Saturday, March 16, 2013

Take a Deep Breath! You WILL Survive Without Google Reader. Promise.

I know the stress of uncertainly and change can be super scary/upsetting/chocolate consumption provoking. (Okay, so I'm just looking for an excuse to scarf down another brownie, you caught me. ;)) I'm here to give you a big virtual hug and tell ya, friends, it will be ALRIGHT! Really. It will.

In the midst of THE SKY IS FALLING! google reader is crashing and burning, I just set up a bloglovin' account. Literally a few minutes, and a couple clicks later, all was well in the world once again. PHEW. It was extremely easy to set up! It basically just requires creating an account and then giving BL permission to transfer the blogs you already follow to be enjoyed there. Each blog I followed yesterday, I'm still following today ... and will be following come July 2nd. No worries at all. Pass the brownies, please & thank you! (Hey, I'm not just a stress eater. I'm also a celebratory chower! I don't discriminate. Name a mood, insert need for chocolate.)

I've gotta admit I wasn't so calm, cool, and collected about this last night. I sat on the couch with my hubby and told him how upsetting this whole thing was. What if I lost several of my readers in the shuffle of it all?! Then he (as he normally does) effortlessly spoke a few words of wisdom, settling my troubled heart. He simply reassured me, "The readers who really care about your blog, the ones that actually read and like your posts, will do whatever they have to do to follow you." Hmm... simple truth. Those who care about your blog, will care enough to follow you, even if it requires effort. Others who don't, probably aren't truly readers, but rather just a number that boosts your ego as it increases a tally mark that doesn't mean all that much in the end. When it comes right down to it, I never want to be in this for the numbers! I'd rather have a dozen followers that regularly enjoy my posts, than 10,000 who click to follow, but then never actually read my blog. All that being said, I'd venture to guess that if you're reading this post you are likely a reader and not just a tally mark (HOORAY! Thank you!) ... I've tried to make it as simple as possible for ya to seamlessly continue following my ramblings, recipes and glitter covered goodness! I added a handy dandy bloglovin' button to my left sidebar, and as always you're welcome to subscribe via email if you'd prefer to have Chatting Over Chocolate cheer delivered directly to your inbox. Either way, it's MUCH appreciated. Also, please know that if I have been following you, I will continue to via bloglovin'. ;)

Lovely readers and bloggy friends, I hope you're enjoying a fabulous weekend! Please don't allow the dark cloud of google panic to follow you around like it would Eeyore. It'll be okay. Promise. ;)


  1. Thanks for the info. I noticed in the last few days I had an influx of followers on Bloglovin' and I didn't know why! (I don't use google reader) You've solved the mystery, Brenda. And I for one, can be counted as more than a tally mark! :)

  2. For the longest time, I just thought this was a nasty internet rumor! I've been hearing from other bloggers that it was going away, but didn't really believe it. That is, until all the posts popped up yesterday about it! Hopefully all of our readers will still hang around after the dust settles! I've already started using Bloglovin and I actually like it better than Google Reader. I haven't really started using Google+, but guess that will be next. Hang in there girl, we will all survive!

  3. I so need that just for my life lol!

    I've been hearing a lot about it and really need to check more into what I have to do.

  4. I'm on Wordpress anyway, so I didn't have any GFC followers! Following you on Bloglivin'! :) XO, Eva


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