Friday, June 25, 2021

A Long Overdue Update // Five Loves on Friday Style


Hello, sweet readers and cherished friends!  It has been so long since we've chatted here.  My last post was way back in March of 2020!  As is true for all of us, much has changed since then.  Here's a recap of what's new with my family, Five Loves on Friday style!

One // My Hubby's New Job

In my last post here I shared that my husband lost his job on the very month that marked 20 years of employment with the company.  Due to a massive restructuring and downsizing, thousands were cut from their staff nationwide.  My husband was among the many who were let go that February, just as the pandemic hit.  

Jason was out of work for five months.  We spent each of those months at home as a family.  While no one would wish for a trial, God used this time for our good.  Those are days, weeks, months - we will never forget.  God used them to grow us in ways we never would have had we not gone through that season of uncertainty.  We didn't know much for sure (where or when he'd find work, if we'd be able to stay in our home, etc.), but we did know without a shadow of a doubt that our sovereign God is faithful and trustworthy.  We clung to Him as our anchor in the storm and He met all our needs.

"When you go through a trial, the sovereignty of God is the pillow upon which you lay your head."  - Charles Spurgeon

It's with much joy and a heart overflowing with gratitude to our gracious God that I'm able to share that Jason was offered a wonderful job one year ago this week.  He is in a new position, yet with connections to his area of expertise in a way that has made his background a strength.  We can now look back and see how God orchestrated this all so beautifully!  Don't mind me while I gush over my guy a bit here, but he is doing a fantastic job!  He is based out of a home office here (which is this homemaker's dream come true) and day to day in passing I'm able to overhear him knocking it out of the park in his new role and new company.  I couldn't be more proud of him!  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Two  //  Princess Graduated

It's hard to believe that when I began this blog my firstborn (lovingly referred to in this spot of the blogosphere as "Princess") was a pre-teen!  A little over a year ago she finished up high school, graduating at the top of her class. ;)  She was such a studious and driven student throughout her years of schooling.  I'm incredibly thankful to have had the blessing of homeschooling her from second grade through graduation. 

Three  //  I have an adult in the workforce

In the fall Princess landed the job she'd been talking about for years.  Without giving too many details to preserve her privacy, I'll simply say that she spends her day caring for precious little ones.  This mama's heart is delighted to see her working hard, saving much, and blessing many throughout her well spent days.

Four  //  Little One is Officially an Upperclassman 

She's moving on up to the second half of her high school education.  We're pleased as punch that summer break is here and the best part of this particular summer is....

Five  //  We're Getting a Puppy

Our precious cavachon (a cavalier king charles spaniel and bichon frise mix) was born on May 16th.  We will be picking her up in just a few weeks.  I'll be sure to introduce our furry new family member here soon. So, stay tuned for that!

A Sincere Thank You + What's Next!

I'd like to take a moment to thank each of you who have reached out to check on my family during my unintentional hiatus from blogging.  I am deeply touched by your care and support!  Over the past 8+ years this blog has been such a fun creative outlet, a source of joy and connection with fellow bloggers and readers alike, and a digital scrapbook of sorts where I've captured memories that my family often looks back on with full hearts.  If along the way it's brought any of you encouragement or you've enjoyed a "virtual vacation" through one of my trip reports, that makes it worth sharing here too.  

Recently I've found myself missing the hobby of blogging and have decided to put this space to better use in the months to come.  I'm working on new additions to an old blogging series and would like to invite you to return Tuesdays in July, this time around for non-Disney adventures!  Hope to see you back here then!  Meanwhile, have yourself a wonderful weekend!


  1. So many exciting things for your family to be grateful for! The one about your husband's job may have made me cry. I didn't lose my job, but resigned from my teaching career last month, & while I am still getting paid through the summer, this past week has been rough wondering about the what if's & what come next. That is exactly what I needed to read/hear this morning. Thank you!

  2. Welcome back! It's funny, I've been thinking for months about maybe restarting my blog too and you beat me to it :)
    I love hearing all the updates on your family! Crazy how fast the kids are growing up- my youngest is almost 2 and I'm pretty sure the pandemic has just made time speed up :) I'm so happy to hear the good update on your husband's job! We have been in a rollercoaster with my husband's career path the past couple years- we actually had a situation very similar to yours in which he lost his job when I was pregnant- but it's so amazing to see the path to where you are now and how God has led you the whole way. I needed that reminder today :)
    I can't wait to read more from your blog! I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend!

  3. How great that you're back to blogging! I can't even remember when I last blogged, but I do think about starting up again!
    So happy life is going well for you and your family! Have a wonderful summer!

  4. It is so nice to see you back on here and congrats on your hubby's new work from home job! My husband has been working from home mostly since the pandemic started, but should be returning in the office in Sept., which will be so weird!! I'm excited to see more blog posts from you! And, I KNOW our kids are starting to grow up... it is UNREAL. And, this would have been our summer to go to Disney (we go every 2 years) and I hope we can go next year.


  5. Welcome back to blogging! I'm so happy that your husband was able to find another job and is thriving with it. It was such a crazy year, especially in the job market. Congrats on your daughter's graduation and new job too! I'm happy to catch up with you!

  6. I certainly missed hearing from you and I'm glad things are looking up.

  7. I am so happy you are back!!!


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