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Throwback Thursday // 104 Days of Summer Vacation!

104 Days of Summer Vacation!
Originally shared here on May 20, 2013

Phineas and Ferb aren't the only kids looking for Summer fun! Banish "I'm bored" those two dreaded words at your house this Summer with today's Magical Monday project!  Soon you'll hear, "Hey, Ferb (insert your child's name here)!  I know what we're gonna do today!"  104 ideas for Summer Vacation straight ahead...

Now it's time to fill those colorful strips of paper with fun ways to fill Summer days!  Get your kids involved. Be CrEaTiVe & have FUN! Write one activity on each strip of paper, then roll and toss it in the jar.

I designated a color per category for our jar, then we wrote on our strips of paper accordingly:  Fun in the Sun!Bring Some Cash, Girly Goodness, Fun with Food, Rainy Day Fun, Love for Others, So Random! (This category can include any activity) 

Here are 104 ideas ...
Choose your favorites, then add some ideas of your own that your family will especially enjoy!

1. Create driveway masterpieces with sidewalk chalk 

2. Water balloon fight
3. Ride bikes 
4. Skate 
5. Go for a picnic 
6. Fly a kite 
7. Play frisbee 
8. Go fishing 
9. Swim 
10. Run through a sprinkler 
11. Set up a lemonade stand 
12. Play at the park 
13. Feed ducks 
14. Go for a walk 
15. Build a sand castle 
16. Catch lightning bugs 
17. Play freeze tag 
18. Play hide and seek 
19. Go geocaching 
20. Skip rocks (or learn how to) 
21. Blow bubbles 
22. Create and go on a scavenger hunt 
23. Jump rope 
24. Pick flowers 
25. Invite friends over for a cookout 
26. Have a hula hoop contest 
27. Go for a boat ride 
28. Watch clouds and find shapes 
29. Play with squirt guns
30. Go bowling 
31. Have a "wild" day at the zoo! 
32. Take time to smell the roses at Botanical Gardens 
33. Buy a new board game 
34. Go out for ice cream 
35. Dollar store shopping spree {let each child choose a thoughtful gift for their sibling(s)} 
36. Go to a movie matinee 
37. Go out to lunch 
38. Rent a movie from redbox 
39. Go mini golfing 
40. Play at a local fun center/amusement park 
41. Makeovers 
42. Facials 
43. Mani/pedis
44. Watch a chick flick 
45. Blindfolded makeovers (give each other makeovers while blindfolded for silly fun!)
46. Tea party 
47. Make friendship bracelets 
48. Throw a slumber party 
49. Fashion show 
50. Bake cookies 
51. Pizza party 
52. Make popsicles 

53. Set up an ice cream sundae bar and host an Ice Cream Social
54. Make root beer floats 
55. Make fresh lemonade 
56. Create a "family restaurant".   Have kids draw menus listing the meal you plan to prepare for dinner.  Let them decorate the dining room according to the restaurant theme.  Have the children "work" at the restaurant.  Make sure you tip them generously for excellent service too!
57. Make ice cream sandwiches from freshly baked cookies
58. Create a new recipe 
59. Make banana splits 
60. Make a "just because you're sweet" cookie bouquet for a loved one 
61. Visit a neighbor 
62. Create and mail handmade cards  
63. Give a loved one a bouquet of fresh flowers 
64. Think about something kind someone has done in the past week. Write them a "Thank You" note. 
65. Donate a toy you don't use so that another child can enjoy it. 
66. Teach a friend or sibling something new 
67. Read to a little one 
68. Plan a play date with a friend you haven't seen in a while. Call and tell them you've missed them and can't wait to see them again soon! 
69. Find your favorite photo of you and a loved one. Make a frame by gluing together popsicles sticks, then decorate with paint or stickers. Deliver it to them and tell them how special they are to you! 
70. Movie marathon 
71. Go to the library 
72. Play board games 
73. Paint 
74. Play cards 
75. Start a club complete with secret passwords and handshakes 
76. Make a movie, then host a special movie premiere party complete with red carpet (a red blanket works just as well ;)) ...Don't forget the popcorn! 
77. Read 
78. Visit an art museum 
79. Paint pet rocks 
80. Dance party! 
81. Go exploring. Count how many of God's beautiful creatures you see along the way. 
82. Try a new (to you) seasonal fruit 
83. Make s'mores 
84. Go camping (outdoors OR in living room) 
85. Have a lip syncing contest 
86. Open a "Bike Wash"
87. Do mad libs 
88. Make paper airplanes 
89. Backwards day! Eat dessert before dinner, ect. :) 
90. Decorate t-shirts 
91. Learn how to say a phrase in 5 different languages 
92. Create a photo booth with fun props and take silly pictures 
93. Paint a self portrait 
94. Let's be pirates for a day! Each child hides "treasure" and creates a treasure map so their siblings/friends can go on a treasure hunt! 
95. Throw an unbirthday party!
96. Write and illustrate a story 
97. Make paper bag hand puppets and put on a puppet show 
98. Make Flower Pens
99. Pajama Day 
100. Host a book swap. Gather books you've already read and trade them with friends for new summer reads. 
101. Create a neighborhood newspaper. Write stories. Interview an interesting neighbor. Take or draw pictures. Make copies and play "paperboy" or "papergirl" delivering them to your neighbors. 
102. Put together a puzzle 
103. Be a tourist in your own city! Look at your city's tourist info (online or in a state travel brochure).  Find area attractions you've never visited and go explore! 
104. Create a Summer scrapbook!

*Visit my 104 Days of Summer Vacation! Pinboard for even MORE ideas!

Each day of Summer Vacation let your children take turns drawing an idea from the jar.  ... Let the SUMMER FUN BEGIN!

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  1. This is an amazing list. I need to sort through it and see if we can add any fun things to the one we have going.


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