Friday, May 8, 2015

Five Loves on Friday

Hello, friends!  I cannot believe how fast this week flew!  It's all been a happy blur! :)  Here are five loves from those days gone by..

1.  Lauren Conrad's Minnie Mouse Collection!

Lauren Conrad has a new Disney collection at Kohl's!  This one is inspired by Minnie Mouse!  I'd read on Disney Style Blog that this collection would hit stores on May 10th.  I was giddy to spot it already up on last week!  I jumped on that immediately, especially since the pieces were each marked down from their original price, and I had codes for 30% off and free shipping!  When they arrived on my front porch this week I was in love! 

I adore the feminine & magical details in these pieces!

Disney's Minnie Mouse a Collection by LC Lauren Conrad

 I can hardly wait to wear them at Disney World later this year!!!

2.  Little One's Handcrafted Gifts Made with Love for her BFFs

Wednesday was the last night of classes at our church before breaking for summer.  This meant a party that my girls look forward to each year!  Little One loves any excuse to craft and give her friends gifts.  She did not let this occasion pass her by!

She began by creating purses for her two BFFs from My Little Pony plates and pipe cleaners.  Aren't they adorable?!  Then her mission was to craft more goodies to fill them with.  She made masks (from pony faces on the sides of happy meal boxes and skewers) and bracelets for the three of them, each with one letter, together spelling out "B - F - F".  She whipped up another accessory in necklaces made from string and cardboard, each representing their recipient's interests.  K loves to paint, so a paint brush dangled from it's string "chain".  C loves to draw, hers boasted a pencil charm.  Little One also took to picmonkey to make flyers with a logo for the girls' club "Digi Dogs".  Even fun size bags of M&Ms got a personal touch.  With the help of some markers those sweet candy characters exclaimed, "Happy Summer!"  For a final add-in each bag received a 3D paper pony.  She printed out multiple copies of each pony and built them up to stand up on their own.   

Princess also had a little something ready for her best friend.  She's becoming such a terrific artist!  She put her art skills to good use creating a picture of the two of them together.  It was very sweet!  

I love that both of my girlies put such thought and care into creating these gifts.  I praise God for the gift of sweet friends He's blessed each of them with!

3.  Paddington 

The girls and I loved seeing Paddington in the theaters and knew it was a "must own" for our family!  I used money I had earned through Walmart Savings Catcher to preorder it through their website.  They have an exclusive set that includes a Paddington plush.  It's too cute!  We are delighted to "look after this bear". :)

4.  Simple Deliciousness

Jason and I love the Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps at The Cheesecake Factory, so when we spotted these last weekend we had to give them a try!  I didn't have too high of hopes for them as frozen food often looks much better than it turns out to be, but these were delicious!  I enjoyed every {light} bite!  A serving is only 70 calories, tossing it inside of some butter lettuce doesn't add much more.  It was a simple and satisfying, low cal dinner!  Win/win!  

5.  Flirty Aprons' Sale!

I received an email last week that Flirty Aprons was offering the incredible deal of a whopping 60% off + free shipping for Mother's Day!  I had ordered an apron from them years ago and love it, so I couldn't resist browsing.  I was in need of some new oven mitts/hot pads and on a whim checked out their gloves.  Here's what I went with. ...

 It's funny, I'd never been one to use gloves when cleaning, but read somewhere recently that nothing seems too dirty when you're wearing gloves.  That is so true!  We had some condiments spill on the shelves in our fridge door.  What would've been a gross mess to clean was new biggie wearing these!  Plus, they are much cuter than those yellow ones you find at the store.  The girls got a kick out of me as I modeled them in the kitchen before using!  Sometimes a good laugh can make unpleasant jobs a bit more fun. :)

Here's the apron I purchased through their site a few years back.  Love it!  

They have such stylish ones to choose from!  If you or your mom are in need of a cute apron, definitely check  Their current coupon code for 60% off your order plus free shipping is:  MOTHER60

*I am in no way affiliated with any stores mentioned in this post.  I am simply a fan of great deals, lovely clothes, delicious food, and quality kitchen accessories.  I also LOVE passing on fab finds & a great deal to my friends whenever possible!

Thanks so much for visiting!  Have a fabulous Mother's Day weekend!

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  1. I bought my daughter a cherry printed apron one year for Christmas. It was just like that print of cherries on the oven mitt. She loved it. All your collections are adorable. Fun items! Linking from High Five for Friday party. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  2. Ok I didn't know about the LC collection, but I LOVE the shorts and that white blouse with the tiny Minnie ears. Too cute! Thanks for linking up :)

  3. I always wear gloves when cleaning the kitchen, I don't like to touch dirty dishes!! Love Lauren Conrad and her collection is so cute. She is just one of my favorite celebrities. Your daughter is so cute and that is so sweet that she made that stuff for her BFF. :-) I hope that you have a great weekend and happy Mother's Day to you! :-)

  4. oh the LC at Kohl's!! I love it! I want them all. You'll be the best dressed fam at Disney!

  5. I LOVE her Minnie Mouse line! I hadn't heard of it, it looks so cute! I hope you have the best weekend!! Xx

  6. How stinking cute is LC - i mean everything she does is amazing!! I need to find those lettuce wraps - they look so good! Have a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. Those cleaning gloves are so cute! I've been on the hunt for a new, fun set! Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. How precious is the Minnie Mouse collection? We just got back from Disney so I am in a total Disney mood. I may have to run to Kohl's this weekend and check this out. Happy Mother's Day!!

  9. That Minnie Mouse collection from LC is too cute! Happy to find your blog through the link up!

  10. I love everything about this post! I will be checking out LC's Minnie Mouse collection ASAP! And I need to find that seasoned chicken - hopefully our grocery store has it! Enjoy your weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

  11. Love the Lauren Conrad collection!!! So cute! Also, I'm going to be on look out for those lettuce wraps. I haven't had them at Cheesecake Factory but the had from PF Changs and they are so delicious! Is the Paddington movie sad? The idea of him getting lost makes me think it might be a sad movie.

  12. I can't wait to read all about your trip after you return this exciting!!

    Little one is so talented and thoughtful, what sweet girls!!!!

    We didn't get a chance to see paddington and we are impatiently waiting for it from netflix!

  13. Awww I loved the book Paddington when I was little - I need to see that movie. I hadn't heard about LC's collection, but I need to check it out!! I love those Minnie-inspired red and white polka dot shorts for women. Have a great weekend, Brenda!

  14. Love me some lettuce wraps--- will def have to try it. And your little one is so talented!! I adore the feminine details of the minnie collection. Might have to get a piece or two!!! Happy Mother's Day, sweet lady!

  15. Ooh, didn't know about the Lauren Conrad Disney collection at Kohls! May have to go check it out since we are going to Disney in August!

  16. I love the Minnie collection, so cute! Paddington looks like a cute little movie, I need to see it! Have a great Mothers Day weekend!

  17. Happy Mother's Day Brenda. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

  18. Brenda,
    Loved your Plumb story!
    I didn't know about Lauren Conrad's Disney line--SO so cute!
    I'm going to be looking for those lettuce wraps!
    Happy Mother's Day!!

  19. How did I miss the LC Disney collection?! Will definitely be checking out Kohls soon :) And I agree on the cleaning gloves, they make dirty jobs much more manageable!

  20. That LC Disney collection is too cute! Thanks so much for sharing so I have a heads-up about it:) Your little one's gifts are so precious. And I loved the Paddington Bear movie.

    Thanks for linking up with us:)


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