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Trip Report Tuesday - WDW Day 3 Part 1

Welcome to another trip report, Disney loving friends!  

Day 3 - Saturday, November 25, 2017

We kicked off our first weekend of this trip with an extra magic hour at Disney's Animal Kingdom and an extra magical morning it was to be!  (Extra magic hours are a perk of staying at a Disney resort.  Each day one of the Disney Parks will either open one hour early or stay open up to three hours later for guests of the Disney Resorts.)  

This was a day I'd been looking forward to for months, the day when we'd first explore and enjoy Disney's newest land, Pandora!  The extra magic hour that morning began at 7am.  We arrived closer to 6am.  They began letting us make our way to Pandora and into line for the attractions there quite a bit before the extra magic hour began.  By 6:30am we were in line for Flight of Passage with minimal wait (which is saying a lot as the wait time for this exceeded 3 hours throughout our trip)!  

Photos will not do this stunning land justice.  I was in absolute awe of the beauty of this magnificent addition to Animal Kingdom!

After our time in Pandora I told Jason the word that came to mind to describe it is otherworldly!  The brilliant colors, the gorgeous waterfalls, the intricate details around each corner honestly made me think about how breathtakingly beautiful Heaven is sure to be, as described in the Bible with it's streets of gold!  If man can create something this stunning, I can only imagine what God has prepared for those who trust in Christ!  Visiting Pandora was awe-inspiring and clearly led my impressed mind to think on the beauty I anticipate seeing in and throughout eternity!

Flight of Passage is housed inside this gorgeous "mountain".  I personally think it's one of the best rides Disney has created!  I don't want to give any spoilers to anyone who has yet to experience themselves, but I'll say it feels like Soarin' on a banshee! :)

It was a foggy morning, which honestly lent itself well to the atmosphere.  It was unreal how incredible visiting Pandora felt!  They did a phenomenal job with every last detail!

After Flight of Passage we rode the other brand new Pandora ride, Na'vi River Journey, with minimal wait!  Those extra magic hours are alway the best hours in the Parks!  We also had a fastpass for it later in the morning.  I'll share more pics from our second journey later in this post.

Time for "Breakfast"

We'd heard about breakfast that was served at Satu'li Canteen in Pandora when it first opened.  Sadly we arrived to find that they were no longer serving it during our visit.  We were all pretty hungry and decided to opt for some snacks to tide us over until lunch. 

The girls both chose something from an outdoor snack and beverage vendor nearby.  I decided this was the perfect time to visit Pongu Pongu, a little take away spot in Pandora.  I'd heard about their scrumptious sips and sweet snacks and had basically been daydreaming about the time I'd get to sample each!  

This Night Blossom with its layers of apple and dessert pear limeade topped with passion fruit bobas was in my hand nearly every time we visited Pandora!  It is incredibly sweet, but that may be why I love it so much, that and it's just plain pretty!  The Pongu Lumpia (a pineapple cream cheese spring roll) is also a must try!  Again, both are sweet enough that you may want to share with a family member or friend if too much of a good thing is too much for ya. ;)  Either way I highly recommend grabbing one of each while visiting Pandora!

After a quick bite to eat we headed over to Dinosaur!

Then visited Santasaurus in the nearby gift shop.

Soon it was safari time!

After enjoying several species of earthly animals we used our fastpasses to ride Na'vi River Journey where once again we'd spy the creatures of Pandora!

This boat ride was spectacular!  Again, I felt transported to a fresh new world!  It was unspeakably beautiful, far beyond what these photos were capable of capturing!

Lunch at Yak and Yeti Local Foods Cafe

Kids' menu chicken strips with carrot sticks and fresh fruit,  teriyaki beef bowl,  honey chicken,  and an American Kobe beef hot dog served on a brioche bun with fries (translated, a $14 fancy hot dog!)

Clearly we were on vacation because Jason and I weren't too satisfied after our lunches so we decided to share something I'd longed to taste during this trip, Eight Spoon Café's baked macaroni and cheese served with pulled pork!

This, my friends, did not disappoint!  We both wished we'd skipped our previous lunches and had our own bowl of this instead!  (Don't worry, we may have done that on a later date. ;))

We'll wrap up this trip report on that tasty note!  Thanks so much for popping by this post!  Hope you'll be back to hear about our evening at Epcot next Trip Report Tuesday! 

Also, don't forget to check out the video footage my husband put together from this day at our family's YouTube Channel, 
Eat, Sleep, Dis, Repeat!

Direct Link to the Video of Day 3:  

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  1. I've never heard of pandora before this!! Such whimsical, lovely pics!! And that food!!

  2. I found that I wasn't so interested in Pandora world until hearing how beautiful it is! We might try the river journey ride if the wait isn't too long!

  3. Oh my GOODNESS! What a note to leave off on! ;) That looks AH-mazing! Not to mention Pandora! Those colors and those gorgeous textures and details! WOW! I LOVE that knowing how beautiful the most mind blowing visions on this earth are nothing in comparison to what lies ahead for us in heaven! It's so hard to comprehend, yet SO exciting! Thanks for sharing the beauty (and tastiness!) of your day!

  4. You are so right - pictures are hard to do Pandora justice! But, you really got some great shots (the foggy ones were so good!).

  5. I love Yak and Yeti! Such good quick service food! I haven't been to Pandora, but it sure looks beautiful! I really can't wait to go! The food you got there looks amazing too!


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