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4th of July Inspiration // Table Setting Under $5, Patriotic Pancakes, & Flag Finger Food!

Happy final Friday of June, friends!  Today I thought I'd share a post dedicated to fun, frugal, and simple patriotic touches to make the 4th of July more festive for my fellow American friends!  I'll be sharing everything from a patriotic breakfast to kick off your holiday to flagtastic finger foods, and a festive table that I put together for less than $5!  Gotta love that!  I hope these ideas are helpful to anyone looking for holiday inspiration!

This post is compiled of 4th of July ideas I've previously published here at

Simple & Inexpensive 4th of July Flag Table Decor

Looking for a simple & inexpensive way to decorate your table for an Independence Day cookout or party?  This patriotic "flag" table decor cost me only $4 and was a cinch to put together!  

All you need is red, white, and blue crepe paper, and some foil star confetti.  Head to your nearest dollar store and your table will be party ready in no time!

Simply unroll the crepe paper along your table to get it the perfect size.  Cut when you reach the end of the table.  Alternate white and red for the stripes of your flag.  In the top left hand corner cut strips of blue crepe paper and weave them between the "stripes", alternating going over and under the red and white paper.  Then sprinkle the blue area with foil star confetti.  That's ALL there is to it! You'll have a fabulous 4th table setting in a flash! ;)

I added some solid blue plates & solid red napkins that I found at Wal-mart in the party section for $1, and mixed them up with some napkins with stars that I found in the Independence Day party section of the store.  Remember, you never have to shop solely from the holiday section of the store and pay more for the "decorative" napkins, plates, ect.  You can always buzz back to the inexpensive party goods area where most stores keep solid colored items for around a dollar.  Just choose colors that go with your theme and you'll save yourself some money! Every dollar counts, and adds up quickly when throwing a party so be wise and stretch them as far as they'll go! ;) 

When accessorizing your table think about what you already have in your home!  I had the star shown in the picture from the previous Christmas.  It came filled with delicious ferrero rocher chocolates, but for this party I tossed in some holiday colored M&Ms.  It went perfectly with the 4th of July theme! What star items may be hiding in your Christmas stash that could do double holiday duty for you? It's worth a look!

Patriotic Pancakes

These simple pancakes will add a colorful pop to your breakfast table in a few easy steps!  Separate your pancake batter into three bowls.  In one of the bowls add red food coloring, in another add blue, then stir each.  Leave the third bowl of batter as is.   For another fun touch toss a bit of the colored batter into squeeze bottles and squirt over pancake batter.  Now you're all set to cook up a festive start to your holiday!  

If you have kiddos in the house be sure to have them join you for some of the color mixing.  They'll enjoy it even more if they've had a hand in creating these edible masterpieces! 

I used Bisquick's Ultimate Pancakes recipe to make the pancakes pictured.  When your cakes are done cooking, top with your choice of yumminess.  Syrup and fresh fruit are always delicious additions!

Flag Finger Food

Using a deep rectangular dish, form a flag by tossing some blue corn chips in the upper left corner, then add alternating rows of white cheddar and pepperoni slices.

I made this for my family of four.  If I were to serve this at a party I'd stack those cheese layers a few squares high.

Wishing you all a fabulous 4th!  

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  1. Woohoo, LOVE celebration our Nation's independence!! Cute tableware, scrumptious and fun food and sweet All-American girlfriend!! Happy 4th of July, hope it sparkles for you all! xo

  2. I love July 4 and I love the Muppets - great video choice!

  3. That crepe paper table is such a fun idea! Great fourth of July ideas- have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks, Tanya!! I hope you enjoy every sweet bit of the exciting weekend you have ahead too! :)

  4. All of your ideas are so cute & festive! I can't wait to celebrate the 4th next week!

  5. While I love all holiday themed food, there's something extra special about the 4th of July and the red, white, and blue! I realized just last week that we've never really had or been to a 4th of July party, and within a couple of hours I was super excited to get an invite from a cousin to a patriotic party! And then I realized it's the day we leave for vacation and we will be unable to attend. BUMMER! I'm LOVING those blue chips with the pepperoni and cheese! Pretty sure that's my favorite, and I'm guessing it's also a favorite of my cheese loving sweetest friend AND my favorite pepperoni loving princess! Love you guys!

    1. I agree! :) Bummer that you can't make it to that perfectly patriotic party you were invited to, BUT vacation is the best reason to miss anything!! ENJOY!! You know us well, Nik! ;) We love you right back! xo!

  6. Shut up..that meat and cheese flag with the blue tortilla chips is genius! So easy.

    Happy Friday Brenda!

  7. Pancakes are my favorite thing to make festive:). Love the blue and red:). You may have just inspired our breakfast tomorrow! Hope you guys have a great weekend:)

    1. Hooray for festive pancakes! Hope your 4th was fantastic and delicious!

  8. I love the cheese and meat plate with the chips! Cute idea!

    Trish -

  9. The crepe paper on the table is a great idea! And the chips, cheese, and pepperoni platter is brilliant too!

  10. I love the flag finger food!! Running out in the morning to get some blue chips to make this!

  11. You are so festive! Everything looks beautiful and delicious! I need you to come help me decorate for the holidays.



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