Friday, March 31, 2017

Five Loves on Friday

Happy FRIDAY, friends!

Here are a five things from this week that made me feel like doing a happy dance!

One  //  An Unexpected Date Night In

My mom texted on Monday asking if the girls could come down and spend the evening with them which meant fun for them and unexpected time alone for my Lovey and I!  We opted for a simple and sweet night in.

While this may not look the prettiest, trust me, it was one of the tastiest bits of my week!  What you're looking at is a fulfilled, "Curried chicken salad sounds really good!" wish I made via a text to my sweet hubby that afternoon.  Being the awesome man he is, he proceeded to go way out of his way after work to drive out to Whole Foods and make my tasty daydreams come true! Yum & swoon!  I added some cheese and crackers to the spread and we savored every bite from the edge of our seats while catching up on Designated Survivor.  (Anyone else hooked on that show?)  Then we spent the remainder of the evening on the couch chatting, laughing, and reminiscing.  I'm so thankful for the sweet blessing of living and loving life alongside the incredible man I call my own!

Two  //  Birth Date Tradition

No, there wasn't a birthday in the family this week, but it was Princess' birth DATE.  Yep, we celebrate birth dates here, because why just celebrate one date when you could celebrate a birthday plus 11 other birth date unbirthdays?  Princess and I started this tradition years ago.  When the 29th of the month rolls around that means mom/oldest daughter late night date night and we so enjoy it!  

We decided we wanted to bake these...

...but didn't have any milk chocolate chips and not nearly enough flour, so we halved the recipe and subbed white chocolate chips.  They weren't nearly as good as the original, but the baking process was enough fun that it made it well worth whipping up together!  

Before she even tasted them these got a thumbs up from my baking assistant!  We have a great time in the kitchen together!

Once our treats were plated we clicked on the tv and proceeded to binge watch 5 episodes of a new-to-us Netflix original series, Lost & Found Music Studios.  

Princess and I like to have a running series we can enjoy just the two of us.  So far this suits my music loving daughter and I perfectly while our other "mom/daughter shows" of Disney's Backstage and The Lodge upcoming seasons are in production.  If your family enjoys either of those, this may be something to add to your Netflix queue too. ;)

Three  //  I've Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day


I got this Henri Bendel umbrella in a Popsugar Must Have Box at the end of last year, but had yet to use it.  I guess you could say I was saving it for a rainy day. ;)  This week provided just that and I may have been slightly giddy to pop it open when I needed to head out into a downpour.  Sometimes it's the littlest things that add sunshine to an otherwise gloomy day.

Four  //   An End of a Disney Era

Liv & Maddie has been my favorite Disney show to sit down and watch as a family since Good Luck Charlie.  Funny enough, we actually watched the first episode during a Disney vacation!  

I remember it so well.  The four of us settled into our Royal Room for the night and were eating the desserts we ordered to go from Whispering Canyon Cafe at dinner.  We tuned in to Liv & Maddie wondering what this one girl portraying twins show was to be all about.  It quickly become a family favorite, the finale of which I may have shed a few tears over this week.  The episode tugged at my mama heartstrings, and was also a reminder of sweet memories from our first viewing.  I'm a sentimental sap.

Five  //  Walmart Spring Beauty Box

When I opened this season's beauty box I told Jason, "Wow!  Walmart is upping their cuteness game!"  I mean, check out that perfect pink and those girly golden flowers!  This was easily the cutest presentation I've seen in one of their boxes.  

Now on to what I found inside...

SOO AE Vitamin Collagen Mask
Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer
Soapbox Sea Minerals Body Wash
Colgate Radiant Optic White Toothpaste
Ban 24HR Roll-On Antiperspirant - Deodorant
Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Hair Repair Shampoo
Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Hair Repair Conditioner
Pure Ice Nail Polish // Shade:  542 Forget Me Not

My honest thoughts upon opening this Spring Beauty Box...

I like Colgate's Optic White line and I'm nearly out of toothpaste so this tube will help get me through til I get back to the store.  I'm in repair mode with my hair at the moment, so I'll definitely give that shampoo and conditioner a go.  We'll see if this wet skin moisturizer is as good as that lady from the Jungle of the Jungle movie says it is in all those commercials.  Body wash...hmm...I'll try this stuff, but will almost certainly head straight back to my Bath & Body Works stockpile.  A brightening face mask, I may try this, all the while hoping it agrees with my skin.  Lastly, I haven't used a roll-on deodorant since junior high.  I'll just add this to the emergency stash of products in my closet that are for those days when I discover I forgot to buy more, in this case, deodorant.  8 products for $5, not too shabby.

If you're interested, Walmart offers subscriptions to their beauty box and sends them to subscribers seasonally.  Each box is a set price of $5 shipped.  These boxes typically include travel/sample size items, with an occasional full size nail polish, mascara, or lip product tossed in.  They usually come with coupons as well, however this one did not.  I have received many boring Walmart beauty boxes, but usually find enough useful or fun to try products to feel it's worth the price tag.  Plus, finding a box of goodies in the mailbox is always fun!

*This is not an ad.  I pay for this subscription and they do not offer a referral program.  I simply enjoy sharing things like fun mail and beauty boxes with you, friends!  If you're interested you can find more about it here:  Walmart Seasonal Beauty Box

Thanks so much visiting today!  Have a lovely weekend!

Join me in the adventures to come!
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  1. One of these days I WILL try the curry chicken salad! It looks sooo yummy! I may need to stop by for a special dessert whipped up by a beautiful princess, though! :) Happy Friday, Love!

  2. I love what you baked and really love that umbrella!! Happy Weekend girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I LOVE the PopSugar box! My hubby usually gets me a 3 month subscription for Christmas. I need to sign up again!
    Glad you and your hubby got an unexpected night alone! Sometimes a night chilling on the couch is the best date night of all!
    And I love that you celebrate unbirthdays!! I may need to start that tradition!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. We love Liv & Maddie and Good Luck Charlie over here too! But we don't watch it regularly enough to keep up with where it is live - thank goodness for Neftlix! I also love the idea of the beauty box. I used to get the baby box, but now the "baby" is almost 2 ha so I should give it a try. Thanks for the tip and have a great Friday!

  5. I didn't know Walmart made a monthly box - how fun!! And ugh, Disney series finales make me so weepy even if I have never watched the show. It is a slap in the face of how much time as passed in life!

  6. Had no idea Walmart had a beauty box. Pretty! Love the Michael Scott meme. :D And you are really making me want to go to Disney World...more than normal. Happy Friday!

  7. I'm waiting for my Walmart beauty box to come. I love how you guys celebrate birth dates. I have to check out some of those shows you mentioned. My daughter and I watch Girl Meets World together as "our show" and the whole family watches Just Add Magic on Amazon Prime. Unexpected date nights sound fun.....can't say I ever had one of those! LOL! Have a great weekend!

  8. That spring beauty box looks great! I also love how you guys have so many celebrations!! :-)That umbrella is also super cute. Yay to the date night too. I am glad that you had a good week and I hope that you have an amazing weekend!! :-)

  9. Love the Walmart Beauty Box. I had no idea they even did one! Unexpected date nights are the best! Curried Chicken Salad sounds so yummy! Love the sweet traditions you and your daughters share. I like the idea of celebrating every month! Have a great weekend, Brenda!

  10. Love celebrating birth dates. I love my Walmart beauty box too and hope I get mine tomorrow.

  11. I find it very interesting - three of those products in your Walmart box were in my most recent Target beauty box (the Jergens and Schwartzkophhhfffsz LOL). They're catching on! :)

    And I totally feel you on the ending of your Disney show! There's something so sad and melancholy about the ending of a good show!! Now you just have to stalk Instagram for some good accounts that post memes from it so you can keep the feeling going! :)

    Happy Friday, my sweet friend! <3

    Whitney @Come Home For Comfort

  12. So sad to see liv and Maddie go! Yea for unexpected date nights! I could definitely use one

  13. That umbrella is so cute! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  14. I didn't even know that Walmart had beauty boxes, lololol! Ooooppps! That isn't a bad haul for $5. I just love the idea of monthly date nights with my girls. I really need to be more intentional about starting those traditions with my girls now. Hope you had an amazing weekend!


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