Friday, October 25, 2019

Five Loves on Friday // Birthday Celebrations and Fabulous Fall Family Fun!

Happy Friday, friends!  I'm so glad to be sharing a handful of loves with you today!  Let's get right to the good stuff! ...

One // Celebrating our "Little One"
(who's not so little anymore)!

 Her birthday was actually last week, but since technical troubles with our Mac kept me from posting last week, you know I have to squeeze this sweetness in today!

First, I'll share a little flashback!  Here's a photo collage I created for a blog post on the first birthday "Little One" celebrated after I started blogging here at Chatting Over Chocolate.

That was back when she was a single digit sweetie in 2013.  Pass the tissues, please and thank you!  I'm thankful to have been blogging here for the past six years.  I'm grateful to have such precious memories captured here and to be able to share another sweet occasion today!

This year's birthday fun...

I shared this story on Instagram, but can't resist repeating it here.  Many years ago while walking through this lovely pumpkin patch I commented on how fun it'd be to have an October baby and celebrate birthdays there.  Thinking about how God gave us that precious October baby a decade and a half ago, and that we enjoyed celebrating her birthday at that same pumpkin patch (per her request) causes my heart to overflow with gratitude!  God is so kind!

After God fulfilled the desire of my heart for a precious October baby years ago, we hosted her first few birthday parties with family and friends at that pretty pumpkin patch.  Weather in the Midwest is completely unpredictable in October though which makes planning outdoor events a bit challenging.  Her first birthday at this pumpkin patch everyone complained about it being too hot that day.  Her second birthday there it snowed!  Her third birthday we had a barn and campfire reserved, but it rained so heavily that that we decided to move the party elsewhere.  That was the last time we reserved one of their celebratory spaces, but not the last time we'd be back to celebrate our Birthday Girl!  

God blessed us with a gorgeous fall day to celebrate the kind and cute, talented and unique, fun-loving, bubbly girl who completed our family and has filled my heart with joy each day that I've had the great pleasure of being her mama!

Here are some snapshots from her Special Day ...

 The only time a spider is cute is when it's on a cookie. :)

Pig Races

 She shared. ;)

Fun photo ops were enjoyed, naturally.

My two sweet teens sitting at a tiny table. :)

Candy corn colored cuteness! 

Two  //  Birthday Tradition with Grandparents

Years ago when my parents asked what this sweet Birthday Girl would like for her Special Day, she requested a sleepover at their house along with a trip to Build-A-Bear.  They loved the idea and have been enjoying this annual tradition ever since!  (You never have to outgrow the fun of creating cuteness, right? :))  They pick her up in the early evening, enjoy fun at Build-A-Bear, go out for the dinner of her choosing, and then head back to their house for what is always a fun sleepover involving sweet times and special treats!  

This year they watched Toy Story 4 while chowing on her current favorite, Little Caesar's stuffed crust pretzel pizza followed by birthday desserts.  It was a fun and memorable evening for all three of them!

Meanwhile, Jason and I took our oldest daughter out for the dinner of her choice, Firehouse Subs, and headed out to the lake for an in-car picnic with a view.

*We watched with English subtitles.  Although, my sweet language loving girl is getting more fluent in Korean with each passing day.

When we returned home "Princess" and I started a new-to-us South Korean show, The Liar and His Lover.  (The title may sound scandalous, but it's really a cute PG rated K-Drama.)  It ended up being such a fun series that we finished it in 6 days!

Three  //  A Fantastic Fall Evening with Jason's Parents

Saturday evening my sweet in-laws came for dinner.  The weather was beautiful!  We took advantage of what was likely our last night of the season warm enough to dine outdoors.  We gathered around the table on our deck to savor the flavor of a scrumptious brisket Jason spent the day smoking for us. When the sun set we got cozy around our fire table and chatted for hours.  It was a fantastic fall evening well spent.

Four  //  Fall Family Walk in the Rain

I'm so glad we didn't let the forecast hinder our fall family walk at the zoo this week.  It ended up raining pretty good, but we all threw on the hoods of our jackets and darted into buildings to animal watch when the rain got heavier.  I'm still loving the pumpkin lined paths and the stunning fall shades of golden, orange, and red trees and bushes throughout the zoo.  They remind me why this is my favorite season of all!

Five  //  New Fall Shower Curtain

I love decorating for each season and holiday.  Fall is my favorite and adding sweet seasonal touches throughout our home truly warms my heart!  This week I added a new fall shower curtain to our bathroom and I couldn't adore it more! 

What are you celebrating this week?  A special occasion or the loveliness of a breathtaking fall day?  There is always a reason to celebrate life, rain or shine.  I hope your Friday is fantastic!

"...whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things."  - Philippians 4:8

Join me in the adventures to come!
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  1. The pumpkin patch looks like so much fun and what a fun place to celebrate a birthday! The trees at the zoo are so pretty. I wonder when the trees here will start to look like those!

  2. The pumpkin patch story warms my pumpkin loving heart so. Happy belated to your wee cutie pie. Those trees make me smile, our show of God’s beautiful changing colors. And of course I LOVE your shower curtain. xoxo

  3. Happy birthday again to your daughter! Looks like such a fun celebration. I love the tradition of your parents hosting your daughter for a birthday sleepover. We don't have a Little Caesar's near us, but stuffed crust pretzel pizza sounds delicious! I love your fire table! Have a great weekend!

  4. October babies are the best if I do say so myself! Looks like such a fun celebration.


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