Friday, February 14, 2014

Five Loves on Friday!

Happy Friday AND Happy Valentine's Day, lovelies!  Could your heart be more happy right now?! ;)  Speaking of happy hearts, it's time to share five things that made my heart smile since this time last week!  Let's get right to those 5 Loves.....

1. LOVEly Locks of Braided Beauty!
I was looking for a way to make my girlies feel fancy for a party this week, when I came across this quick, easy & cute heart ponytail tutorial! Princess' hair was a twist on that, with an added sparkly clip bringing her braid into a heart. So much FUN to create these sweet looks!  

Cutesy Valentine Party Hair!

2. Valentine's Day Party Fun!
My mom is the holiday hostess with the mostess! This week she threw a fabulous Valentine's Day party for her daycare kiddos, and invited us to join in on the fun!

Photos left to right:  grilled cheese hearts, the girls and their Grandma Kathy, super sweet treats and decor {how CUTE are those Robot Valentine treats a creative parent brought?! LOVE them!}, my girls with valentine goodies that their Grandma and her daycare kiddos' families so "sweet"ly gifted them, Grandma LOVES to bake - and this party was the perfect excuse to create pretty desserts!

Disney Valentine Goodness from Over Two Decades Ago!
My favorite Disney animated movie is Aladdin. Back when it was NEW I got a box of these valentines.  Years later my mom came across them in her hutch.  The past few years she's given me one for Valentine's Day!

Simple thoughtfulness can be so sweet!  Love ya, Mom & Dad! XO XO!

3.  My Heart Overflows with each Note!
While Jason and I were dating he was a rock star (ok, he may have only achieved "rock star status" in my eyes, but he did/does rock! ;))  Back then my heart skipped a beat while watching him on stage as he'd dedicate my favorite song to "his favorite girl" ... nowadays my heart flutters when I see him lovingly teach our girls how to play!  

4.  My Sugar 
When my hubby pulls into the driveway I'm at the backdoor clapping - seriously! :)  The only thing better than my love's homecoming is him coming home with CHOCOLATE!!  This week he brought home these yummies, perfectly chosen for what his three favorite girls would most enjoy!


Which cookie is your weakness?

5.  Sweet One on One time
Last weekend Little One had a bowling event with taekwondo.  Jason was so excited to take her, and although he couldn't bowl with her (since he's not in taekwondo leadership), he did rent a lane alongside the group.  They enjoyed 4 games ...and I enjoyed his snapshots of their daddy/daughter dinner and FUN!

Meanwhile, Princess and I had GIRLS NIGHT in!! Which involved ...

It was a sweet night, creating even sweeter memories!

 Have a lovely Valentine's Day & a sensational Saturday too, friends! 

Chocolate ...& a Bargain? Count me in!! :)

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  1. Love all this festive fun! Tagalongs are definitely my favorite too!

  2. The hair....OMG! Great it! I need some of your braiding skills. We share a mutual love of girl scout cookies...yum!!! Have a great Valentine's Day. <3

  3. The real Holiday is February 15th! Haha, that is really funny! Happy Valentine's Day and have a nice weekend! :)

  4. First things first, I want Grandma Kathy to be MY babysitter! :) Next, the girls' hair is ADORABLE! Aladdin---AMAZING! Now I'll be singing "A Whole Neeew World....." all day long! But that's okay, because I'll also have the words, "why don't you come with me little girl....on a magic carpet ride" right along with it! :) Okay.....NEXT.....a husband who is a good daddy is an even better husband as far as I'm concerned! I LOVE that you, sweet friend, have been blessed with such a fantastic hubby and your girls have a fabulous daddy! As for Girl Scout cookies....caramel delights, peanut butter patties, thin mints, lemonades, peanut butter sandwich, they're all my faves! LOL! And I haven't gotten my hand on even ONE box yet this year...that needs to change...or maybe it doesn't. One box usually leads to five! :) One on one time with your girls---I love that about you! I now have a goal to make that happen more often! The kiddos need it, as do Mom and Dad! :) I look forward to your Five Loves posts every week! :) Thank you for sharing, dear friend, and have a FABULOUS Day of Love yourself! :)

  5. I'm addicted to Tagalongs! My mouth is watering just thinking of them!

    Here's my 5:


  6. Those Aladdin Valentines are just the cutest - what a sweet tradition! Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. Visiting from the link up. Looks like such a fun valentine's party!

  8. Brenda! Great job with the hair braid hearts! My daughter would love that! Thank you for posting! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day and a great weekend!

    Pam @

  9. Oh my gosh! Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie too!! Those Valentines are awesome. =)

  10. Thin Mints! If i could eat one cookie for the rest of my life, it'd be Thin Mints for sure! Loving those braids (my younger self is super jealous) and who doesn't love Aladdin?! I hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day Brenda!! xo

  11. Looks like another awesome week!
    I'm waiting for my girl scout cookie order to come in - can't wait!
    Aladdin is one of my favorites too. :)

  12. oh gosh golly...what's not to love?!?! Girl scout cookies, guitar lessons, HEART BRAIDS?!?!? Love your heart, sweet mama! xx

  13. Aww the heart braids are awesome! I read the blog, My Soul is the Sky, and she does just some crazy braiding. I can't wait until Aria has some hair and I can try some. I've never been able to do much more than a standard braid, but they just look so cool =)
    I really want grilled cheese now.
    And, that is really sweet that he is teaching them the guitar. And, cute that he was (is) your rockstar =)

  14. I love me some Tagalongs and Samoas! My order just came in and I can't wait to get it this week!

  15. I definitely just bought 8 boxes of girl scout cookies from my friends daughter! One of each kind, and 2 for thin mint and caramel delights :) Now I have to pace myself and not eat them all in one sitting lol

  16. LOVE the hair, what a GREAT idea!!

    Man Caramel Delights are so yummy and so bad for me .. lol

    Love the robots :)


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