Friday, March 1, 2019

Five Loves on Friday // Birthday Bash, Blizzard, and Family Friendly Entertainment

Hello, friends!  I hope you're doing well.  It's been a couple weeks since we "chatted" here.  I planned to prep a Five Loves post last Thursday night, but when my oldest daughter wanted to spend some quality time together then, that took precedence.  While I love capturing life here on the blog, actually living and enjoying it trumps my hobby of blogging every time.  

Care to hear about a handful of highlights from this week?  Great!  Let's get right to the good stuff...

*These loves are listed in chronological order.

One  //  Celebrating my Parents

Friday my parents hosted my sister's family and my own for a pizza and pie party in celebration of their February birthdays.  It's always really special when we all get together.  No matter how much deliciousness we enjoy the laughter is even more plentiful!  If you've been around here for a bit you know that my family loves to celebrate life and it comes straight from these two and my Grandma Pat before them.  They raised a family that enjoys gathering annually to celebrate the gift they truly are to all of us!

Two  //  Date Night + Blizzard = Cozy Couple

What do you do when your parents invite your kids over for a sleepover just before a blizzard?  You have the coziest date night in ever!  Long before the flakes began to fly, Jason and I headed to the store for some favorite snacks.  By the time date night arrived it was getting too bad to head out for dinner or even to grab tasty takeout, so I prepped my hubby's favorite comfort food, quiche.  

Breakfast for dinner is always a good idea and when it's your hubby's favorite it's a great date night idea too!

We snuggled up on the couch and enjoyed the simplicity of a quiet night for two.  Meanwhile, right outside our door the combination of heavy snow and extreme winds made for white out conditions.  Most interstates around us closed and news anchors warned that unless you needed to go to the hospital travel was not advised.  It was the perfect occasion to sing, "And since we've no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow".  

We ended the month under a quarter of an inch away from a February snowfall record set in our area 55 years ago.  It's been a super snowy season and a breathtakingly beautiful one to gaze out at from inside the warmth of my cozy home. 

Three  //  My Dad's Birthday

I know I already mentioned celebrating him at the start of this post, but his Special Day deserves a special spot all its own!  

Happy Birthday Dad! 

I'm a daddy's girl through and through.  My dad is one of my favorite people on the planet and I couldn't adore him any more than I do!  

If you see me with my dad chances are I'll either have my arms around him, will be laughing with him, or he'll be smiling and listening to me as I talk his ear off (he never seems to mind if I share all that's on my mind).  He holds one of the biggest and sweetest spots in my heart. 

He is such a hard worker and so incredibly talented, yet likely the most humble person I've ever met.  He taught me how to ride a bike, drive a car, and that he'd be there for me whenever and whatever I needed, anything big or small.  

He is an amazing grandpa to my girls and they love him every bit as much as I do! 

I talked about my parents love story here.  I'm so very thankful  for it.  Their love has created a family that I'm blessed to be a part of.  He's the head of our family and the beloved husband, dad, and grandpa that my entire family is forever grateful to have as such a significant part of our lives!  

Happy Birthday Week Dad!  
I love you with my whole heart!

Four  //  Series with my Sweeties

I typically have a series I watch individually with each of my daughters.  It's a fun way to unwind and enjoy time together talking over plot lines, characters, and thoughts on what's happening in each episode. 

My oldest and I started watching the Netflix original series Lost & Found Music Studios quite a while back.  We spent a snowy afternoon this week finishing out the episodes and had a great time together doing it!  

Last week my youngest and I finished the current season of the Amazon original series Just Add Magic.  That's been a fun one too.  If you've got Amazon Prime and are looking for a family friendly series to watch, we give this one two thumbs up.  

If you have a show that you enjoy watching either with your kids individually or as a family I'd love to hear about it in the comments section below!  We need something new to add to our queue. 

Five  //  Family Fun Finale Night

We finished this week off with a fun finale!  Has anyone else been watching The Masked Singer?  My family got completely hooked on this show!  If you're unfamiliar with it celebrities perform costumed from head to toe.  Each week they reveal more clues and one by one the "masked singer" with the lowest number of audience votes is eliminated and unmasked.  We told the girls we'd watch the finale on Hulu Friday night.  However, we added our own surprise to the week when Jason returned home from work last night (sadly not masked, that would've been awesome though - ha!) with Qdoba Mexican Grill in hand and exclaimed, "Who wants to watch The Masked Singer finale tonight?!"  The girls were thrilled!

I will keep this 100% spoiler free in case anyone reading this is still working their way through the season.  However, I will say that I was pretty proud that three of the contestants I guessed correctly from their very first performance.  I love a good mystery and that was pretty fun!  

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Wishing you a marvelous start to March!

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  1. I've been hearing about the masked singer. What a fun family show to watch. THis post made me smile with all the lovely family fun and food! Happy weekending, friend!!

  2. What a fun family filled post! Happy birthday to your parents. My mom's birthday was this week too! I didn't watch the masked singer but heard a lot about it! We've had a ton of snow here too, with more on the way, ugh. Happy weekend to you!

  3. I love this my sweet friend! That quiche looks so good and I’m glad that you and Jason enjoyed some snuggly time! Oh my goodness the mask singer, I couldn’t believe the Peacock was? Oh I better not say it. Lol. A happy birthday to your daddy and wishing you and your beautiful family a super sweet weekend! We are in for some very cold temperatures again so keep the cozy coming! Love ya! xo

  4. It can be so hard to find family-friendly shows to watch together. A few that we've watched have been Merlin (British series on Netflix), Once Upon a Time on Netflix, and Gortimer Gibbons on Prime Video. I loved hearing about your dad and your family celebrations.
    Have a wonderful weekend! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  5. Such a wonderful, cozy date night! We haven't had much snow at all this year.

  6. Love reading about your dad Brenda. I miss my daddy so. Praise for kid free cozy nights!

  7. What a fun roundup!! I think your family loves celebrating each other as much as mine! You're right, celebrating the people we love is even better than the good food we get to celebrate it with! :) Love your snowed-in date night, too. That's so fun!!


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