Friday, August 27, 2021

Five Loves on Friday

Welcome, friends!  Time to link up with Andrea and Erika for another round of Friday Favorites ...   


One  //  My Mom Retired This Week

My mom began providing in-home daycare when I started kindergarten.  She initially took on neighborhood kids, mostly to give my little sister playmates with while I was at school.  Over time it grew and blossomed into a sweet and successful business where everyone she worked for was treated as extended family.  She even cared for multiple generations of families, babysitting the children of women that she cared for as little ones themselves decades prior!  After 35+ years of love and labor she is officially beginning a fresh new chapter of life.  I couldn't be happier for her!  

Speaking of babies . . .

Two  //  Baby Olivia

One of the best things I’ve seen this week is a three minute video that left me in complete awe!  I hope you'll take a few minutes to watch and marvel over the beauty of life's beginning too! What an awesome Creator we have!

Direct Link to Video on YouTube: 
Meet Baby Olivia | A Never Before Seen Look At Human Life In The Womb

Three  //  Fall Bath & Body Works Soaps, Sanitizers, and Cute Accessories for Each

This week my fall B&BW goodies arrived.  Upon opening this beautiful blue checkered box the anticipation for my favorite season grew even greater!  Here's a peek at the seasonal soaps I scooped up during their recent hand soap sale.  

Not pictured are our long time faves, peach bellini and black cherry merlot, that I also restocked our bathroom cabinet with as well.

I have really enjoyed using B&BW Christmastime hand soap holders over the past couple of years, so when I saw this cute glittery Halloween holder and the colorful, golden accented fox (with an owl on its opposite side) I thought they'd be fun to have for the fall in our kitchen and bathroom too.  The candy corn hand sanitizer was practically begging to hang out with my new Disney Loungefly Halloween purse, so of course I obliged and added it to my cart as well. ;)  

Do you buy seasonally scented soaps?  I find that they add a simple joy to our day and I love little things like that.  Looking forward to enjoying a scentsational season ahead!  

Four  //  Girls' Night

This week I enjoyed a great girls' night with both of my darling daughters and our sweet doggy too (after all, she's a girl so she fit right in! ;).  We watched a fun nostalgic show, chowed, chatted, and laughed the night away.  It did my heart such good!  The only pic taken the entire evening was this one that my youngest daughter snapped of Toffee smiling at me from across the room.  Sweet girl!

Five  //  National Dog Day

I'm putting this post together on Thursday which just happens to be National Dog Day, so naturally Toffee gets her very own "love".  

This afternoon while Jason and I sat on the couch watching YouTube live streams covering the heartbreaking news of the day, having Toffee, our warm, loving, and cuddly puppy on my lap brought such sweet comfort.  I didn't even know that I could love a dog the way I do our Toffee girl.  (She's my first dog.)  Our little furbaby has brought joy, laughter, and comfort - all when it's been most needed.  God is the giver of good gifts and I'm thankful for the answered prayer of finding the precious pup who truly is the perfect fit for our family.  

More Toffee sweetness coming right up . . . 

These girls have my heart!

Could she be any cuter?  I know I'm biased, but I think not! :)

She adds smiles to every day!

She's such a good girl.  We love her very much!

Thank you for spending a bit of your day here with me!  I hope this weekend finds you well, spending time with those dearest to you, and that the heaviness of this time we're living in will be lightened by a bit of laughter.  Most importantly, I pray that you'll look to God and His Word (the Bible) for the only true and lasting hope that's available to us in all times, despite the ever changing headlines. 

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  1. The B&BW things look like fun! I apparently don't know how to train a dog. I wonder how you do it with a new puppy! Toffee is adorable.

    1. I feel the same way about the good you're doing in fostering older dogs. I'm not sure how you do it! :D

  2. You are right - that pup is total cuteness!! Loved all the pictures!!

  3. Congratulations to your mom on such a long and fulfilling career! Hope you have a good weekend. We all need the comfort of His word with the horrible news coming to us every day.

    1. Thanks, friend! I appreciate your sweet words of congratulations to my mom and I wholeheartedly agree about our need for God's word! <3

  4. Congrats to your mom on her retirement! I love Bath and Body works soaps! Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you! So sweet of you to send congrats her way! It made me smile that you share my love for B&BW goodies too. :) Always great to hear from you, friend!


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