Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A Pictorial Tour of Walt Disney World's "Sweetest" Christmas Displays!

Merry Christmas, friends!  I hope you all are enjoying a fun and festive season!  My family and I just returned from a 17-day Walt Disney World vacation!  While I hadn't anticipated returning with new posts until the coming new year, I simply couldn't wait to share the "Christmastime magic" we experienced there!  Today I'm going to share one of my favorite things about Christmastime at Walt Disney World, the gingerbread and chocolate displays!

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

While staying at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort Little One and I enjoyed an evening riding the monorail to see all the Christmas displays on the loop.  First stop, Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa!  This resort is amply named as everything it does is grand!  Their amazing life size gingerbread house is no exception.  

Gingerbread House Ingredients:
1,050 lbs of Honey
140 pints of Egg Whites
600 lbs of Powdered Sugar
700 lbs of Chocolate
800 lbs of Flour
35 lbs of Spices
Tons of Creativity
Disney Magic and Pixie Dust

Look at those hidden Mickeys on that adorable lit'l chaise!

Little One spotting one of the golden hidden Mickeys found on the gingerbread house! ...

Inside this gorgeous gingerbread house is a shop where they sell, you guessed it, gingerbread!  We bought one of the shingles just like those adorning the roof.  The backside was chocolate!  YUM!

Near the gingerbread house sat just one small table with seating for two.  To our surprise it was empty!  We happily sat and shared this scrumptious treat and a bit of sweet conversation between bites, each of which was Christmas bliss! 

 I will cherish the memory of this moment with my sweet Little One for a lifetime!  

This is the view we enjoyed from the table where we shared our gingerbread shingle.

I can almost still smell the incredible aroma that filled that gorgeous lobby!  *happy sigh*  

Disney's Contemporary Resort

Next stop on the monorail loop, the "It's a Small World" inspired Cinderella display at Disney's Contemporary Resort!

The place where this display sits receives natural light during the day and it lit up in the evenings.  In other words, if it looks like it's in the spotlight here, that's because it is. ;)

Disney's Cinderella Gingerbread Display Ingredients:

560 lbs. Honey
428 Eggs
998 lbs. Flour
62 lbs. Gingerbread Spices
212 lbs. Sugar Syrup
199 lbs. Royal Icing
417 lbs. Chocolate
Over 1,400 Gingerbread Bricks
Cinderella's Magical Dust

Here's a pic of Little One near the display to give you an idea of Cinderella and her Prince Charming's size.

Disney's Beach Club Gingerbread Carousel

Later in the trip we took a boat from Disney's Hollywood Studios as a family to the Beach Club, especially to see their gingerbread carousel!

Each year the gingerbread carousel here has a different theme.  This year they went with Lilo and Stitch.  This is Little One's all-time favorite Disney movie.  What a perfect Christmas to visit!

Gingerbread Carousel Ingredients:
36 pounds of honey
96 pounds of bread flour
100 pints of eggs
10 pounds of spices
10 quarts of simple syrup
150 pounds of icing
50 pound of dark chocolate
50 pounds of modeling chocolate
200 gum paste flowers
Lots of enthusiasm and talent!

Aren't those chocolate curls incredible?  Also, they're completely edible!  If only they sold these horses in their gift shop! ;)

I spy a hidden Mickey! 

Disney's BoardWalk Inn

Another Epcot area resort that boasts a beautiful gingerbread display is the Boardwalk Inn.  Their sweet replica of the resort, complete with the cutest little baker ever, was a fun sight to behold!  

Disney's Wilderness Lodge

We spent the last week of our trip in the new Disney Vacation Club Copper Creek Villas at Disney's Wilderness Lodge.  Tucked in the corner of its lobby there's a gem that goes unnoticed by many.  In fact, I didn't even spot this until the last morning of our trip!  While it may not be as grand as the others, the intricate detailing of this display is every bit as impressive!

Bear Country Display Ingredients:
60 lbs White Chocolate
15 lbs Molding Chocolate
5 lbs Cocoa Butter
A touch of pixie dust!

Some of my "sweetest" memories from this trip were made while in awe of these incredible, edible Christmas displays!  I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to share them with you here today!  Which is your favorite?

I hope you'll pop by again tomorrow for more Disney Christmas goodness!

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  1. These displays are nothing short of amazing! Leave it to Disney to even include a shop selling gingerbread inside the giant gingerbread house <3

    Green Fashionista

  2. I'm absolutely amazed by the intricacy involved in each of these displays! I'll have to admit-the chocolate curls of the horses on the carousel may just be my favorite!


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