Friday, March 14, 2014

Five Loves on Friday!

Happy Friday, lovelies!  I'm sick at the moment, but I won't let that stop me from sharing the excitement that took place here before this "bug" hit!  Then, I'll finish it off with a few delicious finds I stumbled upon while stuck on the couch with my iPad.  Let's get right to this week's five loves...

1.  Check Out Her New Bling!
Last weekend Little One competed in a taekwondo tournament and rocked it!  She did her absolute best and we couldn't be more proud of our girl!  She got 1st place in weapons, 1st place in forms, and 2nd place in sparring!!!

Way to go, Little One!!!

2.  "So This is Love"
Isn't receiving fun mail the best?!  I was tickled pink to find this sweet poster in my mailbox this week after winning 3rd place in My Borrowed Heaven's #DisneySide giveaway!  Thanks again, Meg! :)

So cute!

3.  70ºs!
There was still a little snow here and there when we woke up Sunday morning ...until the temp hit 70º! {Woohoo!} Then Monday it reached 74º!  We were even able to open our windows and let in some fresh air!  *happy sigh*!  Even though there is more snow in the forecast this weekend, this week's temps gave us a taste of what's to come whenever spring does arrive! :)

4.  Bacon Mac & Cheese?  Yes, please!
Check out what Ingrid {aka:  missglamorazzi} shared this week! YUMmm!

5.  "Once Upon a Time" + Themed Goodies!
Once Upon a Time is baaaack!  L-O-V-E that series! What else do I love?  Themed goodness!  Although I wasn't well enough to bake a batch this week, I think these would be the PERFECT treat for a Once Upon a Time viewing par-tay! :)

Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to visit today!  Wishing you a fabulous upcoming weekend! :)

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  1. Um, Bacon mac n cheese? I'm in. 100%. And congrats to your little one! That's awesome!
    Stopping by from the link up - happy Friday!

  2. Congrats to your daughter! I really my son would try Taekwondo. They offer it at our gym but he's too timid to try it out. Have a great weekend!

  3. I've made that Mac and cheese before and it is the best! I'm seriously drooling over those brownies tho!! I neeeeed them! I'm a fellow Once Upon A Time lover!!! P.s. How did you get that YouTube video to show up on your post??? I'm so bad at technology!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend! Adding you to my reading list :)

  4. Hey Brenda! Congrats to your little girl on her medals! She is too cute! Hope you guys have a great weekend! Pamela @ A Little Glitter

  5. Congrats to your little girl!! And bacon and cheese, yumm!!!
    Thanks for linking up with me today!

  6. Yaayy I'm so glad you liked the poster! Congrats to your little one - that is a LOT of bling!!! I hope you're feeling better this weekend, enjoy it!

  7. Feel better! I have STILL been fighting something on + off...ugh this weather needs to pick something because it is throwing my body for a loop! Feel better!! Xx.

  8. Wow first second place that is amazing! And in your other Friday post that culverts looks amazing too bad I'm in California.

  9. Sorry about that bug! I do hope things are on the up and up.

    I loooove the poster, so sweet. Wow, that littlest one of yours is a talented young lady, and dedicated to her craft I'd say.

  10. How awesome for your daughter! I love that the weather is getting so nice! I hope you enjoy your weekend!

  11. Oh a taekwondo competition sounds like it'd be pretty exciting to watch! And bacon mac-n-cheese sounds delicious, feel free to send me some!

  12. That warm weather sounds amaaaaazing - I can't wait for spring to finally get here! Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  13. Yay for your little one! Such an awesome accomplishment! I'm totally watching Once Upon a Time as I write this ;)

  14. Congrats to the little one on all her medals! Bacon Mac and Cheese??? Yes, please!

  15. I can not believe the weather this weekend. Saturday I was in North Carolina and got a sunburn, came home to VA on Sunday and we have over a foot of snow, too crazy! Congrats to your little one and that bacon mac n' cheese sounds amazing. Feel better!

  16. Bacon mac and cheese... My two favorite foods!!

  17. Wow - how great for you little cutie! And the bacon mac & cheese and old St Patty's day recipes...yum!!

  18. Bacon mac and cheese is so yummy!!!

    I love the cupcakes I made some like that a while back, but didn't use poprocks that is a cool twist!!

    Yeah to the bling, way to go :)


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