place to rest each night, with comfortable blankets to cover you and a fluffy pillow to rest your head upon. Others may not. When you have to ask your child to clean their room, again, be thankful that God has blessed you with this precious little one and entrusted them in your care. Some are desperately praying for a child right now, and have an empty room ready to be filled with a mess and would like nothing more than to one day say, "Didn't I ask you to pick up your toys?" May we have grateful hearts, and willing hands to do the work needed in our homes. May God enable us to see the ordinary as important, and the mess as a means to serve for His glory! Praying that this week will get off to a refreshing start for you! Thanks for stopping by! Have a marvelous Monday! :)

With Care, Brenda

"Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men" ~ Colossians 3:23


  1. I think you do such a brilliant job of living life with joy and purpose and shaking off the mundane! You truly seem like one of the most fun and sweet ladies on the planet and your enthusiasm and positive outlook on life and your walk with our Lord and Savior are such an inspiration! This was truly a great post! I hope you have a spectacular day full of laughter!

  2. One of my goals for 2017 is to write down three thankful thoughts each day. And on days when not much happens it can be a challenge. Yesterday the weather was terrible and I was in the house all day. When it came time to come up with thankful thoughts last night I wrote down Netflix, Avocados and hot showers. Maybe not the most meaningful or glamorous things but things I found joy in that day.

  3. Oh gosh! This is totally me!! And, I don't homeschool and my kids are in school during the day, but seriously nothing does stay clean for 24 hours. But, you are so right we really should be thankful, chaos and all! :)


  4. I admire you in so many ways, sweet friend. One of those ways is how WELL you care for your home and your family. While I know it's nearly impossible to have a grateful heart throughout the mundane EVERY moment, you certainly do a fantastic job of making the best of every hour! Thank you for the encouragement and inspiration today!

  5. OH man I can totally relate. I am either going 90 miles an hour or hiding under the covers on my bed there is definitely no middle ground over here. Glad you shared this!


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