Friday, September 10, 2021

Five Loves on Friday // Disney Plans, Puppy Milestones, Fun Hair, and Stunning Scenery!

Happy Friday, friends!  I've got a short 'n' sweet recap of a handful of highlights from this week.  Let's jump right in!

 One  //  WDW Annual Passes

Walt Disney World annual passes went on sale this week for the first time since they've reopened following covid closures.  We scooped ours up in preparation of our upcoming trip and will use it again just before their expiration for next year's family vacation.  While I honestly wasn't thrilled that the prices increased and the value decreased (it no longer includes photopass), not having to pay for park tickets on next year's trip made it a worthwhile investment for us.  I'm looking forward to putting them to use soon, and am even more excited to spend that sweet time with my family away from it all!  The Animal Kingdom Lodge and WDW park atmosphere will be the icing on top!

Two  //  Labor Day Lake Date

One of the highlights of the weekend was a simple and sweet pizza picnic date with my hubby.  A few slices of BLT and bacon cheeseburger pizza, a view of some pretty sailboats, and some "yacht rock" made for a refreshingly carefree afternoon.  I think we could all use more of those right about now. :)

Three  //  Toffee's Puppy Shots Completed

This is the face of a girl who just completed all her puppy shots!  In two weeks we'll be all set to safely take her out in public and we can hardly wait!  

Our girl is growing so quickly!  During the first vet visit we took her for in July she weighed in at 4.2 lbs..  This week she's up to 7.2 pounds!  She is expected to be 15-20 lbs. full grown and 12-13 inches tall.  At last measurement she was just over half a foot tall.  Trying to soak up all these lit'l puppy days as we know they are fleeting!  We're still working on mastering potty training, but other than that she's an easy peasy playful pup!  We could not adore her more!

Can you believe she was this happy within an hour of getting several shots?  She did whimper in discomfort a bit later in the evening, but she slept through that night and woke good as new. :)

Four  //  Little One's Fun Hair

My youngest love has daydreamed of dying her hair a fun shade of her lifelong favorite color for years now.  This week she got it done.  So fun!  You're only young once, may as well enjoy it! :)  I snapped these pics of her as we were heading out to take her to the first night of high school youth group for this school year.  I just thought she looked the cutest!  She received many compliments which makes this mama's heart smile. 

Five  //  Disney Planning with a View

While she was at youth group we headed to a beautiful lake nearby to work on dining plans for our upcoming Disney trip.  We'll hit the window of time when we can begin making reservations this weekend, so it was time well spent.  Also, check out that view we enjoyed while working on our trip plans!  A win/win of a Wednesday evening for sure!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!  It's a joy to have you here.  Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead!

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  1. What a sweet, chill week! Those are definitely needed! Little One's hair fits her so well! I love it! Enjoy your weekend of dining planning! That sounds like a wonderful way to spend a weekend!

    1. I wholeheartedly agree - those types of weeks are much needed! :) I think the color suits her too. So fun! Thank you! <3

  2. Congrats on getting the Disney pass. Two trips in a year - how fun!!! Love your daughter's hair. Can't wait to see/hear about your dining picks! So much good food there. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you so much! Your comments never cease to make me smile! :D

  3. So exciting to start planning your Disney trip! I had to read that paragraph about the annual passes twice - at first I read it as "there was a sale on annual passes..." and I was surprised that Disney was discounting anything! Ha! Oh well, I'm with you - I don't love the price increases and amenity reductions but that won't keep us from visiting. :)

    1. LOL! I completely understand why that'd cause you to do a double take! :D

  4. I wish I went to Disney enough to need an annual pass!


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