Friday, July 31, 2015

Five Loves on Friday + TARGET GIVEAWAY!!

Good morning, friends!  Judging from the chats I had over Instagram with blogging friends as I prepped this post, I'm not the only one who thought this week FLEW by!  It's that time again though.  Ready, set, loves!

1.  NEW Eat, Sleep, Dis, Repeat Video!

For those who may not know, we have a family YouTube channel, Eat, Sleep, Dis, Repeat.  My husband does an incredible job creating videos that capture the magic from our Disney vacations!  This week he began a new series of RETRO Disney World Trip videos!  That's right, we're going back in time to when my girlies were oh so little and their cheeks were oh so chubby!  Prepare yourself for cuteness overload, friends!  I just wanna transport myself back in time to kiss their little baby faces!  My mama heart melts into a puddle every time I watch this!

Since today is the last day of July it's the perfect time to watch this vid from Christmastime 2009!  Happy Christmas in July, everyone!

*If you are reading this post via an email subscription can you watch this video here.

If you enjoyed this video, we'd be tickled pink to have you click through HERE to our channel, give it a thumbs up and subscribe!    That would absolutely make our day!

We also have videos from our most recent 17-Day Walt Disney World Vacation on that channel too.  So, if you're in need of a Disney fix you know where to go! ;) 

2.  New Bike (for Little One) & New Bike Bling (for all)!

Look who else was ready for a bike upgrade this summer!

Now all of us have new wheels, and we each added some fun new accessories too!  Here's what my bike looks like now with a few new sweet touches...

I admit I got the pink glittery koozy and adorable basket partially because they are so cute that they make me smile every. single. time. I look at them!  But, they are pretty handy too!  I mean, you have to stay hydrated, right?  Plus, now we can pack picnics!  I also got Princess a sparkly kooky in her favorite color, while Jason got a much manlier black leather-ish one and a cooler bag that attaches to his bike (aka:  a manly basket ;)).

I am LOVING our family bike rides!  We took our longest one yet last Saturday, 10 miles.  It's so refreshing to get out in the sunshine, enjoy time with those dearest to my heart, and get some exercise all at the same time!

3.  Disney Goodness & Deals

Look at these ADORABLE dresses/tutus I got for Little One to twirl around in at Disney World this fall!  I believe this officially completes the girls' vacation wardrobes! (I keep telling myself that anyway! ;))

All three of these bow-tiful outfits came from Walmart, each priced under $13!  They're so adorable and sparkly!   I can hardly wait to see her to skip through the Parks in them soon!

In keeping with the Disney theme, when Princess and I spotted these fanciful flip flops at a crazy clearance price I couldn't pass them up!  They were on sale for $5.99 then buy one, get one half off!  I paid under $10 for both!  Twinning!

We instantly thought, "Ariel!", when we saw these!  They're great to wear when we're walking around on what do you call 'em?  Oh, feet. ;)

4.  Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Michelle of Grammie Time nominated me for a fun award this week!  It's always such a treat to receive a blogger to blogger award, especially from someone as sweet as Michelle!  Be on the lookout for that "Award Acceptance" speech {aka:  answers to the questions I was given} and my nominations next week!

5.  G I V E A W A Y 

In case you missed it, this week my friend Della of Della Devoted is celebrating her first Blogiversary!  In honor of this fun occasion I'm joining with some lovely bloggers to co-host a fabulous giveaway!  Someone is about to win a $60 Target gift card!!  Who wants to go on a Target shopping spree?!!!  Enter away, friends!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Be sure to pop by Della's blog and send a sweet congratulatory comment her way!

Thank you for stopping by the blog today!  It's a joy to have you here,  friends!

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  1. Those flip flops are adorable! I can't believe you got both for under $10! Definite score there! And bike rides in the summer are the best! Love the basket!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. I'm loving your new flip flops and of course how cute are your bikes!! This makes me wish I knew how to ride one - but I will one day lol!! I love that you guys will be able to look back on all your disney vacations - that's amazing! Happy weekend girl!

  3. Oooh thanks so much for co-hosting such a great giveaway!! Oh my goodness that video - you girls were so little and adorable. I also love your little one's new bike! I want one just like it :)

  4. Happy Weekend! The week really did fly by, I can't believe this was the last Friday post of July...summer has just flown by. I loved those flip flops on instagram...the perfect summer colors! Yay for new bikes!! I miss being a kid and riding a bike :) Have a fun weekend!

    Alexis @

  5. I love your new flip flops and your bikes!! So cute. :-) I will have to check out your YouTube channel too!! Have a wonderful weekend with your family Brenda! :-)

  6. I love that new bike bling!! Sadly my bike has been building up dust in my garage since I moved out of the city. We used to bike all over the place and I loved it so I'm thinking I need to start that back up again (thanks for providing some inspiration!). And those matching flip flops are adorable plus gotta love what a great deal it was!! Hope you have a great weekend! xo

  7. her bike with the basket!!! Have a great weekend Brenda!!

  8. Oh I just love getting new bike still even today! And what bike is not complete without an adorable basket! How cute is your little lady!!! Love those adorable flip flops too! You're such a sweetie Brenda and happy to connect with a sweet as a button blogger! Happy weekend my friend!!

  9. Love your bikes - and your sparkly koozy! Have a fabulous weekend!

  10. I love your bikes! Great basket! I almost got the same one! I just got a bike for Mother's Day and I am OBSESSED with it. Family bike rides are the best and such great exercise!

  11. I love your new flip flops, perfect for summer. Love your daughter's bike with that basket. So cool. Have a great weekend.

  12. Yay for family bike rides and getting awesome deals on those cute sandals! Happy Friday!

  13. Love your daughter's new bike. I've been wanting one too! :) Have a great weekend, Brenda!

  14. Those sandals are so cute and a great deal! Happy weekend!

  15. Fun times! Congrats on your award...can't wait for that acceptance speech! :)

  16. Okay, the bike bling is my favorite. :) You had me at pink sparkle koozie. Worth every smile and more! xx

  17. The Disney outfits for your daughters are adorable. We're going to go to Disney next spring. It will be my niece's first trip to Disney World and she'll be just about to turn 2 when we go. She's obsessed with Minnie Mouse, so I can't wait to start buying her cute Minnie-themed outfits for the trip!

  18. What a grown up bike! I bet she loved it. Wish I had a bike, but I stick mostly to walking wherever I need to go.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  19. Oh goodness, 17 days in Disney?!!!! Jealous! We leave in a couple of weeks for our second trip. The first trip we stayed at All Star Movies so your video brought back memories. My kiddos were so young that first trip as well! I dressed them every day in some sort of Disney character shirt but this trip they didn't want to.....except for one Minnie shirt that I got for my daughter at Walmart that she said she'd wear. They're getting too old! :( My husband and I still need to get ourselves some bikes! It's been on our to do list forever! Have a great weekend!

  20. I LOVE watching Disney vlogs!! They get me all giddy thinking about when we'll eventually take Elizabeth. So much fun! I need to haul it over to YT and watch a few. Your new basket on the bike is just so cute. It needs a big bouquet of flowers too :) Hope you had a wonderful weekend, sweet friend!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  21. New bike? Videos? SUPER cute sandals and Disney goodies? I mean does it get any better? Hope yall had a fabulous weekend B! xoxo

  22. Those flip flops are the cutest! Fun about the old videos...that is so exciting, I'll have to check that out soon. Hooray for Disney. And, really are you going to have to change 3 times a day on your Disney trip to wear all your fabulous new clothes?!?!


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