Friday, October 26, 2018

Five Loves on Friday // Fall Fabulousness

Happy Friday!  I hope you've enjoyed a wonderful week!  Mine was filled with sweetness and simple pleasures.  Would you care to hear about a handful of them?  Fantastic!  Let's get right to the good stuff!

One  //  My Fall Happy Place

You may remember me talking about a big home improvement project going on at our place during the late spring and summer.  We tore down our wooden deck (that was in desperate need of repair) and rebuilt it with composite decking.  I am enjoying it even more this fall than I did in the summertime!  No scorching heat to deal with and just enough chill in the air to make sitting fireside incredibly cozy!  I've enjoyed reading out in the sunshine, evening chats with my family, and some dining and crafting around the table.  I couldn't love this fall extension of my home any more!

Leaf rubbing crowns are the new flower crowns.

Two //  S'mores for the Sweet

You don't have to suggest breaking out the s'mores supplies to my girls more than once.  The time together was the sweetest part!

Three  //  A Simply Sweet Evening

While our girls were at church youth group Wednesday night my hubby and I went out for tasty treats and conversation.  I enjoyed the Blizzard of the Month, Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough.  Yum!  Personally, I haven't met a cookie dough I didn't like!  This blizzard with the seasonally sensational flavor of cinnamon sugar blended with their vanilla soft serve was delicious!  Having an hour alone with my man was like the sprinkles on top of this much enjoyed dessert date!

While it wasn't the prettiest Blizzard, it tasted far better than it looked!

Four  //  Warm Apple Pie in Candle Form

Aren't fall scents are so warm, inviting, and cozy?  Plus, this version of pie doesn't have a single calorie.  Win/wonderful win!


Five  //  Another Disney Trip Completely Documented!

This week I shared my final Trip Report Tuesday blog post from our November/December 2017 Walt Disney World vacation.  This series began during my first year of blogging way back in 2013 both a means of sharing vacation details and bringing a "Disney fix" to our Disney loving friends and family, as well as a way to document all of our magical adventures.  Five years later I'm so thankful to have each day of these vacations preserved right here to look back at fondly for years to come.  Documenting life, whether the ordinary every day joys I share in my Five Loves on Friday posts as well as the memories made on vacation, is one of my favorite parts of blogging!  Another beautiful blessing of blogging is connecting with other bloggers and readers, which leads me to extending a HUGE thank you to those of you who have taken the time to stop by any of my trip reports over the years!  You have made sharing all the more fun!  

If you are interested and missed any of my Trip Report Tuesday posts you can find direct links to each post from the past five years in the Disney World & Disneyland Trip Reports tab located at the top of my blog or simply click here!  You can also find each of those vacations documented in video form at my family's YouTube Channel Eat, Sleep, Dis, Repeat.  I'm so glad my husband pours the time into recording, editing, and sharing our memories there too.  I'm slightly biased, but I think he does an amazing job! ;)

Thank you so much for stopping by today!  I appreciate you taking time out of your day to visit my nook of the blogosphere!  Wishing you a delightful weekend ahead!  

Join me in the adventures to come!
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  1. What a happy place indeed!! And I'm wanting a blizzard for breakfast LOL. Love the smell of fall candles!!

  2. Happy Fri-YAY beautiful!! I just love your sweet and cozy fireplace area..perfect or Fall snuggling and lots of more s'mores!! How excited are you about the Hallmark Christmas Countdown?!! Woohoo!! I need to try that blizzard flavor..yummo!! Happy weekend my beautiful friend, hope it is as sweet as you are!

  3. Smores and cookie dough....sign me up! Have a great weekend Brenda!

  4. Love that candle! And so many yummy things in this post! Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh, yes - gimme all things fall! Those tasty treats (you had me at Snickerdoodle!!!) have my mouth watering, and I seriously want to eat them all! Cheers to a beautiful weekend ahead!

  6. We tore down our deck about 6 years ago and put in a concrete stamped patio and we love it!! Low maintenance, too! I really need to get a fire pit for out there, I would love some s'mores that aren't done in the microwave! Lol! Your daughter looks like she's enjoying the outdoor space, too! I love Fall candles! :) I need to go back and read some of your Disney posts, might do that when I start planning our trip here in a couple more months for this next summer!!


  7. Your deck looks like such an enjoyable place. Our back porch is like that and this is the perfect time of year to enjoy it. Yes, I'm with you, cookie dough is awesome and so is a Blizzard. Glad you had that time with your Hubby. Hoping your weekend is "hunky dory."


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