Friday, October 4, 2019

Five Loves on Friday

Happy first Friday of October, sweet readers and cherished friends!  The leaves are beginning to change color here, the temps have dropped to the 50s and 60s, and our home is fully decked out for both fall and Halloween.  October is definitely in full swing and my fall-adoring heart is loving it!  I hope your month is off to a beautiful and cozy start too, friends!  

Thank You

Before I dive into a handful of loves from this week, I'd like to take a moment to say another heartfelt thank you for all the sweet messages of care and condolences my family has received since losing Jason's grandma.  Your prayer support made a difference and is greatly appreciated.   God covered us in His perfect peace.  Grandma Nancy's funeral last week was beautiful, God was glorified, and we are thankful for the time we spent gathered with extended family.  Thank you for your care last week, and always!  

Ok, on to recapping the tail end of September and start of October...

*These loves are listed in chronological order.

One  //  A Cozy Date Night In

Outback Steakhouse's cheese fries, baked potato soup, and house salad

Last Friday my parents had the girls spend the night which gave Jason and I a wonderful date night.  After the funeral mid-week, we were ready for a cozy evening, snuggled in together with some comfort food and some light entertainment.  As simple as it sounds, just being still together and enjoying each other's company was just what we needed.  I'm so thankful for that cozy couple time.

Two  //  A Sweet Surprise from my Sis

Saturday when my parents came to bring the girls home, my nephew joined them.  He came bearing some really sweet surprises too!  My super thoughtful sister sent belated birthday gifts with him.  She filled a big, beautiful jar with my favorite chocolates, Hershey's Nuggets with almond and toffee bits!  Y'all know I love special oreos too, so the birthday cake flavor was perfection for this occasion!  She also gave me a darling birthday card with such a kind note inside.  I really wished I'd photographed the gifts before I'd unwrapped them as the packages were decorated with such cuteness and care!  I was touched by the thoughtfulness and will be enjoying the sweets for weeks to come!

Three  //  One on One Time with Each of my Girls

Jason had to travel out of town for work this week.  While he was away I enjoyed some fun girls time with our daughters.  I spent an evening out shopping with my youngest sweetie.  Afterward we picked up her favorite, Little Caesar's pretzel pizza.  

That evening I had a sleepover with my oldest daughter.   I loved that she wanted to keep me company while her dad was away.  We stayed up late watching a new Hallmark Mystery 101, cozy in our pjs, sweet treats in hand.  She solved the mystery before it was revealed.  She's a girl after my own Hallmark and mystery loving heart!

I was so happy to welcome my hubby home the following day, and to have made some new memories with my girls while he was away!

Four  //  My Niece's Health

I got a call late Wednesday night that my precious teenage niece had been admitted to the hospital.  She had to have her appendix removed early yesterday morning.  I am so thankful to report that everything went smoothly.  She's now home, resting and recovering under the care of her sweet mom who just happens to be a wonderful nurse.  Praising God that she is well and on her way to healing and health today.

Five  //  Fall Family Walk & Talk at the Lake

I love family walk and talks all year round, but there's something extra beautiful about heading out this time of year.  The air is cool and refreshing, making the warmth of the sunshine even more welcome.  

We chatted about our upcoming California vacation.  It's getting close now and we are anticipating a refreshing time away, fun in the sun, and experiencing Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure all decked out in its Christmas finest! 

Walking with my loves at my side, surrounded by the beauty of God's gorgeous creation always makes my heart full!

Thanks so much for stopping by today, friends!  It is always a delight to have you here!  Enjoy the first weekend of October!

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  1. My husband is away and my girls and I have been having sleepovers too LOL! Glad everything passed well with Jason’s grandma. The food and the treats look good… Too good for this early morning LOL

  2. That's so great that you've had some lovely time with your family lately. Sorry to hear about your niece's appendicitis, glad the surgery went fine though. My husband had that the first year we were married! Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh sweet friend, I’ve been praying for your family. I’ll bet Jason‘s grandma was a gem! And I will be praying for your nieces recovery as well! I love when you have your one on one time with the girls, I like to do that with the boys too, one of them is coming home from college this weekend and bringing a friend so we’re going to make the weekend all about them! Have a beautiful weekend my adorable friend! xo

  4. Happy belated Birthday! Is there anything better than chocolate and oreos? I am so glad that you are so close with your two daughters. I wish I was as close with my mom. I mean we have our times where we are really close BUT we don't enjoy the same shows, etc. so it makes just hanging on the couch a little difficult. Do you have many years until your oldest goes to College??

  5. Belated condolences for the loss of Jason's grandmother. Thoughtful gifts are the best gifts. Oreos and your favorite chocolates for the win! So happy to hear your niece's surgery went well and she is recovering. Fall is the best time for walks out in nature! Hope you had a great weekend!


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